Kitchen Decorating: 12 Ingenious Ideas

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The kitchen is undoubtedly the most used part of a house. Although it is usually used for cooking and washing dishes, it can suddenly turn into space where the child does his homework or sips a chat with his best friend. As such, it is one of the most important and tidy places in the house.
The layout you provide in the kitchen makes your work easier. Space here creates a space for movement and makes you feel good spiritually.

If you have a small kitchen paint the walls a light color and make the area appear a little wider. You can create a storage area in another room for items that you do not use often. For example, you can store guest dinner sets in the console in the living room.

If you need more living space in the kitchen, this article is for you. Here are examples of kitchen decorations and kitchen decoration ideas that will help you have a tidy and spacious kitchen 

Kitchen Decorating: 12 Ingenious Ideas That Will Save You Space

1) Hang Your Mugs and Pans on the Wall

  • Kitchen wall decorations are one of the most trendy topics of recent years.
  • If your kitchen cabinets are inadequate, place your mugs and pans on metal hangers that you mount on the walls.
  • By evaluating your walls in this way, you can create empty space in your cabinets and use these areas for different items.

2) Prepare Special Shelves for Legumes and Spices

  • Install shelves up on your empty walls.
  • Place the spices and legumes in the jars on these shelves.
  • You can put your legumes and spices in glass jars so that you can easily understand what is inside.

3) Move Potato, Onion Baskets to the Wall

  • You can place potatoes, onions, and some fruits and vegetables that are not kept in the refrigerator in the baskets you will place on your wall.
  • In this way, you will remove buckets of potatoes and onions from the ground.
  • Kitchen shelf decoration options and usage types are quite large. Which one you choose and which products you hang on the wall is entirely up to you!

4) Evaluate the Space Above the Kitchen Sink

  • The top of the kitchen sink is usually empty. Even the dishes are placed on the right-hand crowbar.
  • However, thanks to the portable shelves you will place above, to the right and left of the kitchen sink, you can evaluate this area correctly.
  • Placing the products you use frequently, such as dish brushes, sponges and soap, on these shelves will help you save time.

5) Evaluate the Space Under the Kitchen Sink

  • You can store many products in these areas by evaluating the bottom as well as the top of the kitchen sink.
  • Under sinks are generally seen as an inactive area and are not used much.
  • You can organize this section by purchasing baskets of various sizes from home supply stores.
  • You can store detergents, hand towels, kitchen cloths and garbage bags in this area.

6) Use Narrow, Thin, Long Spaces as Wardrobes

  • There is that thin, long and narrow area under the kitchen cabinet, you can use that area as a cabinet.
  • Even the thin gap between the refrigerator and the wall…
  • You can make room for many of your belongings by making cabinets in these seemingly useless areas.
  • When the kitchen cabinet decorations are examined in recent years, we see that the corner areas in the L-style kitchen cabinets are also evaluated very accurately.

7) Evaluate Kitchen Cabinet Doors

  • You can also turn the doors of kitchen cabinets into storage areas by using in-cabinet organizer shelves and hangers.
  • Especially hanging the trash can on the door of the cabinet under the sink will greatly facilitate your work.
  • You can hang your pans on the hangers you attach to the inside of the doors, and you can put your detergents in the baskets you place in this section.

8) Don’t Ignore Small Spaces!

  • With a careful eye, every area in the kitchen can be easily evaluated.
  • You can evaluate small areas where you cannot have cabinets or shelves in a different way with wheeled organizers.
  • You can easily obtain such products from various internet sites, furniture and home decoration stores.

9) Use High Spaces as Storage

  • You can use the top of the kitchen cabinets or the refrigerator to store items that you do not use often.
  • After all, there is no point in keeping these items handy, right?
  • If your budget allows, you can have additional cabinets built in these areas.
  • If you do not have such a budget, you can evaluate these areas by placing your belongings on a regular basis.
  • However, if you are using an open kitchen, this method may not be suitable.
  • You can apply our other suggestions for open kitchen decoration.

10) Create More Countertop Space

  • Life in the kitchen often revolves around the counter. Therefore, you can create your own layout by making more use of this area.
  • Thanks to the shelves and hangers, you can place items such as cling film and towel paper in these areas.
  • You can stack your frequently used products and items in two layers by using free standing shelves.

11) Create Storage Space Out of the Fridge

  • You can use the refrigerator door for storage just like cabinet doors.
  • You can store your various items in this area by using hangers and shelves.

12) Prefer a Foldable Table and Chair

  • Although we include kitchen decoration 2020 suggestions in this article, we are here with a classic method that is always applied in the last article.
  • If you are having your meals in the kitchen, choose wall-mounted, foldable tables and chairs to create more space.
  • When you are done, you can turn off the tables and chairs and return to your daily work.

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