How Many Calories in Popcorn? Benefits, Nutritional Value of Popcorn

Calories in Popcorn

Would you join if the association of popcorn lovers, the companion of the most enjoyable moments, the delicious snack of matches and movies, was established?¬†Of course you would. ūüôā Well, would you eat popcorn unlimitedly after hearing the calorie information?¬†Well, let’s think about it.

Popcorns are produced differently than field corn. In fact, its name is known as gin corn in some regions. So when you take the corn grown in the field and prepare it for popping, you may not get delicious results.

Popcorn has a harder crust due to its structure. Each corn kernel contains starch and water. At an average temperature of 70 degrees, these corns can burst. Starch and water become a little more roasted and explode with the effect of heat. Thus, it becomes a delicious snack for the best relaxation moments.

On the page you are on, we have included the calorie information of popcorn. You can calculate calories more easily after the calorie information of the popcorn you have prepared at home or bought ready-made. Here we go!

How Many Calories in Popcorn?

When  you say how many calories in oily popcorn, you can get these answers:

  • 1 handful of popcorn 29 calories
  • Our answer to your question about how many calories are in a medium bowl of popcorn: 62 calories
  • 60-gram serving of popcorn 246 calories
  • A big plate of popcorn would be 369 calories.
  • If you say how many calories are 100 grams of popcorn, we can say that it is 410 calories.
  • Also, medium popcorn is about 15 grams.¬†If you ask how many calories in medium-sized popcorn, we can answer 62 calories.

If you are wondering how many calories in home popcorn prepared without oil , you can see these numbers:

  • 1 handful of fat-free popcorn 47 calories
  • 1 cup fat-free popcorn 65 calories
  • 1 cup fat-free popcorn 131 calories
  • 100 grams of fat-free popcorn has only 186 calories.

The answer to the question of how many calories are 50 grams of small size popcorn will be 239 calories, and the answer to your question of how many calories is 1 packet of popcorn will be 478 calories.

What Are the Benefits of Popcorn?

  • Popcorn made without oil and salt will become a very rich food in terms of B and E vitamins.¬†The higher the salt and fat ratio, the lower the nutritional value.
  • Popcorn fights bad cholesterol and protects your heart health.
  • Popcorn, consumed in moderation and healthily, regulates blood sugar.¬†Thus, it provides insulin balance.
  • Diabetics can also eat popcorn, which is low in fat and salt, prepared at home.¬†It will be a good snack as it lowers blood sugar.
  • Popcorn contains antioxidant substances.¬†Popcorn, which you will prepare in a healthy way and consume in moderation, will be a food that protects you from diseases and cancer.
  • As a result of research conducted in Germany, popcorn has been accepted as the healthiest snack.
  • Popcorn fights free radicals and strengthens your body resistance.

Does Popcorn Make You Gain Weight? Can it be eaten on a diet?

Popcorn is a high-calorie snack. Of course, it will be unhealthy when the salt and fat ratio is kept high. Popcorns prepared according to diet can be a light snack choice. It is a common habit that there are acidic drinks, chips and dried fruit plates on the pleasure tables with popcorn. When watching a match or watching a movie, it is incomprehensible how these foods end. In such cases, popcorn introduces itself as a weight-making food.

Popcorn, which is prepared in moderation and diet, does not make you gain weight. We would like to emphasize once again that moderation is necessary. If you eat salty and oily popcorn and make it a habit, over time, edema and fat will accumulate in your body.

To eat popcorn with conscience and peace of mind; You should cook without salt and oil. It can be a delicious snack with a glass of ayran or herbal tea.

Popcorn Nutrition Facts

We can express the nutritional value list of cheerful snack popcorn, which is cooked in oil and weighs about 100 grams, as follows:

  • 32.98 grams of carbohydrates
  • 4.36 grams of protein
  • 10.67 grams of fat
  • 4.69 grams of fiber
  • 97.52 mg sodium
  • 168.44 mg of potassium
  • 8.35mg calcium
  • 94.72 iu of vitamin A
  • It contains 0.77 iron.

What Are Popcorn Harms?

Food becomes harmful to the body when it is consumed incorrectly and in moderation. Popcorn also shows itself with its damages after a while. In which case you say that popcorn is harmful, here are the points you should pay attention to:

  • First of all, because it has very small grains, it is a food that small children should not handle and consume.¬†It can get into the windpipe of babies, block the windpipe and cause death.¬†Attention families!
  • Some salt and oil are used during cooking.¬†If this amount is exceeded, first of all, acne occurs on the skin with the effect of salt and oil.
  • It causes acne formation as well as lubrication in the belly area.
  • Popcorn consumed with salt causes edema after a while.
  • Recently, packaged corn is sold for preparation in microwave ovens.¬†Butter flavoring is used in these packages.¬†This aroma used poses a health hazard.¬†The best is to prepare at home!
  • In addition, the packaging of popcorn bought for microwave consists of synthetic chemicals.¬†These substances are carcinogenic to human and animal health.
  • If you cannot calculate and control how much you eat due to its small granular structure, you can unfortunately gain weight as a result of excessive consumption.¬†When you miss the measure, what you eat may no longer be corn kernels, but kilo kernels!

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