What is chilindrina? Everything about this Mexican sweet bread


If you are Mexican you have to know this delicious sweet bread that is delicious and traditional.

The chilindrina is Mexican sweet bread very similar to the shell, made with wheat flour and decorated in a very special way. Its name refers to the word “joke”, since a long time ago jokes or jokes were called “chilindrina”. And this is because the baker who created it made a huge mistake in the recipe and it caused him a lot of laughter, so he named it that.

But this mistake was an incredible result as the taste made everyone in the bakery fall in love. It is very popular in Latin America and is usually accompanied with coffee or hot chocolate. It is a bread that you definitely have to try as a Mexican and as a tourist as well.

The preparation process of this food is similar and very comparable to that of other types of sweet bread that are made in Mexico; however, it can be differentiated in the decoration, since it is made with cinnamon and brown sugar balls, another characteristic is its hemispherical shape, similar to that of shells.

Larousse Cocina reports that the chilindrina is “circular-shaped sweet bread that has light-colored dough crusts on its surface, on which there is sugar in coarse grains; it is soft, fluffy, and light brown in color. In the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, Oaxaca, is used to thicken, on occasion, a variety of stew.”

The next time you go to your favorite bakery or the closest one that exists, do not hesitate to try a chilindrina, it is a delicious bread that you can combine with your favorite drink and at any time of the day, in the morning for breakfast or dinner just before you go to sleep.

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