Benefits of Almond Oil for Hair and Beard, What Does It Do?

Almond Oil

Almond oil, one of the most used vegetable oil types in daily life , is a beneficial oil that benefits the body when used internally, although it is generally used externally for eyebrows, eyelashes and hair.

Almond oil, which is found in cosmetic products for beauty purposes , is also used to protect shoes. Vegetable oil, which contains high amounts of vitamins A and K, also attracts attention with its protein content. Almond oil, which is a very harmless oil, can be used easily by everyone except those with allergies. The important point in making and using almond oil is that the oil is pure and applied in the right amount.

In addition to its effects on the body, almond oil is a popular supplement used especially in hair, beard, eyelash and hair care. So, let’s examine together what almond oil is for and how to use it !

almond oil

How to Make Almond Oil? What are its features?

  • Almond oil, obtained as a result of the cold pressing method applied to almond tree seeds, is a vegetable oil with a nutty taste and pale yellow color. Almond oil, which is very rich in content, does not have a strong scent.
  • Vegetable oil, which is especially beneficial for cracks and dry skin, contains 1% palmitoleic, linoleic and citric acid, 4% palmitic acid, 25% linoleic and 68% oleic acid.
  • Almond oil, which is a fluid oil, comes in two types, sweet and bitter: Sweet almond oil obtained from sweet almonds , which has an edible taste, is described as bitter almond oil .
  • Since bitter almond oil contains toxic components, excessive consumption may cause rashes, itching and burning on the eyebrows, hair and skin. Additionally, bitter almond oil should never be consumed orally.
  • Sweet almond oil, which you may encounter most frequently, is generally used in hair and beard care. Its flavor is softer than bitter almond. It is suitable for internal and external use for those without allergies .
almond oil benefits

What are the Benefits of Almond Oil?

  • Almond oil nourishes the scalp and prevents problems such as dandruff.
  • It moisturizes dry hair and protects it against breakage and loss.
  • It makes hair grow faster and be vibrant.
  • Adding a few drops of organic almond oil to meals helps protect heart health.
  • It also helps balance cholesterol, thanks to the effects of almond oil, which protects the body against high blood pressure by regulating blood pressure.
  • Almond oil, which has antioxidant properties, supports the body’s immune system and protects the body against infections.
  • Almond oil, which has positive effects on the digestive system, should be used regularly for its benefits. When used regularly, it prevents constipation by ensuring the functioning of the intestines.
  • Almond oil prevents nail breakage and ensures healthy nail growth.
  • Almond oil used on eyebrows and eyelashes helps strengthen and healthy the hair in this area.
  • Almond oil is very useful for stretch marks. While it reduces existing cracks, it prevents the formation of new cracks.


Usage of Almond Oil: What is Almond Oil Used for?

In order to determine the exact use of almond oil, it is necessary to clarify in which area it will be used. Since the amount and method of almond oil varies depending on the method of application, a single method of use cannot be mentioned.

  • When using almond oil orally, it is generally consumed diluted. Water is used for dilution.
  • When the body is massaged with almond oil, blood flow accelerates and the amount of oxygen going to all cells increases.
  • It is possible to get rid of the pain of sore muscles and stress with an almond oil massage after a tense day .
  • Almond oil is also used for skin blemishes .
  • Applying the mixture of almond oil and avocado to the skin revitalizes skin cells and also reduces blemishes.
  • Almond oil helps the skin look fresh and smooth and prevents acne formation.
  • You can add a few drops of almond oil to your serums or skin masks for hair, eyelashes and beard.
  • In this way, you will both nourish the hair follicles and provide your skin with the vitamin E supplement it needs.
almond oil benefits

How to Use Almond Oil for Beard?

  • It nourishes the hair follicles thanks to its almond oil content, which provides magnesium, calcium, vitamins E, A, D and omega 3 fatty acids .
  • Herbal oil, which is very effective in areas such as hair, beard and eyelashes, helps the beard grow.
  • To use almond oil on the beard, the beard must be wet and combed. Wet hair ensures better absorption of almond oil.
  • Take some almond oil in your palm and massage it under your mustache and beard.
  • With massage, hair follicles become stronger.
  • The beard on which almond oil has been applied is combed and washed with shampoo and warm water after waiting for about 1 hour.
  • After rinsing, it is dried softly with a towel and this application is repeated once a week.
  • Almond oil applied to the beard regularly prevents dandruff formation and dryness of the skin under the beard, and also prevents hair loss and thinning.
  • After showering, you can apply skin creams containing sweet almond oil by massaging the area where you have beard.

almond oil beard

Does Almond Oil Grow Eyelashes?

  • Almond oil, which supports the formation of thicker and healthier eyelashes by nourishing the eyelash roots, helps eyelashes grow.
  • Almond oil, which softens the skin at the eyelash roots and supports more oxygen flow to this area, provides better nourishment and strengthens the eyelash roots.
  • Those who regularly use almond oil for their eyelashes report that their eyelashes grow longer and shed less in a short time.
  • Applying almond oil to eyelashes is a very easy process.
  • Before going to bed, apply a few drops of almond oil to your fingertips and apply it to your eyebrows and eyelash roots with a light massage.
  • Almond oil, which is absorbed by the eyelash roots during the night, is wiped from the eyes with a wet cotton ball in the morning.
  • In order to see the effect of almond oil on eyelashes, it is recommended to use it regularly every night for at least 6 weeks .
  • After thoroughly washing and cleaning your completely finished mascara, you can add almond oil to it.
  • This way, you can apply almond oil to your eyelashes more easily with mascara.

almond oil eyelash

How to Use Almond Oil for Hair Care?

  • Although almond oil is effective on the hair alone, it can be much more effective when used in mixture with other beneficial herbal oils.
  • Almond oil, castor oil and olive oil are mixed in the same proportions in a glass container and applied to the hair and left for 15-20 minutes and then rinsed with warm water.
  • Almond oil masks applied once a week support the nourishment of hair follicles by softening the hair roots and providing more oxygen.
  • Another almond oil cure is prepared using jojoba oil, a few drops of cedar tree oil, rosemary oil, lavender and argan oil . After applying the mixture to the hair, wait for about 30 minutes and wash it with warm water. This cure, which makes hair more vibrant and shiny, supports rapid hair growth when applied regularly once a week.
  • It can also be used by adding almond oil to shampoo.
  • The mixture of almond oil and garlic also provides nourishment to the scalp.
  • To get effective results in the long term, you should apply almond oil hair mask consistently once a week or a few times a month.
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Does Almond Oil Spoil?

  • When almond oil is stored well, it can be used for a long time without losing its properties and should be stored in special moisture-proof glass skewers in a dark environment, protected from heat and light.
  • Keeping its mouth closed at all times prevents it from being exposed to oxidation.
  • Almond oil exposed to light and heat may deteriorate and lose its properties and may not show its beneficial effects.
  • Since the deteriorations are not visible to the naked eye, they may not be noticed during use.
  • If the almond oil has lost its unique smell and has become bitter in taste, it is necessary to suspect that the almond oil has spoiled.
  • When buying almond oil, attention should be paid to its brand, whether it has a production permit and whether its shelf life is stated.
almond oil

What are the Harms of Almond Oil? Would it hurt the eyes?

  • Almond oil , which is rich in vitamins and minerals, stands out with its benefits.
  • However, it can also have harmful effects if not used as recommended. Almond oil, which causes hair strengthening, can cause hair growth in unwanted areas when used outside areas such as eyebrows, eyelashes and hair.
  • Almond oil that is not stored properly may cause hair follicles to break and fall out in the areas where it is applied. When expired almond oil is applied to the eyelash roots, it may irritate the skin in this area and cause burning, itching, redness and blurred vision in the eyes.
  • Use of almond oil by newborn babies, people with open wounds and pregnant women may cause harmful effects.
  • Leaving the bottle cap open causes pathogenic bacteria to form in the almond oil and the areas used may become infected.
  • Spoiled almond oil causes irritation on the skin, causing pimples and acne.

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