How to make children like fruits and vegetables?

Whether fresh or frozen, whole or mashed, fruits and vegetables provide a set of micronutrients essential for health, in particular that of children: fibers, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc. However, 57% of 5-11 year olds eat less than 5 fruits and vegetables per day (1) . Worse, 40% of 0-18 year olds claim to eat only one fruit or vegetable daily (2) .  Long before the canteen, the family is the best place to adopt healthy eating habits (3)  Far from being impossible, getting children to love fruits and vegetables is above all a question of sharing and patience. In this article, discover our 6 tips to make children love fruits and vegetables.

Offer fruit at snack time, a special time of the day

According to a recent study, 23% of children declare snack time as their favorite time to eat fruit  (1)  In the form of skewers, dipping sticks, compotes or even homemade cakes, fruits are perfect for a balanced snack.

Set an example when it comes time to eat

Finally, the home is the most important place for the construction of the relationship between the child and his food. Thus, it is essential that fruits and vegetables are associated with pleasure from an early age. As a parent, showing pleasure in cooking and tasting fruits and vegetables is fundamental for the child’s learning of balance.

In conclusion, it is quite possible to combine fruit and vegetable consumption with pleasure in the little ones. Far from being impossible, integrating fruits and vegetables into children’s diets often requires patience, perseverance and the implementation of certain strategies on a daily basis.


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