What is Confit Technique? How is it applied in the kitchen?

What is Confit Technique

Confit Cooking Technique: Low Heat Maximum Flavor

Different techniques are used while cooking. More than one technique is used if necessary to prepare a meal. Thanks to many methods such as boiling, frying, sautéing or baking, your meals will be delicious in their full consistency.

In addition to traditional cooking methods, professional cooking techniques also help you in the kitchen. The most common of these methods draws attention as the confit technique. We will now take a deep look at this method, which is often used in large kitchens or in the homes of people who love the kitchen.

In this article, we have gathered the information you need to learn the main lines of the confit technique used in various meats and vegetables and to try it at home. Now you can examine the details of the confit cooking method.

What is Confit?

  • Although this method, called confinement, is on the list of modern cooking techniques, it was actually applied in ancient times.
  • Widely used in the periods when there was no refrigerator and it was used very rarely, it was preferred for meat and vegetables.
  • Confinement, known as cooking in oil, is known as a method of cooking.
  • This technique was introduced by the French, and many cultures tried to configure it as the cooks traveled from country to country.
  • Low fire is one of the secrets of this cooking technique. It is also effective in cooking foods for a long time accompanying the low fire.
  • The confit technique, which is applied to preserve the nutrients for a longer period of time, ensures that many foods are consumed in the following days without spoiling.
  • There are some details that need to be considered when applying this technique. One of them is if the meat is to be cooked; It should be cooked in its own oil. Meat, which is slowly roasted in its own fat over very low heat, captures a very special flavor.
  • You can think of how the confit-treated meat stays durable for a long time. The contact of the meat with the air is cut off. Fat forms a special layer around the food. In this way, souring and deterioration are prevented.
  • One thing should not be forgotten while applying confit. You have to prevent the food from browning. If the food is fried in oil, this situation ceases to be confit and turns into a frying technique.

How is Confit Technique Applied in the Kitchen?

  • The confit technique has been tried in many kitchens for many years. In ancient times, our elders put meat in the pot and closed the lid, and cooked it softly, reminding us of confectionery.
  • Cooking the vegetable or meat dish that will be prepared for the evening in a pot in the afternoon is in a way a configuration.
  • Confit olive is examined under a separate heading rather than the confiding technique. It is necessary to clarify this issue, which is often confused.
  • To remove the bitterness in the structure of olives; olives go through a special washing and resting process. This process is called the preparation of confit olives.
  • It is an important rule that the internal temperature of the food does not exceed 90 degrees. If an internal temperature above 90 degrees is caught; The food will start to brown.
  • You can add many recipes to the menu of the day to try this method in the kitchen.
  • You can put the meat or vegetables of your choice in a fireproof, non-stick pan.
  • You should take care to wash the vegetables very well.
  • It is recommended to use olive oil to apply this technique. It will add a very good flavor to the dishes that are cooked gently.
  • When applying confit, you can add seasoning at the end of the cooking time to double the flavor of the meats.
  • You can wait for the last minutes so that the spices do not burn.
  • If you rub the meat with salt before cooking with the confit method; You can cook softer meat.
  • Do not forget that the cooking time will be longer depending on the type of meat.
  • Your low-fat white meats can be configured in a shorter time. However, meat such as duck, goose or whole chicken will cook on low heat for several hours.
  • You will need a longer time to cook red meat with the confit method. Especially meat with bones starts to cook on low heat for about 5 hours on average.
    In this method, since the cover will be closed; Steam will form inside the pot. Thanks to the steam, meat and some vegetables will be cooked softly.
  • Confit-applied dishes can be preserved in the refrigerator for about 5 days. You can consume the meals you have prepared for 5 days.

Which Products Are Prepared With Confit Technique?

  • To prepare a special dish with lamb meat; You can try lamb confit. For this, lamb meat will need to be cooked for an average of 4 hours.
  • Duck with fatty meat will have a soft consistency thanks to the confit technique. Do not forget to rub the meat with salt so that the duck meat becomes as soft as cotton.
  • Keep in mind the confit salmon recommendation. You can choose salmon meat to cook a fish by making it in a very short time.
  • Name very much needed lamb confit What is Let’s explain the characteristics of this dish for those who.
  • Lamb meat with ribs is used for lamb confit.
  • Lamb meat cooked in a pan with its own fat and some olive oil on low heat for 4-5 hours takes its place on the plates as lamb confit.
  • Confiding is not only applied to meats. It is a cooking technique that is also applied for garlic.
  • To cook the garlic by making confit; It is recommended to cook the peeled garlic in a pot in the oven with olive oil.
  • After the garlic comes out of the oven, it is kept in a glass jar for 3 months to be added to various dishes.

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