How To Create A Delicious Christmas-Themed Dinner Party Menu

Delicious Christmas-Themed Dinner

Another year is nearly over. It’s incredible how quickly they pass. When you’re a child, the weeks stretch out slowly, and a whole year can seem to take forever. In fact, as we age, our perception of how time passes changes, so that’s why we are now scratching our heads, wondering how we got to September in 2022 already. 

And the arrival of spring in Australia means it’s time to start planning those Perth Christmas functions already. No, it’s not too early, despite what you are thinking. The earlier you begin preparations, the less stressed you’ll become at the end of the year.

This article will share how you can create a delicious, delectable Christmas-themed dinner party three-course menu. We’ll share our favourite dishes for Christmas, including entrees, mains and desserts, both traditional and modern. By the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll be ready to plan your own Christmas function. Let’s get into it.


First, let’s share some tasty entree ideas. These dishes are aimed at whetting appetites – delicious but not overly filling. You don’t want people to run out of room before the main course. These will be a tasty introduction to your Christmas themed menu. 

Watermelon Christmas Trees

Get out a sharp knife and a whole watermelon and carefully slice the watermelon into the shape of a Christmas tree. This will make for a tasty and visually appealing appetiser. Watermelon is always a hit with the kids, who might otherwise be too fussy for some other food on the menu here. 

Sushi Christmas Tree

You can make some sushi rolls, which are a touch fiddly but become easier with practice, and stack them in the shape of a Christmas tree. Most people like sushi, so this is a top idea for a thematic and yummy entree.

Warm and Cheesy Arancini

We’ve shared a couple of cold entrees, so now let’s warm things up a touch. A serving of cheesy rice-filled arancini balls is just the ticket for a warm, tasty yet lighter appetiser that your guests will enjoy. You can make two lots – one with just mozzarella and rice, for those that avoid meat, and another that is filled with delicious bolognese beef sauce and mozzarella. 

Christmas Main Courses

Now let’s get into the meaty bit of this article, the main courses. We’ll stick to traditional main courses in this section.  

Honey Glazed Ham

It wouldn’t be an Australian Christmas without the ham. You can coat a large ham with a honey and brown sugar glaze, then bake it until the glaze is caramelised and golden brown. This will be a filling meal for meat eaters.

Cauliflower au Gratin

A delicious side that has pride of place at any Christmas function is cauliflower au gratin. This is baked cauliflower that is covered in a cheesy, decadent white sauce. It’s a delicious side that pairs well with ham and turkey.

Juicy Roast Turkey

Like the ham, no Aussie Christmas function is worth its salt without a roast turkey. For something a touch different, you can cover the turkey in a delicious garlic and herb butter coating before roasting it. The heat will seal the butter in, and the turkey flesh will absorb it for a mouth-watering traditional main course.

Honey Glazed Carrots and Beans

Another yummy side you can prepare for your Christmas main course is honey-glazed carrots and beans. These are simple to prepare; you just steam the vegetables, heat up some honey and brush them with the glaze after you take them out of the steamer pot. Simple, yet delicious. This dish will also pair exceptionally well with the ham. 

Christmas Themed Desserts

Now let’s explore some decadent Christmas-style desserts. We’ll suggest a mix of traditional and modern to mix things up a touch.

Plum Pudding

You can’t go wrong with a traditional Christmas dessert like a sweet plum pudding. Don’t forget the splash of brandy to give it that signature taste, and it will go well smothered in a brandy sauce or with caramel or ice cream.

The Good Old Pavlova

Again, another dish that must be served at any Aussie Christmas. A sweet pavlova covered in fresh fruit such as strawberries, kiwi fruit and blueberries will go down well for dessert. 

A Rocky Road Trifle

Trifle is another Christmas classic, but why not put a modern twist on it by baking in some delectable rocky road marshmallows and nuts.

Mulled Wine Jelly Cheesecake

Cheesecake is worth having any time of year, but baking a mulled wine-infused jelly cheesecake is an excellent idea for your Christmas function. It will tantalise your guest’s taste buds and have them coming back for a second helping.  

A Christmas Dinner Conclusion

In this article, we’ve shared how you can create a delicious Christmas-themed dinner party with a three-course menu. We’ve shared some traditional dishes you can serve, but we also included a few modern twists on old favourites. By now, you should be full of inspiration for your own Christmas bash at the end of the year. What are some unique dishes you can dream up? 

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