How Many Calories in Stuffed Peppers? Meat, Olive Oil

Calories in Stuffed Peppers

How many calories in Stuffed Peppers? Tomatoes, pepper, eggplant! Since the most well-known vegetables of Turkish cuisine after potatoes and onions, the calories of the dishes prepared with these ingredients are also very curious. In fact, it would be more correct to say that they are considered vegetables, because all three are essentially a kind of fruit. Aren’t you surprised?

We do not know if there is anyone who does not like the dish of bell pepper, which can be easily obtained from the neighborhood markets to the market aisles, and even those who have a vineyard can easily grow it; But it sure is nutritious and very filling. Moreover, it is an economical meal alternative suitable for every budget!

How many calories are in stuffed peppers that do not require extreme ingenuity or dexterity to prepare and can be cooked by anyone? How many calories in 1 stuffed pepper? Calorie values ​​of stuffed peppers are with you in the next sub-title!

How Many Calories in Stuffed Peppers?

This dish, which is filled with rice and preferably minced meat or cubed meat, is covered with tomato lids and cooked in a bed of tomato sauce, is among the popular pot dishes of Turkish cuisine.

We can say that this flavor, which can suit the tastes of all ages, can be served with olive oil partially cold as 5 o’clock tea or with pastries or as an alternative to yogurt in special events such as the day, and it is a hearty main dish with meat and hot stuffed peppers.

So, how many calories in stuffed peppers? We will present the most accurate information on the calorie values ​​of stuffed peppers under two different headings according to the way they are cooked. So here we go!

How Many Calories in Stuffed Peppers with Olive Oil?

Stuffed peppers with warm or cold olive oil, which is an alternative you can often choose especially in the summer heat, has a milder flavor than its meat. If you are on a diet, we recommend that you prefer olive oil; however, you should be careful not to consume bread in the meal you will eat stuffed peppers, as there is plenty of rice in its content. A seasonal salad or yogurt with lots of greens and lemon dressing will go well 😉

So, how many calories are stuffed peppers with olive oil?

  • How many calories in 1 stuffed pepper? 1 (75 gr) stuffed peppers with olive oil 123 kcal
  • 1 portion (2 pieces – 155 gr) stuffed peppers with olive oil 273 kcal
  • 1 large portion (300 g) stuffed peppers with olive oil 528 kcal

How Many Calories in Stuffed Peppers with Meat?

Stuffed peppers with meat, prepared with minced meat or cubed meat, are of course richer in calories than stuffed peppers with olive oil. Stuffed peppers with meat, which is a nutritious option with protein values ​​for those who do not prefer meat for their main course, is also a home cooked meal frequently for dinner. Those who pay attention to their weight should take care not to consume bread while eating stuffed peppers; because the average sized stuffed pepper corresponds to 1 slice of bread.

So, how many calories in stuffed peppers with meat?

  • How many calories in 1 stuffing? 1 piece (155 gr) stuffed peppers with meat 147 kcal
  • 1 portion (2 pieces – 310 gr) stuffed peppers with meat 294 kcal

Can You Eat Stuffed Peppers While On Diet?

  • It is among the bread group foods because of the rice or bulgur used in making stuffed peppers.
  • It is a dish rich in fiber and vitamins, as its outer shell is made with bell pepper.
  • But it should be noted that each stuffed pepper corresponds to the consumption of a slice of bread and may not provide satiety for a long time unless a protein source such as yogurt is consumed.
  • For this reason, 1 or 2 stuffed peppers can be eaten while on a diet with a bowl of yogurt.
  • If the stuffing is prepared from bulgur instead of rice, it will have a lower glycemic index, so you will make a healthier choice.


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