How to grow organic aloe vera

How to grow organic aloe vera

You may have heard of aloe vera , this plant is so popular. There are several species of aloe vera, but the best known is Aloe vera , a succulent plant of African origin.

Aloe vera has many uses. It is used for cosmetics, as an ornamental plant, as food (from Aloe vera juice and tea ) and medicinally. Moisturizing skin and hair with aloe vera is very common, it is bactericidal, has healing, analgesic and anti-inflammatory action. It can also be used as an air purifying plant .

According to the Specialist in Organic Agriculture, Thiago Tadeu Campos, aloe vera can be cultivated in several ways, in vases, in flowerbeds, and it is a plant that you can even cultivate indoors. Observe the tips that we will give you about the climate, the luminosity, the suitable soil and cultivation, so that you can start planting in the little corner that you have available.


Aloe comes from regions with an equatorial, subtropical, tropical climate, so it prefers warmer places. It is very rustic, so it tolerates sudden changes in temperature, but it dies when the temperature is below 4ºC.


Aloe vera is a sun-loving plant . She needs a lot of direct sunlight, for at least 8 hours a day, but can be grown in half shade too.


The soil must be well drained, as aloe does not tolerate waterlogging, and light. They can be sandy or clayey soils.


As aloe vera is a rustic plant, it does not require much care. Just observe a few steps and ensure a healthy planting.

You can plant aloe vera in a pot or in raised beds in an organic garden .

The vase can be medium or large, at least 20 cm in diameter, with holes in the bottom to prevent water from accumulating.

Aloe vera can also be planted in groups, in flowerbeds, as long as the spacing is respected.


The ideal spacing for aloe vera is 1m x 1m, for those who do not have large areas and still prefer to plant in groups.


Make an organic fertilizer that contains plenty of phosphorus. You can use coffee grounds in your fertilizer, for example, which contains this mineral.


Aloe can be watered infrequently. Once a week is ideal. Before watering, make sure the soil is not damp. If it’s wet, don’t water.


To grow organic aloe vera, you need to choose the way to plant. The options are to use a leaf or to use a bud.

When using the leaf, you need to cut it from a good quality aloe, cut the base of the leaf, wait a few days (which can take up to two weeks) until it creates a film over the cut part, and finally plant it, at least 1/3 into the ground. The sheet you choose should be about 8 cm.

When choosing to plant the bud, you must separate or cut it from the aloe vera. They are at the base of the plant, have their own roots, but are attached to the mother plant. You must separate or cut the bud from the plant, and if you have to cut it, wait for it to heal. Then just plant.

Never let the aloe vera leaves come into contact with the earth, as it could rot. You can place a layer of material like pebbles above ground to prevent this.


Prune the leaves that are drying or when you want to reduce the number of seedlings.


To harvest, cut the leaves that are furthest from the base of the aloe vera. The leaves can be harvested when the plant has new shoots, the first time, and then always before the rainy season. Each plant has around 30 leaves.

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