Pear Nutritional Value: How Many Calories in Pear?

Pear Nutritional Value

Pear is a fruit that you come across in many places in your life. You can see it in the proverbs used to express an event, in the desserts accompanying the delicious smells in the kitchen, in fruit plates during fruit hours, and when you raise your head to the sky while walking around the vineyard or garden. Pear fruit is just one of the many beneficial foods for health. It is known to facilitate digestion and is often the first choice in the kitchen for people who eat heavily.

With its fiber-containing structure, it eliminates intestinal laziness. It also supports the amount of water your body needs. In addition, pears are not too scary in terms of calories. Since it is a strong source of vitamin C, it is a food that should be included in fruit plates. The pear and its benefits are endless. For those who love a lot, we present our article where you can find answers to the question of how many calories in a pear. Here is the pear calorie information for those who want to eat a balanced and healthy diet!

How Many Calories in Pear?

Heart-friendly, medicine for intestinal diseases, pear calorie information is as follows:

  • When you ask how many calories a small pear is, the answer is 78 calories.
  • When you calculate how many calories in 1 medium pear, 104 calories
  • The calorie information of a large pear will be 156 kcal.
  • A large slice of pear 39 calories
  • 50 grams slice 26 calories
  • A thin slice will have 13 calories.
  • If you ask how many calories are in 100 grams of pears, we can answer 52 calories.

How Many Calories in Dried Pear?

Pears collected in the season are dried by keeping them in the sunlight for a while. Dried pears can be consumed in the form of nuts. If you want, you can also make pear juice by boiling some dried pears and some water. It will be a miracle drink for the health of your intestines. We can share the calorie information of dried pears as follows:

  • 5 grams serving 13 calories
  • 20 grams serving 52 calories
  • 50 grams serving 131 calories
  • If a bowl of dried pears measures 125 grams, it would be 328 calories.

Pear Nutritional Value

Pear is a fruit that protects heart and intestinal health. It is also very powerful in terms of antioxidants. When fiber is mentioned, it is the first fruit that comes to mind. The person who consumes fresh pears in the season has a very low risk of developing a heart attack. It is also frequently consumed by athletes as it supports muscle formation. If you say what are the nutritional value of pears; Here are the answers you’re looking for:

Nutritional value of one medium-sized fresh pear:

  • 24.9 grams of carbohydrates
  • 1 gram of protein
  • 0.6 grams of fat
  • 5.8 grams of fiber
  • 4mg sodium
  • 250mg of potassium
  • 16mg calcium
  • 6 iu of vitamin A
  • 10mg of vitamin C
  • Contains 0.52 iron.

Nutritional value of dried pears for a medium serving:

  • 87.13 grams of carbohydrates
  • 2.34 grams of protein
  • 0.79 grams of fat
  • 9.38 grams of fiber
  • 12.5 mg sodium
  • 530mg of potassium
  • 53.75 mg calcium
  • 3.75 iu of vitamin A
  • 18.07 mg of vitamin C
  • It contains 1.57 iron.

Does Pear Build Weight? Does it weaken?

There are many researches on foods for weight loss. Which fruit is good for what? Which food lose weight in how many days? And more… Unfortunately, no single nutrient will make you lose weight. It just activates your metabolism and “helps you lose weight” by keeping your intestines alive with your effort. Pear is one of these foods. Due to its fibrous structure, it is a snack for those who want to lose weight. But dietitians emphasize moderation when consuming pears. Although it is fibrous and healthy, you should not forget that it is a fruit with a high sugar content. Excess sugar will remain in your body as weight.

Pears should not be consumed after meals. Due to its sugary nature, it can suddenly raise blood sugar. For this reason, it should be preferred as a snack at lunchtime. When you drink a glass of lactose-free milk while consuming a pear, it becomes even easier to lose weight. You can lose weight if you eat pears in moderation. However, excessive preference for pear during the day may come back to you in weight.

How is the Pear Diet Made? Diet list

Would you like to lose 1 kilo in 3 days by eating pear content? We seem to hear people saying yes. Then here is the pear diet list that you should follow for 3 days! Do not forget to move during the day while dieting. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water… Then we can say goodbye to weight.

1 day

  • Morning: 1 cup of coffee, 40 grams of biscuits or 6 grissini.
  • Snack: 1 small diet yogurt.
  • Lunch: Bean soup, boiled spinach, 60 gr. hard-boiled eggs, 50 gr. bran bread
  • Snack: 1 pear
  • Dinner: Chicken salad without oil, boiled onions, 50 gr. chicken meat, 2 pears

2 days

  • Morning: 1 cup of coffee, 6 grissini.
  • Snack: 1 small size diet yogurt.
  • Lunch: Eggplant pasta, radish salad, 3 grissini.
  • Snack: 1 pear
  • Dinner: Oven, grilled or steamed fish, boiled green beans, 3 grissini, 1 pear.

3 days

  • Morning: 1 cup of coffee, 3 slices of lean whole wheat bread.
  • Snack: 100 grams of plums.
  • Lunch: Tomato soup with potatoes, boiled spinach, 4 grissini.
  • Snack: 1 pear.
  • Dinner: Fish cooked in the oven, grilled or steamed, 1 pear.

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