How to Store Radishes? Several ways

Health benefits of radishes

How to store radishes? In this blog, we will discuss how to store radishes for a long time. Radish is a super healthy vegetable that is grown and eaten all over the world. Sometimes you come across radishes in a salad, these are slices of radish. However, the green of the radish is 6 times healthier than the radish itself. But how can you store radishes? Follow our tips to store the radishes at home correctly.

How to store radishes

  • The radishes deteriorate rapidly at room temperature. You can only keep them for one day.
  • You can keep radishes in the refrigerator for up to five days. Remove the leaves, put the radishes in a closed plastic bag, and place them in the refrigerator.
  • If the radishes feel a bit weaker, you can give them a boost by placing them in ice-cold water. Be careful not to soak them for too long. The longer they are in the water, the more flavor they will lose.

Store Radish In Refrigerator

The best place to store radishes is in the refrigerator. The radish feels at home there. Radish with leaves can be stored in the refrigerator for about 3 days and radish without leaves for 5 days.

Put the radishes in a plastic bag with holes and put it in the fridge. That’s all. It can also be placed in a container if this container can ventilate.

Store Radish In Water

You can also store the radishes in water. Fill a bowl with water and add the radishes without leaves. Place this bowl in the refrigerator and the radish can be kept for 7 days.

However, the quality can be a little less and I mean the taste.

Another thing you can do, if you don’t want a bowl of water in your fridge, is to wrap the radishes in plastic with damp kitchen paper. Moisten a few sheets of kitchen paper and put it in a plastic container or plastic bag. Place the radish without the leaves on top and seal it. Even now you can keep the radishes for 7 days.

How can you determine if radish is no longer good?

The best way to determine whether Radish is no longer good by seeing, smelling and tasting. If the radish is limp, dried out or moldy it should be discarded.

Freezing radishes

Raw radishes are not suitable for freezing. This is because radishes consist of a lot of water, which makes them mushy when thawed. Dishes with radishes can be frozen, provided that you have stewed or cooked the radishes first. You do not store radishes in the freezer. Radish consists mostly of moisture. Moisture and the freezer often do not go well and therefore not with radish. If you freeze radishes and then let them thaw, the radish will become limp and have lost all its flavor.

Basically, don’t freeze radishes, just don’t.

What can I do with the leaves of radishes?

You don’t have to throw away the leaves of the radishes just like that. You can use them for:

  1. Pesto
  2. In a mixed salad
  3. Mix them with your pickled vegetables
  4. As an extra spice in Asian soup
  5. In an omelet or fritatta
  6. In green smoothies
  7. In a vegetarian curry

The leaves are quite spicy in taste, so be careful with them.


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