What are the Benefits of Black Cumin? Does it weaken?

Benefits of Black Cumin

Black cumin, one of the foods that we do not miss from our kitchens, is one of the herbs that has been used for healing purposes for thousands of years. Black cumin, which is used as a medicine to protect against diseases with its deep-rooted history dating back to Ancient Greece, is an indispensable food of both medicine and kitchens with its benefits today.

What is Black Cumin?

Black cumin, which comes from the buttercup family, is a thin-leaved plant. It is a herbaceous plant that grows to an average of 20-30 cm in length. It is usually grown from seeds and produces small blue flowers during the flowering period after the germination period. Small black grains, known as nigella sativa, are contained in capsules at the top of the plant’s slender herbaceous branches. These grains in the capsules are green when first grown and turn black as they mature.

Where Does Black Cumin Grow?

Nigella sativa, whose original homeland is West Asia, is grown wherever suitable climatic conditions exist today. The plant, which grows in European countries, African countries and some parts of India, has the opportunity to grow in a wide area in Turkey.

It grows easily especially in environments where temperate continental climate prevails. After the germination period, it likes a sunny climate because the sun demand is high. In addition to being grown as a field plant, it can be planted in pots or gardens at home.

What are the Benefits of Black Cumin?

  • The first place among the benefits of black cumin is the strengthening of the immune system. The food that protects the body against microbes provides protection against diseases as it strengthens the immune system.
  • It relaxes the patients against shortness of breath with its widening effect on the trachea. It also provides relief against respiratory ailments such as bronchitis.
  • Black cumin, which has proven to be effective against cancer thanks to its phytochemical substances, provides protection against many types of cancer such as uterine cancer, stomach cancer, bone cancer.
  • Black cumin, which is good for bones because it is a good source of calcium, is useful against joint pain and swelling in the joints.
  • It is good for high blood pressure and offers protection against heart diseases by balancing cholesterol. Thanks to the thymoquinone substance in it, it has a heart protective feature as it reduces the homocysteine ​​ratio.

What is Black Cumin Benefit for Skin?

Black cumin, which offers protection against many diseases, becomes the apple of the eye of women with its benefits to the skin. Black cumin, which is especially good for skin blemishes, improves the skin with its reducing effect on acne scars. Thanks to its antioxidant properties, it protects the skin against external factors and accelerates the skin’s self-renewal time. While reducing the blemished appearance, it exfoliates the skin and shrinks the pores.

Black cumin, which is appreciated by women with its benefits to the skin, is just as easy to apply to the skin. When applied to the skin, it usually needs to be powdered. Black cumin powder is mixed with honey and spread on the skin like a mask and washed off after waiting for 20 minutes.

Does Black Seed Make You Weak?

For those who complain about their excess weight, it is very easy to lose weight with black cumin. The food, which has an appetite-reducing effect and accelerates digestion by cleaning the liver, reduces the desire to eat because it suppresses appetite when it is drunk with water before meals or eaten with black cumin cure.

It ensures the removal of toxins from the body and keeps the sugar level in the body under control. It has a unique black seed diet with its positive effects on metabolism. Black cumin, which heals many diseases, is among the low-calorie foods by containing 344 calories per 100 grams in terms of calories.

Black Cumin Use: Where is Black Cumin Used?

The field of use of black cumin, which is generally used to decorate pastries, is quite wide. It can be consumed by adding to many foods from ice cream to yogurt in the kitchen, and it is also widely used for medical purposes.

Apart from domestic use, black cumin cream and black cumin soap are produced from black cumin for skin care. Since it is a useful food, black seed capsule, black cumin pill, black cumin tea, black cumin honey and black cumin powder are produced from black cumin as a food supplement.

It would not be wrong to say that black cumin products, which you can easily find in herbalists, are as common as black cumin in terms of use.

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