Knife Types: Which Knife Is The Best How To Use?

Knife types are one of the kitchen elements that help to finish the preparations in the kitchen easily. The knives purchased for cutting and chopping many materials can be considered the greatest assistant of the chefs. Many types of knives are used to better serve basic foods such as meat, vegetables, fruit and bread. For someone new to the kitchen, although these types of knives differ only in size, the purpose and area of ​​use of each knife is different.

Now we will talk with you about professional knife types and talk about the usage areas of knives. In this page, we will explain what the different knives in the knife sets found in almost every house do. When you finish reading our article, you can be more knowledgeable about knives and prepare your meals faster.

How to chop meat, vegetables, bread? Which knife should I use where? There are too many knives at home, what are they good for? All the answers you are looking for are here!

types of knives

1) Boning Knife

The deboning knife is used to separate the meat from the bone part. The blades of these knives have an average length of 20 cm. The tip of the blade is thinner than the part closer to the handle. The blade as a whole is unbending and solid. The handle part of this type of knife, which is preferred for scraping meat from the bone, should also be of high quality. The handle should be checked before use to avoid possible slippage. In addition, it is suitable not only for separating bones and meat, but also for separating the skin from the meat with its tip. So this knife can be your assistant when preparing a fillet. The deboning blade should always be sharp. If you are very good with meat, it can be added to your knife collection.

stripping knife

2) Cheese Knife

Cheese knife is not a single model. These knives, which have several different blades, are designed for different cheese textures. This class includes forked blades for securing and holding hard cheeses, and lighter blades for soft cheeses. Cheese knives are smaller and shorter in size. By using cheese knives for breakfast, you can both prepare stylish presentations and serve the cheeses without crushing them.

cheese knife

3) Butcher Knife

One of the indispensable features of butcher knives is that they have a long life and high quality construction. Large and heavy knives used by butchers when buying meat are examined under this heading. Sharp and durable butcher knives draw attention more proportionally. You can easily cut all kinds of meat with the knives that are comfortable to hold. It is a type of knife that must be in your kitchen.

butcher knife

4) Fruit Knife

Fruit knives are lighter and smaller than the knives in this list. Since the fruits have a softer structure, they are not very sharp blades. It is usually offered for sale with colorful designs. Don’t be fooled by the fact that it’s called a fruit knife. With the fruit knife, you can chop peppers, leeks, asparagus, carrots and many more. With the cutter area of ​​about 6 cm, small foods can be easily shredded.

fruit knife

5) Chef’s Knife

You can do anything with these knives specially designed for chefs who prepare delicious meals in the kitchen. If there is meat on the menu, you can chop the meat and thin out the salad ingredients. You can crush the garlic in the area close to the stem and finely chop the antioxidant greens. You can create wonders in the kitchen with a chef’s knife. To make room for a chef’s knife in your kitchen, make sure that the knife you buy is stainless and suitable for your hand. Remember, you are the chef in the kitchen!

chef knife

6) Bread Knife

Bread knives have a serrated structure similar to a saw. These knives will have the longest dimension compared to other knives. You can easily chop your floury foods with its 30 cm long mouth part. The purpose of its length is to ensure that large-sized, hard-shelled cakes and pastries are cut without falling apart. It is frequently used to divide the sponge cake prepared for a delicious cake in half or to cut sandwich breads without falling apart. Since the blade part has a serrated structure, it is not recommended to be used in meat and similar foods.

bread knife

7) Santoku Knife

The Santoku knife is a type of knife used in Japanese kitchens and used by Japanese chefs. When its shape is examined, it may seem wider and more useless than all knives, but you can chop anything with this knife. It may be difficult to hold because it is a little heavy. This knife will come in handy especially when slicing vegetables. If you’re wondering why this knife is called a santoku, we can say that santoku means “three-purpose” in Japanese. This meaning can be expressed as cutting, chopping and slicing.

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