How to Pick a Watermelon: 5 Easy Tricks

How to pick a watermelon

How to pick a watermelon? Watermelon appeals to everyone with its taste and unique appearance. You can consume watermelon during the day, for your guests, or even for breakfast. It is also known as a rich vitamin storeIf you are one of those who say how to pick a good, sweet, and delicious watermelon, you are in the right place!

Although the fruits have been greatly influenced by the changing production technologies in recent years. It is possible to eat delicious fruits without wasting your money by using some tricks. If you can’t find an answer to the question of how to pick a watermelon when you are going shopping, or if you think about how to understand a good watermelon, we have easy and memorable methods for you for choosing the best watermelon.

Let’s find the answer to the question of how to choose the best watermelon together with our article!

How to pick a Watermelon? Here are 5 Easy Tricks!

1) Choose Watermelons With Yellow Bottom

2) Stretch Marks are the Sign of Taste!

3) Male Watermelon Will Be Juicy, Female Watermelon Sweet

4) Medium and Heavy Watermelon

5) Ripe Watermelon Stalk Will Be Dry

1) Choose Watermelons with Yellow Bottom

  • The color of the watermelon is very important among the first and most important steps in choosing the right watermelon.
  • Watermelon will be more delicious and juicy if you buy more yellow bottoms of the watermelon.
  • At the same time, the yellow color indicates the ripening level of the watermelon, we recommend that you buy the watermelon with the yellowest bottom.

how to understand watermelon is good

2) Stretch Marks are the Sign of Taste!

  • What would you say if we told you that the bad-looking cracks on the watermelon determine the flavor?
  • When shopping for watermelons, we usually prefer the smoothest, most beautiful looking or spotless watermelons.
  • The cracks and small brown spots on the watermelon indicate that it is the right watermelon.
  • If you want a worthy and fully ripe watermelon, you should choose the one with the most cracks and stains among the watermelons on the shelves.


3) Male Watermelon Will Be Juicy, Female Watermelon Sweet

  • Long and oval watermelons are known as male, while smaller and rounder watermelons are known as females.
  • At the same time, male watermelons are juicy, while female watermelons are sweet.
  • If you’re more confused, it’s best to get both!


4) Medium and Heavy Watermelon

  • If you want a good and tasty watermelon, the watermelon you will buy should be neither too big nor too small.
  • Of course, a normal size watermelon you choose may not be delicious every time.
  • For this reason, we recommend that you pay attention to the weight of the watermelon you will buy much more than its size.


5) Ripe Watermelon Stalk Will Be Dry

  • You have tried many methods when choosing a watermelon, but if you still do not succeed, you should try this method!
  • The only thing you need to pay attention to is how dry the stem of the watermelon is. If the stem of the watermelon has dried, this will indicate a ripe watermelon.

how to choose the best watermelon

  • If the stem is green and not dried, it means that the watermelon was picked earlier than it should be.


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