9 Natural Remedies to Remove Shoe Odor

9 Natural Remedies to Remove Shoe Odor

First, you need to find the origin that causes this smell. In other words, you should decide whether the cause of the smell of shoes is your feet or your shoes and proceed according to the answer about the solutions. If you have odor-causing disorders in your feet, no matter how much you sterilize your shoes and take precautions, you must first solve your foot problems. Washing your feet every day and taking care of your nail care are among the primary requirements.

Do not worry if you start to smell bad smells from your shoesshoe odor is a problem with simple solutions and it happens to many people. The reason is related to the sweating of the feet and the reproduction of odor-causing microorganisms. The things that accelerate this and increase the density can be shoes and the sole of the shoe.

To cope with the problem, we have compiled natural solutions for shoe odor removal for you. Let’s take a look at the answers to the question of what to do for shoe smell.

How to Remove Shoe Smell? 9 Natural Remedies at Home

1) Carbonate

  • Shoe odor can be eliminated with baking soda. Carbonate, which is one of the common natural solutions used, has an odor suppressing feature.
  • Thanks to the baking soda you will sprinkle into your shoes at night, odors will disappear in the morning.
  • You can clean the carbonate inside your shoes by shaking them.

2) Natural Plants

  • Some natural herbs also have deodorizing properties. For example, you can use sage and lavender.
  • Orange or grapefruit peels provide a similar effect.
  • If you put these plants in your shoes at night, both the bad smells in your shoes will disappear and your shoes will start to smell extra nice.

3) Powder

  • Baby powder also has deodorizing properties like baking soda.
  • Again, the powder that you will pour into your shoes at night ensures that bad odors disappear in the morning.
  • A little powder on your feet before you put on your shoes is also a good precaution, as powder generally reduces sweating, and the odor is usually caused by excessive sweating of the feet.

4) Tea Tree Oil

  • Tea tree oil is also a natural deodorizing oil.
  • Tea tree oil, which you will pour a few drops into your shoes, helps to remove bad odors.
  • Tea tree oil also has sterilize properties.

5) Water and Vinegar

  • How to remove the smell of shoes The use of vinegar is also among the preferred methods.
  • You can put the vinegar you have diluted in half in a sprayed bowl and squeeze this liquid into your shoes.
  • Vinegar water removes odor and cleans the inside of your shoes.
  • To remove the smell of vinegar, as a second step, you can put good-smelling herbs on your shoes.

6) Sawdust

  • Wrapping a handful of shavings in a napkin or paper towel and keeping them in your shoes for 1 day can also help reduce bad odors.

7) Tea Bag

  • Tea has the ability to absorb moisture, so shoe odor can also be removed with tea bags.
  • You can get rid of the bad smell if you leave the teabag, which you cut a small cut with scissors, in your shoes overnight.

8) Coffee

  • One of the definitive answers to the question of what makes shoes smell like coffee is coffee.
  • Coffee has odor-absorbing properties.
  • It is enough to leave the Turkish coffee in your shoes overnight in small containers or airy bags.

9) Potato

  • Shoe odor can also be removed with potatoes.
  • Peel the raw potato and cut it into thin slices.
  • You can put a thin napkin so that the inside of your shoes are not spoiled by potato juice.
  • After leaving the potatoes in your shoes overnight, leave them to air for a few hours.

You can also apply these methods:

  • Choosing the Right Shoe: The structure of the shoes, especially the soles, can cause the feet to sweat badly and cause the odor to permeate the shoes. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the choice of shoes.
  • Non- sweating Socks: Choosing your socks from fabrics that make you sweat less and have sweat-absorbing properties will automatically prevent the smell of shoes.
  • Insoles Suitable for Foot Structure: Worn insoles that are suitable for sweating feet can cause heavy shoe odor. You can choose insoles made of cedarwood, as cedarwood has a structure that prevents both sweating and bad odors.

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