Avocado Oil Benefits, What Does It Do?

Avocado Oil

Although it is an oil that is not well known , avocado oil, which has started to take its place in homes with its taste and benefits , has a wide range of uses. Oil, which is used in many areas from kitchen to personal care, is among the medically important vegetable oils with its benefits. Avocado oil is also frequently used by famous aromatherapists and beauticians such as Ayşe Tolga and its benefits are mentioned.

What Are the Benefits of Avocado Oil?

  • If you say what avocado oil does, first of all, we can say that it has a refreshing effect for the skin and hair.
  • Avocado oil is good for skin blemishes and skin problems with vitamins E, C, B3, D and A.
  • It helps to renew the skin with vitamin E and vitamin C in it and increases the resistance of the skin against external factors.
  • As an important source of antioxidants, it strengthens the immune system and protects the body against diseases.
  • Because it is rich in lutein, it is good for eye health and supports keeping the eyes young. It reduces the risk of eye diseases caused by old age.
  • Strengthens bones with vitamin D and A. At the same time, the oil, which helps to protect heart health as a source of omega 3 and 6, offers protection against cancer thanks to the beta-sitosterol substance in its content.
  • It is recommended for heart patients because the cholesterol rate is zero.
  • It has a regulating and relaxing effect on the digestive system. In addition, the benefits of avocado oil include a detox effect, and thus it helps to remove harmful toxins from the body.
  • It is good for depression and migraine by containing plenty of magnesium and potassium. It has a blood pressure lowering effect in high blood pressure patients and is effective in preventing diabetes thanks to magnesium.
  • It has a healing effect against skin and scalp problems such as dandruff and eczema .
  • It nourishes the scalp and accelerates the recovery of the hair course with vitamin E. In addition, while nourishing the hair, it is effective in removing the broken ends of the hair.
  • It has a kidney stone remover effect. It helps to reduce kidney stones when consumed on an empty stomach or by adding to meals.
  • Avocado oil creates both a preventive and healing effect for stretch marks.
  • If avocado oil is used during periods of weight gain, such as pregnancy, the skin can be more flexible and the possibility of crack formation is reduced.
  • You can also use avocado oil for the solution of skin dryness problems such as cracked heels.
  • This herbal source also has a very unknown feature.
  • Avocado oil is also effective on kidney stones. It has a kidney stone remover effect.
  • It helps to reduce kidney stones when consumed on an empty stomach or by adding to meals.

What Does Avocado Oil Do?

  • Avocado oil is used in a very wide area.
  • The oil, which is prepared by the cold press method, is consumed primarily as food.
  • It is added to all kinds of vegetable dishes, as it is an oil as delicious as olive oil in the kitchen.
  • The oil, which can be added to different dishes according to taste with its aromatic smell and taste, can be used like normal liquid oil as it increases the absorption of nutrients.
  • It can be added to cold soups or added to delicious cookies and cakes with its aromatic smell and taste.
  • When it comes to its use in the kitchen, one wonders whether to drink avocado oil in raw form.
  • There is no harm in drinking avocado oil produced by cold pressing and can be used for medical purposes.
  • Oil , which is used with its benefits in skin and hair care , takes its place as a raw material in the cosmetic industry and pharmaceutical industry.
  • It nourishes the skin by reducing the signs of aging with the vitamins E, C and A in it.
  • It gives the skin a healthy glow and is very effective in cleansing the skin.
  • Avocado oil can also be easily used for lips and lip contours.
  • When those who use avocado oil are examined, it is seen that the majority of those who benefit from the positive effects of this herbal product on skin health.
  • In particular, it purifies the skin from dead cells and provides a renewed skin.
  • It can be added to diet meals if it is to be used for weight loss with avocado oil, which is known to have an effect on weight loss.

How to Apply Avocado Oil to Hair?

  • Avocado oil, which attracts the attention of both men and women with its skin care benefits, is also appreciated with its benefits for the hair.
  • When using avocado oil for hair care, it can be applied directly to the hair.
  • When applied by massaging the scalp, it accelerates the blood circulation in the scalp.
  • When applied to the hair in the form of a few drops after the bath, it provides you with soft hair like a conditioner.
  • With regular use, it repairs damaged hair and adds a natural shine to the hair.
  • When it is used for dandruff hair, it should be mixed with oils such as almond and lemon oil and applied as a hair cure.
  • Avocado oil, which is effective against scalp problems other than dandruff, should be mixed with oils such as lavender oil and applied to the hair and washed after waiting for 15 minutes.
  • It also moisturizes the hair as long as it is kept on the hair.
  • Avocado oil combats hair loss.
  • Avocado oil, which nourishes the hair follicles and strengthens the hair strands, can be good for different types of hair loss, as it nourishes the hair from root to tip.

How to Apply Avocado Oil to the Skin?

  • Avocado oil, which does not end with counting benefits for the skin, is applied to the skin with different methods depending on the area to be used.
  • When using avocado oil for wrinkles around the eyes, it can be applied directly to the skin.
  • Since it is very easily absorbed by the skin, it is fed to the skin by gently massaging with fingertips on the wrinkles around the eyes.
  • For under-eye bruises, it is sufficient to apply it like an under-eye cream.
  • If it is to be applied to the face area, it can be applied by making an avocado oil mask with its fruit, or there is no harm in using it alone.
  • If avocado oil is to be used for skin blemishes, applying it to the skin before going to bed and washing it in the morning will provide more effective results.
  • The benefits of avocado oil to improve wrinkles and spots can be applied to the skin by making a mask according to İbrahim Saracoğlu’s recipe.
  • Avocado oil is a natural oil that not only benefits the skin, but also benefits the whole body by affecting the subcutaneous and muscular system.
  • When it is used as a massage oil on the body, it is sufficient to apply it one or two hours before the bath.
  • You can apply it to the skin as a massage oil with its muscle relaxant effect and use the oil in the treatment of cellulite. You can apply it by massaging the areas with cellulite.
  • Users may wonder if avocado oil, which is appreciated for its benefits and easy use, is applied to the skin and face area, “does avocado oil tan” and “does avocado oil cause hair growth”.
  • Avocado oil, which opens the pores on the skin, has a tanning effect.
  • Especially in regular use, it is seen that it adds a healthy tan to the skin.
  • There is no information on the fact that avocado oil causes hair growth.

How Is Avocado Oil Obtained?

  • There are some special processes in answering the question of how to make avocado oil.
  • Avocado oil is derived from the fruit of a tropical fruit avocado .
  • The oil produced by cold pressing the seasonally ripe avocado fruit has an aromatic scent.
  • It is among the beneficial vegetable oils with its rich structure in acid care.
  • Although it is mainly produced by cold pressing method, avocado oil is also produced by refining.
  • When it is produced by refining, it loses some of the vitamins in it.
  • When it is produced by the cold press method, the oil does not lose its active ingredients because it is not exposed to heat, preserves its vitamins and is preferred in medical use.
  • Not only as a care product, oils produced by the cold press method are also used as liquid oil in kitchens.
  • At the same time, avocado oil can be prepared at home and is usually made by mixing it with olive oil and keeping it for a certain period of time.

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