How to keep apples fresh: 8 rules

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vitamins and minerals

There are several secrets that will help keep the apple fresh until next spring! Well, until the New Year – for sure. In this blog, we will discuss how to keep apples fresh until next spring. If you put the bulk liquid in storage correctly, then they will easily last until the New Year.

A year has turned out to be plentiful for apples, summer residents no longer know what to do with such wealth. We have already gorged on summer apples, but the winter varieties have not really ripened yet. So citizens, gardeners, grab their heads – what to do with apples? But now they are tired of it, and in winter you will sigh more than once on the juicy crispy side of the apple.

– Of course, the best varieties for storage are winter or late autumn varieties. I recommend trying to keep several different varieties since each has a different keeping quality. Do not get carried away with very late varieties – yes, they are stored longer, they can last until the next harvest, but too tough. Late autumn varieties by winter will become slightly friable, lose their elasticity and crunchiness. Therefore, you need to eat them quickly.

How to store apples:  8 rules

Following are some important rules to keep apples fresh:

1. Putting it together carefully.

Not all apples are suitable for storage, but only carefully picked (you can even from under a tree), without signs of spoilage, rot, worminess, bruising. Even an apple that is accidentally scratched can rot, spoiling the life of nearby neighbors.

2. Do not wipe the apples!

The non-shiny barrel of an apple is its protective film, a natural wax that protects against spoilage. Therefore, wipe it off, and even more so wash it – in no case, should you!

3. Find the boxes.

The best way of storage is in “leaky” boxes, you can use plastic ones, in which fruits are stored in stores.

4. Do not pile apples on top!

Try not to lump all the apples together. It is best to have two layers in the boxes, maximum three. Make sure that the twig legs do not pierce your neighbor’s side. The best option is for the stalks to look up or slightly to the side.

5. Wrap up.

It is best to wrap each apple with tissue paper – this will protect them from accidental knocks and the paper will pick up excess moisture.

6. The main thing is temperature.

The hardest part is finding a storage location. The optimum storage temperature for all varieties of apples is +3, +5 degrees, not higher. Then the fruit will retain its juiciness longer. A dry place is also not suitable – you need medium humidity (in a too damp room, apples will not lie for a long time either – they will rot).

7. Do not mix with potatoes!

Neighborhoods don’t like apples very much, so you shouldn’t put them in the same cellar with potatoes and carrots. Firstly, the special gas released by the bulk makes everything around it ripen faster, that is, your carrot potatoes may begin to ripen rapidly, as if in spring. That is, they will become flabby. And apples can get soaked with an unpleasant smell from vegetables.

8. Go through more often.

No matter how carefully you select apples for storage, you may not notice a microscopic crack. This means that the fruit will rot anyway. Therefore, do not forget to inspect your supplies at least once a month, ruthlessly throwing out the spoiled ones.


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