What to Eat at Beer Hall 10 Favorites of the Menu

What to Eat at Beer Hall

Beer Hall is a social place in Beşiktaş district, with its own unique ordering system and where people of all ages come fondly. Here, you receive the order yourself from the order stations as you place the order yourself, the delivery point of the drinks and food is at different tables.

What to Eat at Beer Hall

  • Pikachu Burger
  • Hot Dog with Red Pepper Sauce
  • Cheddar Potatoes
  • Fries with Yogurt Sauce
  • Rich Burger
  • O La La Burger
  • Never Ending Burger
  • Mac’N Cheese Burger
  • Mac’N Cheese Dog
  • Bull Dog

Beer Hall, where you can be comfortable as if you are eating at your own home, is a place where especially young people meet in their spare time and eat delicious snacks. Beer Hall Akaretler, which is the center of attention of beer lovers with its beer menu that includes all kinds of beer, is also an address where fast food meals are prepared in the best way. In this place where you can feel very comfortable with its design, you can get the food you want from its rich menu.

Beer Hall is among the entertainment venues for Istanbul with its central location and energetic atmosphere. We can say that the owner of the beer hall, İzzet Çapa, has reflected his knowledge and experience in this place. With its wide menu, Beer Hall has a taste that will make those who know their taste happy. Beer Hall, which has managed to become one of the best hot dog places in Istanbul, is waiting for you to fill you with entertainment and fast food delicacies as soon as possible. Now we want to focus on Beer Hall prices and options.

If you wish, you can get to know the environment in more detail and follow the event from the Beer Hall Beşiktaş Instagram account. If you ask if the Beer Hall is open and at what hours, it is a bar that is closed like every other place during the pandemic period, but where the entertainment continues until the mornings in the normal period! At night, you can have fun here with live dance pieces, which are generally a mixture of 90’s songs and rap music.

If you are going to go late in the evening, let’s say from the beginning that there will be many people dancing on the tables and the environment will most likely be crowded. Be prepared to wait in line for the evening hours, as Beer Hall Beşiktaş is not a place where you can go with a reservation.

Where is the Beer Hall for fun, a pleasant night and a full conversation, here is its full address:

Address: Vişnezade Mahallesi, Süleyman Seba Caddesi. No: 46 Besiktas, Istanbul

Beer Hall telephone information may be useful when you call and say that you are unfamiliar with the roads and want to get directions and reserve my table :

What to Eat at Beer Hall 10 Favorites of the Menu

1) Pikachu Burger

  • This burger, which is inspired by the Pokemon Pikachu, which stands out with its name in the beer hall menu, with its yellow feathers and electrically charging pika power, will give you a boost of energy at the first bite; The price is 32 TL!
  • If you say what’s in it, let’s start counting, we’ll meet you at the end of the tunnel…
  • Cheddar cheese, cocktail sauce, french fries, beef bacon, crispy onions, pickled cucumbers, and omelet!

2) Hot Dog with Red Pepper Sauce

  • Many who go to the Beer Hall are amazed by the flavor of the hot dog with chili sauce.
  • If you are a hot dog lover, you can try a delicious taste for an average of 20 TL.
  • In this place, you determine the hot dog bread and sauce yourself. So you are the chef!

3) Cheddar Potatoes

  • Whatever you order, be sure to ask for cheddar potatoes on the side.
  • Cheddar cheese melted on freshly fried potatoes will leave a delicious taste on the palate.
  • When you want to try this flavor, you can pay a fee of approximately 15 TL.

4) Fries with Yogurt Sauce

  • Fries with yogurt sauce should be added to the classic flavors that can accompany the beer.
  • You will love it when you try this flavor that adds a different dimension to french fries.
  • When you want to buy fries with yogurt sauce, you will have to pay an average of 15 TL.

5) Rich Burger

  • Beer Hall Akaretler deserves the name of this burger, which is especially noticed by the people who look at the menu.
  • 150 grams of burger meat meets with smoked meat and onion rings.
  • It is even more delicious with caramelized mushrooms and onion rings in brioche bread.
  • It is delicious on your plate with homemade mushroom ketchup and potato croquettes.
  • You will love the burger rich in Beer Hall flavors. This hearty flavor is only 36 TL!

6) O La La Burger

  • Specially prepared brioche bread makes room for 150 grams of burger patties and also hosts caramelized onions and tomatoes.
  • Caramelized mushrooms, truffle mayonnaise, and beef bacon take their place among the burgers after saying that I cannot be deprived of this flavor.
  • After all, you come across a delicious a la burger.
  • A good choice for satiating and 29 TL!

7) The Endless Burger

  • The endless burger, which is super delicious for large groups, is for 6 people.
  • The endless burger served with match potatoes is definitely recommended for those with an appetite.
  • There are also rumors of Beer Hall that some customers eat alone. Let’s see how many people can you eat?
  • The price of the never-ending burger is 120 TL.

8) Mac’N Cheese Burger

  • Get ready for a carb blast with their pasta, fries, and burgers!
  • The magnificent mac and cheese flavor of mac and cheese with cheese met with Beer Hall burgers and such a view emerged!
  • We do not know who can remain indifferent or not; but the ingredients are as follows: Brioche bread, of course, mac and cheese, beef bacon, crispy potatoes, lettuce. Its price is 29 TL.

9) Mac’N Cheese Dog

  • Are you ready to eat a hot dog prepared with jalapeno, fat sausage with lots of cheddar?
  • Then you can place your orders as Mac’n Cheese Dog.
  • You may be addicted when you try this flavor accompanied by pickled cucumbers, green onions, and onion chips.
  • Don’t be late to try the famous flavor for only 24 TL.

10) Bulldog

  • Prepared for those who want to witness different flavors, Bull Dog will take you to flavors you have perhaps never tasted before.
  • This hot dog option, prepared with a corn dog, beef sausage, avocado, pickled cucumber, wasabi – mayo, and scimi seasoning, received full marks from those who tasted it for the first time.
  • So will you love it? You can try this different flavor by paying 8 TL for the small size and 20 TL for the large size.

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