Is Airfryer Healthy or Harmful? Helpful Tips

Is Airfryer Healthy

Is Using an Airfryer Healthy or Harmful?

Airfryer, a new generation deep fryer that allows frying and cooking without using oil with hot air circulation, has started to take its place in almost many homes today. It attracts so much attention and is preferred in the preparation of meals that users ask “Is the Airfryer healthy?” or “Is the airfryer harmful?” It caused him to fall into a dilemma. Experts’ opinions are divided into two on this issue.

Those who have limited time while cooking in the kitchen and those who want to use a practical and time-saving product at home are researching various airfryer models. When buying these products, they consider whether they are healthy or not. Is Airfryer healthy or harmful? We are here with a review article that will shed light on your questions about

Airfryer models, which have frying and cooking features, are a product that needs attention, according to many experts. Well, why? Now let’s touch on this topic and examine the effects of using an airfryer!

Is Airfryer Healthy?

Airfryer, which allows food to be cooked in a shorter time with hot air flow technology, is now produced by many companies with different models and features. Airfryer provides cooking with a small amount of oil in a much shorter time than a built-in oven. Airfryer, which saves time while preparing meals, does not take up space and offers easy use, has already taken a place in the kitchens of many families today.

So, is the air fryer healthy? Experts respond to airfryer users with scientific studies:

  • If it is not used frequently in the daily nutrition routine,
  • If cooking methods that preserve the nutritional value of food are tried,
  • If too much oil is not used during cooking,
  • If fresh vegetables and meat products are preferred instead of frozen ready-made foods, the airfryer becomes a healthy choice.

In summary, the airfryer can be considered healthier than the traditional deep-frying method. When you cook balanced nutrition products such as seasonal fresh vegetables, meat, chicken and fish with low oil in the airfryer for a sufficient time and preserve their nutritional values, the airfryer may not pose a danger to your health.

However, experts do not state that hot air fryer models are a completely healthy product. At this point , users’ experiences and usage patterns come into play. The situation will change if you increase your consumption of frozen and ready-made foods (frozen potatoes, pizza, meat, meatballs, etc.) and constantly use them with high amounts of fat.

Is airfryer healthy?

Is Airfryer Harmful?

If you do not pay attention to healthy usage recommendations and the portion size of the products you cook , using an airfryer may become harmful. When you do not apply cooking techniques (overcooking, cooking at high temperatures, frying in too much oil, etc.), the nutritional value of the food decreases and becomes a risk to your health. Experts on this subject raise the possibility that the airfryer may be harmful.

Üsküdar University Biosafety Department Head Assoc. Dr. Kaan Yılancıoğlu states that since frying and cooking takes place with hot air in these devices, air frying may cause a carcinogenic compound called acrylamide to be formed in carbohydrates, especially in potatoes and grain products.

If meat dishes are cooked at high temperatures, many health-threatening factors may occur. Meat cooked at high temperatures can cause the formation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and heterocyclic amines. Ongoing studies on this subject bring to the fore the harms of the airfryer as a result of frequent use.

Another harm of the airfryer is that healthy carbohydrates lose their structure when cooked at high temperatures . Healthy carbohydrate sources can lose their nutritional value when cooked in a deep fryer. However, cooking using foil in the airfryer or direct contact of food with Teflon products are also among the usage mistakes that put health at risk. For this reason, it is recommended to use the airfryer consciously to avoid its harms.

When you want to cook fish in a short time using an airfryer, if you choose high temperature, you will cause the development of cholesterol oxidation products. The development of these compounds paves the way for heart disease and other chronic diseases. This situation reminds us of the harms of the device.

Is airfryer healthy or harmful?

Airfryer Healthy Usage Tips

You can take precautions at home against the harms of using an airfryer, as explained by experts. You can use this device consciously to get healthier results . We will give you the most important tips for this. In this way, you can minimize the damage to the airfryer.

  • You can choose lower calorie foods when choosing food .
  • For frying, add oil with a spray rather than a spoon, depending on the amount of food.You can prepare healthy meals
  • You should be careful to cook healthy foods such as meat and fish at low temperatures .
  • When you cook vegetables and meat at high temperatures, their nutritional value will be lost, so you should choose the ideal temperature.
  • You can preserve the nutritional value of foods such as chicken, meatballs, potatoes, carrots and fish by cooking them at an average temperature of 140 and a maximum of 175 degrees .
  • You should never use aluminum foil in the airfryer .
  • You can consume clean and healthy recipes by regularly cleaning the air fryer you use.
  • You can take care to keep the ideal temperature for soft vegetables at 140 degrees.
  • You can start using real butter or olive oil by being careful in choosing the oils you add to foods .
  • It is recommended that you do not allow food to come into direct contact with the Teflon coating .
  • To prevent harmful substances released during the frying process, do not allow food to brown too much.

Frequently Asked Questions About Airfryer

Does it make sense to buy an airfryer?

It is known as a product that should be in every home, as it reduces the amount of fat needed in foods and meat dishes. If you consume fried foods very often and want to cook meat using less oil, we can say that it is a necessary product for your home.

You can make the best choice for yourself by reading the information provided about whether the airfryer is healthy or not. As a result of controlled and conscious use, the airfryer can take its place as a savior and necessary product in kitchens.

Which is the Healthiest Airfryer?

If you want to buy an air fryer for your home, you can choose by paying attention to the design features and coating material. You can choose models that are easy to clean and made of healthy materials .

Is the Airfryer a Device That Produces Radiation?

The cooking and working principle of Airfryer devices is that the food is cooked by the hot air it blows on. It does not have a system that will produce radiation while operating. It provides cooking with a heat wave. These practical kitchen tools allow the water on the food to evaporate. It then accelerates the formation of a crispy crust on the outer surface of the food. It has a working system just like an oven. It has a more minimal and practical design.

Airfryer options do not use radiation like microwave ovens. These products, which make your meal preparation easier in the kitchen, help you consume delicious meals by working with heating elements and fans.

Is There Any Airfryer Without Teflon Inside?

Since the use of Teflon material at high temperatures is harmful to health, users are selective about Teflon material when purchasing an airfryer. There are many airfryer models whose interior and apparatus are not made of Teflon. You can distinguish these features by examining the products while shopping for your airfryer.

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