How to Fish Bluefish?


The bluefish, which is nicknamed the sultan of fish with its taste and economic value, is one of the fish to be bought without hesitation in its season. The bluefish, which comes out of the seas of Turkey and is known as the most delicious fish, is the only fish that those who eat it will not give up for a lifetime.

What is Bluefish?

The bluefish, which lives in temperate and tropical seas and is abundant in the coastal regions of Turkey, is a predatory fish enough to defy different fish species with its flat body and greenish scaly back.

With an average length of 115 cm and a weight of 11 kilograms, the bluefish has a slightly flat and long body. The bluefish, which is known as the most valuable and nervous fish of the Pomatomidae family, is known as the bully of the seas among fishermen with its aggressive nature, which even fights with fish larger than itself. Depending on its size, it ranks fourth in the bluefish family.

What is the Nutritional Value of Bluefish?

Bluefish, the aggressive fish of the sea, impresses fish lovers once again with its rich nutritional values. 100 grams of bluefish contain 20 grams of protein and 4.21 grams of fat. It contains 60 mg of sodium, 370 mg of potassium.

As a rich source of vitamin A, bluefish, which is a medicine against fatigue and weakness, contains B group vitamins B2, B6, and plenty of vitamin B12. B group vitamins, which regulate metabolism and protect the heart, add a new one to their benefits by supporting the regeneration of cells.

Bluefish is a complete source of omega 3 and omega 6. Fish, which supports skin health and brightness with omega fatty acids, is good for the nervous system and brain health and is a food that should be consumed by everyone from seven to seventy. At the same time, it contains iron, selenium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, zinc and copper minerals and deserves to be the sultan of the seas in terms of nutritional value.

How Many Calories Are in Bluefish?

There are 238 calories in 1 serving of 150 grams of cooked bluefish, which has won the hearts of fish lovers once again with its high nutritional value. The cooked bluefish, which contains its oil and flavor, is prepared with cooking options such as steaming and oven. There is no harm in consuming it while dieting, as the grilled bluefish, whose calorie changes when cooked with the method of cooking on the grill outside of the oven and pan, has about 150 calories in 1 portion. You can add bluefish, which has a lower calorie, to the menu twice a week, with peace of mind, since its oil flows when grilled.

What are the Bluefish Types?

Let’s say that in the bluefish family, where almost everyone confuses their order, except for the master fishermen, the order is made from smallest to largest. The bay leaf, which is found in infancy and is strictly prohibited to be hunted, the bluefish, which is the largest of the bay leaf with a length that can reach up to 18 cm, and the yellow wing, which is also prohibited to be hunted; It carries the title of being the first fish caught in the family.

After the shellfish, which is larger than the bluefish and which intimidates the hunters because it is very difficult to catch, comes the dorsal, the largest of the bluefish varieties. The ridgeback is rare and is a legendary species that has not yet been found in the bluefish family in the seas of Turkey.

What is the Bluefish Season and the Price of the Bluefish?

The bluefish, the sultan of the seas, which started to be hunted in October, takes its place on the stalls between October and February. The bluefish, which reaches its peak with its taste in October and November, is caught and met with those who love fresh fish during this period. After February, the bluefish, which lost its fat, is filleted and eaten again in its delicious form. The price of bluefish, which can be easily obtained from fishermen’s stalls for about four months, varies depending on the season, and the question of how much bluefish will become up every year. Depending on the productivity of the seas and weather conditions, the price of bluefish varies between 15 TL and 50-60 TL on average in the fish market.

How to Hunt Bluefish?

The bluefish, which gained its reputation by leaving many fishermen who want to get themselves off the hook with its aggressive nature, is the fish that hunters enjoy catching, although it is dangerous. For novice fishermen, catching bluefish is not only difficult, but it is a job that will make the hunters sweat, and the subject of how to fish bluefish is very much wondered.

In short, bluefish fishing is done both on the coast and in the open sea. Spoon style and Rapala are mainly used during bluefish fishing with bluefish in the open sea. The bluefish, which is caught using different techniques on the coast and in the open sea, is one of the most caught fish in the Marmara region. Bluefish fishing, which is also carried out in the Black Sea and Mediterranean coasts, requires a lot of special equipment and when the right equipment is selected, the probability of returning empty-handed from fishing is reduced.

What are Bluefish Rapala and Bluefish Anchor?

Bluefish hook, which is one of the fishing gear for bluefish, is a special type of fishing line with feathers instead of hooks for fishing bluefish.

Bluefish Rapala, on the other hand, with its shortest definition, is a type of fake bait used to deceive the bluefish during hunting. Bluefish Rapala is recommended in the open sea, especially in flowing areas, rather than in the coastal areas where live bluefish bait is used. In coastal fishing, using anchovy, horse mackerel, butt, and garfish as live bluefish bait makes your job much easier. While preparing baited bluefish fishing lines, the hanging bluefish lure will increase your chances.

It is much more difficult to make the fish like fake bait, which is very difficult to catch, even with a specially prepared bluefish team and equipment. Although 6-7 cm long silver bluefish is recommended for fishing with fake bait, it will not be easy for you to hunt in this way except in current waters. For the bluefish, the recommendation for Rapala would be a blue hoe and gray feather hoe. Both caps are the ones that increase the chance of being caught among fakes for bluefish the most. A 60 mm size bluefish spoon is recommended as a spoon recommendation for bluefish.

2 Different Bluefish Recipes That Will Suit the Tables Well

Since it is a delicious type of fish, the issue of how to cook bluefish comes to the fore for the bluefish that is desired to be cooked with care. Bluefish, which is suitable for different cooking methods with its plump and delicious white meat; It can be easily prepared on the grill, in the pan or in the oven.

In particular, it is possible to cook bluefish with the steaming method on the stove, which is one of the healthiest cooking methods and which preserves the vitamins of the fish the most. In addition to this, the most beautiful and most classical methods of cooking bluefish are of course making bluefish in the pan and in the oven.

1) Odorless and Healthy: For Baked Bluefish:

Baked bluefish is one of the best-known and most classic fish cooking recipes. The bluefish in the oven, which is ready to be cooked by salting the fish and arranging it on a tray, is a classic bluefish recipe that everyone eats at least once as a family. The baked bluefish, which can be transformed into stylish presentations with different spices on demand, doubles the pleasure of fish tables by being cheered up with arugula radish salad.

2) A Crispy Flavor: For Pan-fried Bluefish:

Another recipe for bluefish is pan-fried bluefish. The recipe, which is recommended to be prepared especially with large-sized bluefish in order to feel its flavor more saturated, is crowned as a classic taste. Again, as one of the easy ways to prepare bluefish, even those who do not step into the kitchen can easily make bluefish in the pan, combining seasonal greens to create magnificent tables.

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