How to store Brazil nuts

Brazil nuts

Only those Brazil nuts that have reached a sufficient degree of maturity and have not begun to deteriorate can be stored for a long time . When shaking the fetus, the characteristic noise of the nuclei should be heard. If the Brazil nuts were purchased peeled, then they should not show signs of rotting, excessive contamination or insect infestation.

How to store Brazil nuts at home:

  • a whole Brazil nut must be stored in a dark place where sunlight and light exposure to the fruit is completely excluded (in general, Brazil nuts are very difficult to find on sale, most often they are sold in the form of peeled kernels);
  • Brazil nut kernels can be stored in the refrigerator (it is better to place them in containers with lids, because the kernels quickly absorb foreign odors and thereby change their taste characteristics);
  • it is not recommended to store peeled Brazil nuts in plastic bags, with the exception of freezing (it is better to use cloth bags, plastic bags or containers);
  • freezing Brazil nuts is a good way to preserve their original taste properties for a long time (this process is carried out in the usual way, the nuts are placed in a bag or container and placed in the freezer);
  • storing peeled Brazil nuts leads to a reduction in their shelf life (the aroma of the kernels changes, they become lighter and lose their taste);
  • Brazil nuts can be stored almost anywhere, but the main criterion when choosing it is to exclude exposure to heat sources;
  • if stains, mold, foreign debris appeared on Brazil nuts during storage, then the conditions were created incorrect and the kernels deteriorated (it will not work to wash off the plaque or get rid of the debris, the nuts will still be infected with fungi and changed their taste);
  • when storing Brazil nuts, it is necessary to create conditions with minimal air humidity (high humidity will spoil the kernels in a short period of time);
  • when storing Brazil nuts, you should not mix them with other varieties of nuts (each variety has its own nuances of storage and shelf life, therefore, when mixing different varieties, the taste properties of all kernels will be violated, and they will quickly deteriorate);
  • if Brazil nuts are sprinkled with salt, then their shelf life will be halved (roasted nuts with added sugar or salt retain their original taste characteristics no longer than 3-4 weeks).

If the Brazil nuts were purchased in packs, then the shelf life can be determined by the dates indicated by the manufacturers. These figures apply only to those kernels whose packages have not been opened. After opening the bag with nuts, their shelf life will not exceed 1 month. If the kernels are not planned to be eaten in the near future, then the packaging with them can be placed in a dark place and not worry about the safety of the nuts throughout their shelf life.

How long can Brazil nuts be stored

Brazil nuts (peeled) have a long shelf life of up to 2 years. No special conditions are required for this. The main thing is that the place where the nuts are placed is as dark and cool as possible. The kernels of this variety of nuts can be stored even at temperatures from +2 to +8 degrees in the refrigerator.

Shelf life of Brazil nuts, depending on the packaging:

  • in a plastic bag (in the refrigerator), the shelf life will not exceed a month;
  • in an airtight container (anywhere), nuts are stored for more than a year;
  • in the freezer, Brazil nuts are stored for several months in any package;
  • Brazil nuts are not stored open.

Chopped Brazil nuts are stored for 3 weeks. After this time, their kernels begin to produce oil, which quickly disrupts their taste characteristics. The nuts start to taste bitter, become oily and change their aroma to a rather unpleasant odor.

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