How to Grow Bamboo at Home? Illustrated 4 Steps

How to Grow Bamboo at Home

The bamboo flower is a plant of the lily family. Its Latin name is Dracaena Sanderiana. Its homeland is Central Africa, but it is a popular plant especially in India and Far East countries. It is used as an ornamental plant in these countries. It can grow up to one meter in length and up to 20 cm in width. The bamboo flower has green leaves extending upwards. The root part is more fleshy and light-colored.

Bamboo, which attracts attention with its elegant appearance, is a frequently preferred plant both in homes and offices. Bamboo, which remains green throughout the year, is grown in a small amount of water and is not difficult to care for. It can also grow in pots with soil but loses its curved structure and leaf shape. In eastern culture, the bamboo flower is believed to bring luck and abundance. It also symbolizes friendship and honesty.

This article is for those who ask how to grow bamboo at home! Here is the answer to the question of how to grow bamboo flowers step by step and with all the tricks …

What is Bamboo Flower?

  • Bamboo is among the fastest-growing plants and can grow up to 38 meters tall; its thickness can reach 80 cm.
  • The bamboo tree, whose Latin name is Bambusoideae, is often used for ornamental purposes in space design in our country, as well as in Asia, America, and Africa, where it grows abundantly even though it blooms very rarely.
  • bamboo flower; It is a green-leafed plant rather than the colorful, leafy, eye-catching flowers you are used to.
  • In fact, the bamboo plant blooms only once in 100 years.
  • It is easy and effortless to maintain; Due to its simple and elegant appearance, it is used for decoration purposes in offices, restaurants, cafes, homes or other social areas.
  • Especially in tall vases, the bamboo plant adds aesthetics to the decoration of the place where it is placed.
  • In addition to its decorative care, the bamboo tree or plant is used to make medicine, building materials, fabrics, household goods, and garden materials.

Materials Required for Growing Bamboo

You will need a few materials to grow bamboo flowers at home. You can easily obtain these materials from florists and home supply stores.

  • Candle
  • jar or glass
  • a tall slender vase
  • Pebbles

For those who want to grow in pots:

  • A tall and narrow pot
  • Sand, peat, and garden soil

How to Plant Bamboo Seed?

  • A tablespoon of salt is mixed and dissolved in a glass of water. Bamboo seeds are soaked in this water for 15 minutes.
  • When the time is up, the seeds are taken into another container of non-chlorinated water and kept there for 24 hours.
  • You can choose small germination pots for seed planting.
  • Prepare a pebble base for the bottom of the pot. Fill this base with soil. You can choose garden soil, peat, bark mix or germination soil.
  • Fill the pot with soil until there is about 3 cm of space from the top. Then plant the bamboo seed by pressing lightly.
  • Add enough soil to completely cover the seed.
  • As the last step, you need to water your fresh seed.
  • Keep your pet in a sunny, warm environment.
  • Water your seed occasionally until it germinates, without letting the soil become too dry.

How to Grow Bamboo at Home? Illustrated 4 Steps

If there are those who think about how to grow a bamboo plant at home; We must say from the beginning that this rare flower is very easy to grow. Bamboo flowers can be grown by cuttings or by sowing seeds. The most commonly used method is the steeling method. In this method, the shoots of another bamboo plant are used.

Step 1

  • The shoot that emerges from the main branch of the bamboo flower is carefully cut.
  • The cut part on the body is closed by dripping melted wax.
  • The purpose of the wax dripping process is to prevent the cut part from deteriorating by taking the air.

Step 2

  • The lower leaves of the taken steel are carefully cleaned.
  • 3-5 cm of water is put in a jar or a glass.
  • Bamboo stalks are kept in this water until they take root.
  • During this time, water is added as it decreases.

Step 3

  • When the bamboo flower takes root, it is placed in a tall, thin vase containing 10 cm of non-chlorinated water.
  • If you wish, you can decorate the bottom of the vase with pebbles or you can choose a colorful vase.
  • It all depends on your taste and what kind of decoration you want.

Step 4

  • You can also grow the rooted bamboo flower in pots if you wish.
  • For this process, you can choose a narrow and long pot with holes.
  • Mix equal amounts of sand, peat and garden soil in a six-hole pot.
  • Prepare a base with pebbles at the bottom of the pot.
  • Then fill the pot halfway with soil and moisten the soil with some water.
  • Plant the bamboo plant in the pot.
  • Fill around the plant with soil. While doing this process, press the soil lightly to ensure that the plant is settled correctly. Your bamboo flower is ready!
  • Finally, place your pot in a bright and warm environment with light.

How to Propagate Bamboo?

  • Bamboo flower is reproduced by cutting method.
  • This process can be done in any season of the year.
  • Thanks to the cutting process, it is possible to obtain a new bamboo flower.
  • In the cutting method, a shoot is cut from the main body of the bamboo flower.
  • The lower leaves of the cut cuttings are cleaned, and the stem is taken into a vase filled with water for rooting.
  • Rooted cuttings can be taken into a tall vase filled with water or grown by planting in the ground.

How to Care for Bamboo? 3 Tips

Like everything else, the care of the bamboo flower has some tricks. After answering the question of how bamboo grows , it’s time to share the tips of bamboo care. By paying attention to the tips we will give now, you can contribute to the healthy development of the bamboo flower.

1) Irrigation

  • When growing bamboo flowers, chlorine-free or boiled and rested water should be preferred.
  • If grown in water, the amount of water should be up to 10 cm. The water should be renewed once a week.
  • If it is to be grown in soil, it should be ensured that the soil is always moist.

2) Positioning

  • No special positioning is required for the bamboo flower.
  • However, if you put it in a bright, sunny place, it will look much better.

3) Heat

  • The temperature in the environment where the bamboo flower is should be neither too hot nor too cold.
  • A warm ambient temperature is sufficient.

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