Effective summer diets for weight loss

The best time to lose weight is summer. On its hot days, a variety of fruits and vegetables are offered, which we can consume for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This variety can offer us very tasty and efficient diets .

Check out our suggestions for summer weight loss diets :

One week summer diet


On the first day, eat only vegetables, for example, cucumbers. This vegetable is exceptional because it contains 90% water. With it you will make a serious detoxification of the body.


Now it’s the fruit’s turn. You can eat any fruits, mix them or not. If that’s not enough for you, have some yogurt.


Eat strawberries , raspberries, blackberries all day and don’t forget to drink water.


Enjoy the different types of dairy products, if you feel hungry you can eat fruits such as cherries, peaches and grapes.


Back to the vegetables again. Choose 5 of your favorites and eat each one at a meal.


Repeat Tuesday by adding low-fat yogurt to your evening portion.


This day will seem the most difficult because you have to spend it only on fruit and vegetable juices.

Three-day banana diet

In addition to helping you lose weight , it will also improve your health by stimulating your bone and immune system. Banana is good for the heart because it does not contain cholesterol and fat. It will supply you with vitamin B, minerals, potassium and magnesium.

Eat bananas for 3 days, combining them with yogurt, fresh milk and, if desired, with almond milk.

With the help of this short diet you will lose 4 kg.

Watermelon diet

This effective summer diet should not be done for more than 5 days. Ideally, about 1 kg of watermelon should be consumed for every 10 kg of your body mass.

If you feel discomfort, stop the diet immediately. With it, you can lose 3 kg and do a good detox of your body.

This summer diet is not recommended for people with kidney stones, diabetes or pancreatic problems.

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