7 Tips to Extend the Life of Cast Iron Pots

Cast Iron Pots

Using Cast Iron Cookware: In All Details

If you like to spend time in the kitchen and like trying new flavors, the environment and the kitchen tools you will use are as important as the correct preparation of the food.

The better the meal you prepare for a dinner or to set a stylish table, the more you will enjoy the meal you eat. Although it is often thought that good meals can only be made with taste or skill, the importance of the right and complete kitchen assistants is also great. Just like cast iron pots!

Cast pots, which add flavor to both meat and vegetable dishes, have come to the fore more and more in recent years, causing questions such as what is cast pot, how to use cast pot  , or is cast pot healthy? Even bread can be made in a cast iron pot.

The way to use these cast iron pots, which have been used for many years from past to present and have no negative effects on health, is to know all their features. In addition to having a different taste, cast iron dishes also have positive effects on health and budget. For this reason, especially in recent years, cast iron pots, which are considered a reliable cooking method, have begun to take their place in many kitchens and open the door to flavors that remain on the palate.

If you say you know what cast iron pots are, but you don’t have full knowledge about how to use them, you can find answers to your questions such as how to use cast iron pots, what are the features of cast iron pots,  how to clean cast iron pots, what a cast iron pot should be like, with this article we have prepared for you !

Here are practical suggestions that will allow you to use your cast iron cookware for longer!

7 Tips to Extend the Life of Cast Iron Pots

1) Extra Durability with Baking Method

  • If you are going to buy a cast iron pot for your kitchen for the first time and you have decided to become one of those who use cast iron cookware, you should first pay attention to whether the pot is coated or uncoated. Cast iron cookware brands offer different options in this regard.
  • Since uncoated cast iron pots are a little more difficult to use than coated ones, you can make your pot more durable in terms of health and taste, thanks to this little tip we will offer you.
  • Before using your cast iron pot for the first time, clean it with detergent and a sponge and dry it completely, then lightly grease the inside with one of the oils such as olive oil or sesame oil.
  • Place the oiled pot upside down in the preheated oven and leave it at 180 to 200 degrees for about 1 hour.
  • After this period, leave your pot to cool in the oven for about 1.5 hours. If you do these before using cast iron cookware, you will also increase the durability of the product. Your pot is now ready to use!

2) Avoid Acidic Foods

  • Generally, cooking acidic foods in cast iron pots is not considered correct in terms of health and taste.
  • When you ask how to use cast iron cookware , we can say that you will get very delicious results when you cook the appropriate dishes.
  • If you have a good and high-quality cast iron pot and have increased its durability with a correct baking method, there is no harm in cooking acidic foods in your pot.
  • However, cast pots may not always be under the same production conditions and of the same quality.
  • The answer to the question of what is included in cast iron pot dishes may vary depending on the brand .
  • For this reason, for the health of your pot and your body, we recommend that you do not cook acidic foods too often.

3) Practical Protection for Enamel

  • Cast pots also have different varieties and can be produced with raw or enamel coating.
  • Don’t be intimidated by the fact that your cast iron pots are enamel coated!
  • Thanks to this practical method, you can use your cast iron pot without hesitation and cook more delicious meals.
  • Before first use, wash your pot with detergent and warm water as part of the care of enamel-coated cast iron cookware .
  • Then dry it with the help of a towel.
  • Lubricate it with a small amount of oil and put it on the stove and heat it empty for about 15 minutes over medium heat.
  • After this time, remove excess oil and let your pot cool.
  • You do not need to repeat this method before first use.

4) Fat Absorption with Salt

  • Chemical products are not recommended for cleaning cast iron cookware.
  • If you ask whether cast iron cookware can be washed in the dishwasher, most brand products do not recommend this, but although the price varies, there are also options suitable for this cleaning method.
  • If you are wondering how to clean the oil accumulated in your cast iron pot after a crowded dinner, this method is for you!
  • Now, let’s answer the questions of how to wash cast iron cookware or how to clean cast iron cookware .
  • After cleaning the first residues with a cloth or towel, put some salt in your pot and rub it thoroughly.
  • Then wash your pot thoroughly with a soft soapy sponge and let it dry.

5) Deep Cleaning with Vinegar

  • Vinegar, one of the main kitchen helpers, is also a savior for your cast iron pots.
  • Vinegar is one of the effective materials used to clean cast iron cookware .
  • If you cannot spare time to clean your pots after a full day of tiredness, meal preparations or crowded guest tables, you can create a solution with some vinegar.
  • Add some vinegar to your pot that has been cleaned of food residues or oils and let it sit overnight.
  • The next morning, rinse your pot thoroughly with a soft sponge and warm water.

6) Correct and Purposeful Use

  • The most natural way to extend the life of a cast iron pot is to know how to use it.
  • Cast iron pots , which differ from other pots in terms of their structure, may not be suitable for every meal.
  • For this reason, before using cast iron cookware in your kitchen, we recommend that you get information about which dishes it is suitable for.
  • So, if you ask what you should pay attention to when buying a cast iron pot, your priority should be to research what you can use this pot for.
  • By staying away from high-acid tomato sauces, delicate fish, cold foods or desserts that are likely to stick, you can extend the durability of your pot and cook healthy and delicious meals.

7) Avoid Metals

  • It is very useful to use cast iron cookware for meals that are more delicious and retain their nutritional value.
  • Among the advantages of cast iron cookware, we can list that it supports the use of less oil, is efficient as it retains heat for a long time, can be used as a tray in the oven, does not contain chemicals, does not scratch easily and is durable.
  • Additionally , the answer to the question of whether cast iron pots can be placed in the refrigerator is yes, so you can ensure that the food you want stays cold for a long time.
  • Since the quality and structure of the cast pot will cause the flavor to be fully reflected, it is necessary to avoid minor damage or tools that will damage the pot.
  • You can preserve the structure of your pot as it was on the first day by staying away from excessively pointed, hard and metal kitchen utensils or thick and hard cleaning materials.
  • Wooden spoons are among the healthiest kitchen utensils if they are cleaned regularly.

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