How to Prepare the New Year’s Table? 7 Tips

How to Prepare the New Year's Table

You know what they say; the way you enter the new year, the whole year goes by like that! Although everyone’s expectations for the new year are different, our common wish is a happy, peaceful and healthy year with our loved ones. 

If you want to enter the new year at home with your loved ones instead of having fun outside, you can prepare a loving New Year’s table for the first day of 2020 as the first step of this wish. You can consider this article as a Christmas table preparation guide. If you will be the host of the New Year’s celebration, you can prepare an unforgettable New Year’s table by following the titles in our article step by step.

How to Prepare a New Year’s Table?

  • First Step: Table Cloth
  • The Key to Elegance: Table Layout
  • Touches That Add Movement: Accessories
  • Rich Menu and Great Tastes
  • Meals Complements: Drinks
  • Delicious Desserts for Pleasant Conversation
  • We’ve Come to the Last Step: It’s Gift Time!

1) First Step: Table Cloth

  • The most important trick in choosing a tablecloth is that it is suitable for the concept. If you have already determined your New Year’s table concept, we can say that your work will be easy at every stage of table preparation.
  • You can see the tablecloth options suitable for the concept you have chosen from the Christmas table concepts group in the shops selling party supplies or on the internet sites, and you can buy the one you like the most.
  • So, is it necessary to define a concept in order to prepare a Christmas table? Of course not. A table that reflects your taste and style without going through any concept. prepare. In this case, first of all, you need to decide which colors you will focus on on your table. You can choose a tablecloth that matches or contrasts with these colors.
  • Shall we give you another tip to make your tablecloth selection easier? If your dinner set is colorful, you can choose white or black tablecloths. If you are going to use a plain dinner set, this time you can choose green, gold or red tablecloths.

2) The Key to Elegance: Table Layout

  • The most effective element in making an invitation table look beautiful at first glance is the table setting. The more harmonious the dinnerware, the arrangement of spoons and forks, and the location of the glass on the table , the more elegant an image emerges.
  • New Year’s tables are the tables where the variety of food is plentiful and the guests are high. For this reason, it may be beneficial to choose narrower molded dinnerware and serving plates.
  • When placing plates, spoons, forks, and glasses, you should be careful not to put the plates too close to each other. Otherwise, your guests may not feel comfortable.
  • If you think the table is crowded and untidy, you can use a service cart. It would be much more accurate to use a glass instead of a water glass.
  • You should arrange the appetizers and olive oil dishes that you put out in such a way that each of your guests can easily reach them.
  • Likewise, salt, spices, and sauces should be placed in such a way that everyone can grow. You should make sure that there is nothing on the table that may be too much.

3) Touches That Add Movement: Accessories

  • When it comes to Christmas table decoration, the poinsettia should not be forgotten. You can put the final point on the elegance of your table with a correctly selected poinsettia. A poinsettia suitable for your concept will turn your table out of the normal dining table atmosphere into an ostentatious invitation.
  • If your dining table is large, you can enrich your table with candles, candlesticks, or rose petals. You can also prepare an unforgettable invitation for your guests by purchasing Christmas table decoration materials.
  • Christmas table decoration is not complete without accessories. We have to say from the beginning that there are so many options for Christmas table accessories and that you may have a hard time choosing. At this point, we recommend that you trust your imagination and choose accessories that suit your style and the general concept of your table.
  • If you don’t want to spend too much time among the options; You can use one of the first accessories that come to mind when Christmas is mentioned, such as a miniature Christmas tree, a deer trinket, or cocoons.
  • You can decorate your chairs with ribbons in the color you prefer most on your table. You can also make your table stylish by placing silvery or mirrored plates under the serving plates.
  • As with every invitation table, the most beautiful detail of the New Year’s table is the napkins. If you want to use a patternless napkin, you can choose a color that matches the color of your tablecloth. Green, red, Dora colored napkins can be suitable for the New Year’s table. You can also buy Christmas-themed napkins if you wish. It is easier to obtain such napkins during the Christmas season.

4) Rich Menu and Great Tastes

  • If you are preparing a New Year’s table menu, you should definitely write the turkey at the top of the list. Roasted turkey meat like pomegranate is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to Christmas table dishes.
  • At the New Year’s table, guests are usually entertained until the first hours of the new day. Therefore, you need to prepare both cold and hot delicacies.
  • New Year’s table appetizers and olive oil dishes can make your table look rich. As an appetizer; You can prepare carrot salad, corn salad, Russian salad, hummus, haydari, spicy paste, fava with olive oil, şakşuka.
  • With olive oil; You can make room on your table for stewing, stuffed with olive oil and stuffed wrap. In addition to appetizers and olive oil dishes, you can make canapes, bread, doughnuts, pumpkin dessert, and different cookies.
  • It is very important to have plenty of food at the New Year’s table. Finally, preparing your New Year’s Eve menu in advance prevents unnecessary panic.

5) Meals Complements: Drinks

  • You should take care to complete your meals on your table with the right drinks. The most common pairing is to serve white wine with white meat, and red wine with red meat.
  • Do not forget to have other types of soft drinks on your table for your guests who do not prefer to consume alcohol.
  • One last note… You may need to stock up on ice for your guests who want to have their drinks with ice.

6) Delicious Desserts for Pleasant Conversation

  • Wouldn’t you like to crown the taste of your New Year’s table, which you have worked so hard for, with dessert?
  • It would be right to add lighter desserts to the menu, as there are many types of food in New Year’s Eve invitations and the invitation lasts until late. For this reason, when preparing your menu, you can choose milk or fruit desserts instead of sherbet desserts.

7) We’ve Come to the Final Step: It’s Gift Time!

  • Undoubtedly, the most beautiful tradition of the new year is gift-giving. You can put the gifts you have prepared for your guests next to the plates on the table. This tradition ensures that your guests start the night happy and positive.
  • Let’s give a few tips to those who ask what to give as a gift on New Year’s Eve.
  • You can make your loved ones happy with small gifts that remind you of the New Year, such as books, snow globes, trinkets, and cups.

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