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Airfryer: Practical Alternative to the Traditional Oven!

Airfryer has found a place in the kitchens of many homes lately. Airfryer is a kitchen appliance known as a hot air fryer , which is a must-have for those who have limited time to prepare meals . Airfryer, a small household appliance, is also a technological product that aims to cook and fry food in a short time with the least amount of oil.

It is also the choice of those who want to fry more deliciously at home in order to be protected from the harmful effects of the oil that is constantly used in fast food foods. Moreover, airfryer models are offered for sale in the market as technological devices that offer the opportunity to try many different recipes such as red meat, meatballs, pizza, fish, chicken, turkey, cake, pastry, omelette, chestnut, soufflé, etc., in addition to the frying function.

Many companies in the market offer airfryer models according to their own design lines. These products make work in the kitchen easier, both in student homes and family homes. Hot air fryers, which you can think of as a mini and practical oven, are a practical product that allows you to prepare an average of 1 kg of french fries with almost 1 tablespoon of oil .

Airfryer models , which usually have a capacity of 3.5 liters and come packaged with a wire grill and cooking basket, have the features of frying, cooking, heating, drying fruits, roasting vegetables and baking cakes up to 200 degrees . Models that can cook a whole chicken at once and models that can make desserts are available in the market.

Airfryer options, which do not take up much space on kitchen counters, can take their place in your home as a practical and useful small electrically operated appliance. If you haven’t purchased it yet; You can review this content where we have compiled information about airfryer to clear your question marks before purchasing.

What is an Airfryer?

Airfryer is designed using hot air technology; It is a type of deep fryer that has the feature of cooking, heating and frying food. Airfryer, which we can also define as a hot air fryer , offers the option of cooking healthier foods with little or no oil.

An airfryer, a type of convection oven, has a fan that circulates hot air at high speed. This fan creates a crispy and crunchy texture on food. It cooks food from the outside in. With the specially designed fan, you can cook food without using oil or with very little oil; can fry. Also cakes, pastries, soufflés, pizza etc. It can cook and even dry fruit. It is designed to be positioned on the counter. It does not require any plumbing or installation.

How to Use Airfryer?

Prepare the Airfryer and Food

  • Place the airfryer on a flat, dry, heat-resistant surface.
  • Unpack packaged foods, cut large vegetables, fruits or meat into pieces.
  • Remove the cooking basket and place the food inside the basket. Be careful not to overfill the basket; Leaving space between foods improves air circulation and cooking quality.
  • Plug the device into the socket and turn the device on.

Choose a Cooking Setting Suitable for the Food and Cook

  • After placing the food in the basket, place the basket back into the airfryer.
  • The Airfryer has a digital or analog control panel. Generally the cooking temperature varies between 80-200°C.
  • You can manually adjust the cooking time and temperature or select the cooking category suitable for the food you want to cook (meat, fish, frozen product, pastries, vegetables, etc.). When you select the category, the device will automatically adjust the temperature and time.
  • Shaking the basket or turning the food occasionally while the food is cooking ensures even cooking.

Serve the Food

  • Once cooking is complete, carefully remove the basket.
  • Since the basket is hot, you can put a protective trivet or lay a cloth underneath it.
  • Take the food from the basket and serve. Be careful with your hands as the inside of the basket will be hot.

What Should You Pay Attention to When Using an Airfryer?

Using an Airfryer is much simpler than using an oven. Cooking options are separated by categories on the control panel, that is, on the buttons or touch screen on the front. The temperature and cooking time can also be adjusted in this section or the automatic cooking instructions of the device can be applied.

For easy and practical use, you need to know the parts of airfryer devices. Knowing its features such as the start button, chamber, wire rack, temperature adjustment and cooking mode selection will make your job easier. To do this, you can take a look at the user manual of the airfryer model you will purchase. Since it generally has the same features, you can easily operate the airfryer by just touching a few buttons.

You don’t need to preheat the airfryer. You can select the appropriate program by placing the food you want to cook in the chamber and placing the chamber completely in its housing. You can choose meat, vegetable, fish, chicken, cake or other manual programs.

There is a separate fan feature for each food; The airfryer will automatically determine a cooking temperature and time depending on the food product you want to cook. If you wish, you can change these settings, shorten or extend the cooking time, increase or decrease the temperature.

Many airfryer models have programs for french fries, cake, roasted vegetables, cooking fish and meatballs. Some models may warn you to shake the bowl or stir the products between cooking to allow the hot air to circulate better. With these features, you need to stop the cooking of the device, remove the bowl and shake it a few times. Then you can press the cooking button to continue where you left off.

Airfryer is a suitable device for using baking paper; However, since it is a device that applies cooking technology by circulating hot air with a fan, if you place baking paper in the chamber, the hot air may not reach the food directly and the cooking time may be extended. Some users may also prefer baking paper to keep the device clean and facilitate cleaning; Even special baking papers for airfryer have been designed and offered for sale.

What Does Airfryer Do?

Airfryer, which is a trendy home appliance with its functionality, has a fan system that works with a convection system and creates a heat wave around the food. Scalding, baking and browning occur when hot air circulates around vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, chicken, turkey, pastries and other ingredients for a certain period of time. Thanks to the hot air cycle, food reaches the cooking level with the least possible oil . This feature can make foods lower in calories.

Since the Airfryer provides controlled cooking in a closed chamber, it eliminates various inconveniences such as oil splashing on the stove, overflowing or constant waiting. On the other hand, it gives a warning when the cooking time is over and turns off automatically. Thus, while you are busy with your other work, your food continues to cook to the extent you set.

Frying usually takes place in deep, hot oil. However, in the airfryer, this system is applied with minimum or no oil. Moreover, while you wait for the oil in the pan or the oven to heat up for a while, you do not need to wait for the oil or the chamber to heat up with the airfryer; no preheating required.

From the moment you turn on the device, hot air begins to circulate in the chamber thanks to the fan. The foods you want to cook are cooked within the programmed time and become crispy around them, giving them a fried appearance. This device must be connected to electricity to operate.

We recommend that you review the user manual for cooking levels and cooking programs ; Each company or model may be subject to different operating instructions; In addition, it is very practical to use and understand this process.

Is Airfryer Healthy?

The question of whether Airfryer is healthy is among the issues that many people wonder about. Dietitians frequently answer this question. First of all, it takes its place in kitchens as a product that can be said to be healthy because it uses the least amount of oil in frying and all kinds of cooking processes . It can be seen as a useful and correct choice as it reduces the fat content of meals. It ensures cooking away from potential chemicals while cooking. It allows you to consume many food groups in healthier ways, not just french fries. You can prepare lower-calorie foods than frying.

On the other hand, ensuring nutritional balance and diversity is the basis of a healthy life. It may not be a healthy choice to consume fried foods every day or at most meals with an airfryer, or to quickly cook ready-made frozen foods in the airfryer and eat them frequently. Additionally, cooking foods at very high temperatures and in a short time in order to cook them quickly can negatively affect their nutritional content.

In summary, for the question of whether the airfryer is healthy, it will be necessary to observe the person’s usage pattern and diet before definitively stating whether it is healthy or unhealthy; because these conditions are variable for everyone.

How to Clean Airfryer?

Many airfryer models have a dishwasher-safe bowl and wires. If there are notes in the user manual of the product stating that you can throw the product’s cooking apparatus into the machine , you can clean it in the dishwasher. If you want to wash it by hand, you can wash it using only dishwashing detergent and a soft sponge. When it is completely dry, you can put it back in place and continue using it.

For long-lasting airfryer use, it is recommended to wash and dry it after each cooking. Leaving oil on for a long time may cause the cooking parts to wear out in a short time. It is recommended that you be careful about cleaning the airfryer to avoid damaging the device . You can avoid using steel wool, sharp materials and acidic detergents. Make sure that all apparatus is dry enough before plugging in and operating the device.

Does Airfryer Consume Much Electricity?

Those who are considering buying an airfryer for their home wonder whether the airfryer consumes too much electricity . Let’s answer this question from this perspective: To use the large ovens in your kitchen, you preheat them. While the oven interior is heating up, the oven runs empty for approximately 10 minutes. However, no startup operation is required before using the airfryer. With this feature, electricity savings can be achieved.

Airfryer models offered for sale in the market have 1500W or 2500W power. These power differences can determine the expense ratio on the bill. For example, you can cook chicken meat or meatballs in the oven in approximately 35 minutes. However, remember that there is also time to preheat the oven. When you want to cook these dishes with the airfryer, it needs to work for approximately 20 minutes. Since you will save both oil and electricity, we can say that the airfryer does not consume too much energy.

Differences Between Oven and Airfryer

  • While the oven has the ability to cook several trays of food at the same time, the airfryer can cook smaller amounts of food at a time . It can only cook food that can fit into its container using the appropriate program.
  • To use the oven, you must first run it empty for about 10 minutes; but the airfryer does not require this. As soon as you put the food in the chamber, it turns on and starts cooking. No preheating required.
  • The oven is a large-sized appliance that has a special place in the kitchen. However, the airfryer takes its place in your kitchen as a smaller and portable device. As long as it can be plugged into a socket, you can place it and use it wherever you want.
  • The oven has an outer glass through which you can see what is cooking and keep track of the latest situation; But there is no glass in the airfryer. You can stop the device and see the status of the food in the chamber.
Feature air fryer Oven
Cooking Capacity It can cook smaller amount of food at one time, depends on the bowl size. Can cook several trays of food at the same time, larger capacity.
Preheating Time No preheating is required, it turns on and starts cooking the food as soon as you put it in. It should be run empty for about 10 minutes before cooking.
Size and Portability Small and portable, it can be used anywhere as long as it is plugged in. A large-sized, stationary appliance that has a special place in the kitchen.
Visibility It is necessary to stop the device to see the food in the chamber. Thanks to its outer glass, you can see what is cooking and follow the latest status.
Ease of Placement and Use It takes up less space and is easy to carry. It takes up more space and is usually installed in a fixed location.
Cooking Variety It offers versatile cooking options such as frying, baking, roasting and grilling. It offers a wide range of cooking methods, including bakery dishes, cakes, breads, etc.
Cleaning and Maintenance The bowl and basket can be easily removed and washed. The oven interior and trays require more cleaning and can be difficult to clean.
Energy consumption It generally consumes less energy. Consumes more energy, due to large size and long cooking times.
Area of ​​Use Ideal for small families and quick snacks. Ideal for large families and large meals.

What Foods Can Be Cooked with Airfryer?

Depending on the model of the device, many cooking features do not go unnoticed. Some products have 9 programs, while others have fewer cooking modes. If you want to use an airfryer while preparing food, you can try many recipes you can think of in these devices. If you are wondering what to do in the airfryer; We can give a few ideas:

  • First of all, the airfryer is a very useful product for french fries . You can get crispy potatoes with 1 spoon of oil and a little salt.
  • You can consume vegetables such as peppers, eggplants, zucchinis and carrots in a healthy way by frying them just like potatoes.
  • The airfryer, which has an egg boiling feature, can serve eggs to the consistency you want in approximately 10 minutes at low temperatures. Moreover, you do not have to worry about the shell cracking.
  • You can use an airfryer to make the pastries crispy. Cookies and pastries are also made in the same way.
  • You can bake cakes in airfryer models that have cake and cupcake programs. You can bake cakes in a short time at the appropriate temperature in manual setting.
  • You can choose meat, chicken, meatballs, fish and vegetable dishes in small meals. In order to consume fish healthily, you can cook it in the air fryer with minimum oil. You can serve meals with meat in a delight-like consistency, without burning chicken or smelling fish.
  • Those who do not like to fry meatballs in a lot of oil can obtain a delicious meatball recipe by using an airfryer.
  • You can prepare an omelette mixture for breakfast and cook the omelette to the appropriate temperature.
  • You can dry fruits by turning on the long-term mode for fruit drying . This is how you can save fruits that are close to rotting.
  • Chestnuts, which are consumed fondly in the winter months, can be easily cooked with the airfryer recipe.
  • You can also choose an airfryer for onion rings, ready-made pastries, frozen food, pizza and barbecue delicacies .
  • Do we only prepare savory dishes or main dishes with the Airfryer? No! You can also cook traditional desserts such as baklava or kadayıf with the airfryer.
  • You can prepare breakfast bread , very light low-fat hash browns or crispy pastry recipes .

What Should You Pay Attention to When Buying an Airfryer?

  • Need and Budget: If you have not yet purchased an airfryer, you should choose the one that best suits your needs and budget among the models you come across .
  • Capacity: You can focus on hopper capacity. If you are going to buy an airfryer for a crowded house, you can buy the model with the largest chamber.
  • Program Settings: You can examine models that can adjust programs with a single button or use a separate button for each program.
  • Ease of Cleaning: It is also necessary to draw attention to the issue of cleaning. Many airfryer parts have the ability to go into the machine. If you want to wash oily parts cleanly; It is strongly recommended that you examine the models that are compatible with the dishwasher. Models whose parts can be easily removed and wiped; Airfryer may be your first choice in every aspect of your shopping.
  • Design: If you want your small home appliances to look harmonious, you can choose the color that is compatible with other products.

Is It Advantageous to Use Airfryer?

Airfryer, which features a mini oven, is a product with various advantages:

  • The airfryer, whose economic value is at the market average and produced by many brands, saves time for the user.
  • Additionally, since it only requires 1-2 tablespoons when frying, it prevents wastage of oil and unhealthy cooking methods.
  • Another advantage is that you can fry and bake in the air fryer while cooking on your stove at the same time.
  • While preparing meals such as soup, main course, rice, and appetizers on your stove for crowded events, you can cook meat using the airfryer if you wish.
  • You can leave potatoes and fried peppers in the air fryer for breakfast.
  • You even have the opportunity to boil eggs.

How to Defrost Philips Airfryer?

How to defrost with Philips airfryer? Products such as vegetables, fruits, meat or frozen packaged potatoes, meatballs, pizza and pastries that you have frozen in the freezer can be cooked with the airfryer or simply used to defrost. So how?

  • You can cook frozen food from the iced food indicator option in the Philips airfryer cooking settings.
  • You don’t need to defrost frozen food to cook it; When you select the icy food category, the device will automatically determine the cooking degree and time. Frozen food takes longer to cook.
  • If you are only going to defrost, 10-15 minutes will be enough. We recommend that you be in control; However, defrosting time may vary depending on the size of the food.

Frequently Asked Questions About Airfryer

Can You Cook Juicy Food in the Airfryer?

Cooking stew in the airfryer is generally not recommended; because the appliance is designed for frying and baking. However, in some models, special accessories can be used for stews.

What to Consider When Buying an Airfryer?

When buying an airfryer, it is important to pay attention to capacity, cooking functions, ease of cleaning and energy consumption. You should also review the device’s user manual to see if it suits your needs.

Is Airfryer Really Useful?

Yes, the airfryer is quite useful; because it allows you to cook healthy meals with little oil and supports various cooking methods. It is ideal for preparing meals quickly and practically.

Can you heat food in an airfryer?

Yes, the airfryer can be used to reheat food and this process preserves the crispy texture of the food. Unlike the microwave, it heats food more evenly.

Can I Use Pyrex in an Airfryer?

Yes, pyrex can be used in the airfryer; However, the pyrex must be of a suitable size for the chamber of the device. You can use pyrex containers as they are heat resistant.

Does Airfryer Have Microwave Feature?

No, the airfryer does not have a microwave feature. The Airfryer works by using hot air circulation to fry and cook food; Microwave, on the other hand, uses electromagnetic waves.

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