Is orange juice good for you | Is Orange juice healthy

Mistakes When Making Orange Juice

Is orange juice healthy or is orange juice good for you? Is it true that fresh juice is just as bad as cola? Sunday morning: a warm sandwich and a glass of healthy orange juice.

What is or is not good for us can sometimes be very confusing. Even when it comes to fruit juice. The answer is often more nuanced than a simple yes or no. That is why in this article more information about the famous glass of gravy.

Is orange juice good for you

A glass of orange juice contains just as much sugar as a cola. What? That’s right, four to five sugar cubes per glass. And that’s no joke. But of course, there are some differences between cola, orange and orange juice.

When you eat an orange, the sugar enter in your blood gradually. That is healthier because the insulin peak is not as great as when drinking the juice. Orange juice enters the stomach directly and then quickly into the blood. That leads to a peak of insulin.

All this does not make orange juice as unhealthy as cola. Let’s not forget that in addition to sugar, there are also fiber and vitamins. The Nutrition Center does place gravy under sugary drinks and advises to drink as little as possible.

Juice in pack

Packaged juice is often made from concentrate. A concentrate is made by evaporating the water from freshly squeezed juice. Then what remains is transported to the Netherlands and diluted again with water. This affects the smell and taste, but not the content.

Did you know that orange juice or orange juice can only be called that if it contains no sugars or sweeteners? A carton of orange juice, therefore, contains no added sugars. If it does, it is called an orange drink, for example.

Vitamin C in orange juice or not?

Fruit and vitamin C. It is one of the reasons for eating fruit. This also applies to drinking orange juice. But the vitamin is lost during pressing. Less is lost in a plastic press than in a metal press.

Making it yourself is better than juice from a carton. Only manufacturers are smart enough to add vitamin C artificially. A carton of juice can therefore contain a lot of vitamin C.

Do you make juice and want to keep some? Then do this in a dark place. Vitamin C disappears through the light. In the dark, the amount of vitamin C still decreases by about two percent per day.

Do you really want a vitamin boost? Then eat a loose orange. One orange already accounts for 80 percent of the daily amount of vitamin C.

Drink or eat?

It has already passed a few times. Eating an orange provides more vitamin C and the sugar is absorbed gradually. In addition, there are fibers. You hardly find these in squeezed orange juice anymore.

The fibers are in the pulp. So juice without pulp does not contain any fibers. Juice with pulp does contain fiber. It is, therefore, better to mix some pulp into the juice after squeezing or eat it loose.

Orange juice is unhealthy

So: less fiber, less vitamin C and a lot of sugar. In addition, you also need a lot of oranges for a decent glass of juice. You quickly drink the juice of three oranges. And then you only have a glass of juice that is not very filling.

The sugars are also not that good for your teeth. Fruit and fruit juice contains many acids that affect tooth enamel. Every day orange juice or other fruit juices give the tooth enamel a blast, which can cause cavities.

What does make orange juice healthy?

Ultimately, you do get vitamin C with orange juice. And with juice with pulp also some fiber. Oranges are good for the heart, cholesterol, immune system and they reduce the risk of kidney stones. This also applies to the juice, but to a lesser extent.

So you can drink a glass of orange juice every now and then, just not all day long, day in, day out. Realize that it contains sugars and that it is a shame to throw away the pulp. So finally: enjoy, but drink in moderation.

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