How to eat figs: with or without the skin?

How to eat figs

I did not think that the question would arise one day, because as a child, I always had fig trees on hand and my mom taught me to eat fresh figs . But I realize that around me, there are several schools and that opinions are divided around this question!

How to eat a fresh fig?

Eat fig, with or without the skin?

The skin of the fig is edible , so no need to peel it.

However, if the skin is dirty and you eat the figs straight off the tree, split the fig in half and eat only the inside.

You can also skip eating the skin if you don’t like the texture. Same method as above to eat only the inside of the fig , but also know that the skin of the fig can be removed very well by peeling it with your fingers .

You will understand, everything can therefore be eaten in the fig, except the stem!

Black fig or green fig?

Whether you choose to eat a black fig or a green fig (which do not come at the same time depending on the season), the skin of the latter is edible. You can eat the skin or choose not to eat it if the skin is too withered, for example.

How to choose a good fig?

To choose it, prefer fruits with a simply firm skin.

The fig is a very fragile fruit so do not store it too long after picking or buying it and eat or cook it quickly.

You can make it as a jam, a cake , or a fondant cake . You can enjoy it as it is or accompany it with a good sheep’s cheese to contrast with the sweet taste of the fruit.

Finally if you pick figs from the tree, pay attention to the milky white juice released at the stem, it is very stinging. It can even be used to burn warts (grandmother’s remedy)

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