How Many Calories in Noodle Soup | Benefits of Noodle Soup?

Noodle Soup

Noodle soup is a very useful and effective soup to get rid of the infections that haunt you in winter days. There is plenty of healing, insatiable flavor and natural medicine in a bowl of noodle soup. Because it is very easy and effortless to make, noodle soup is cooked in many homes. It not only flavors the tables at every meal, but also warms the inside with its warm taste. Especially when it is drunk in the cold of winter, the cold hands and face are immediately warmed up. When you want to prepare noodle soup, you will not need many ingredients. Some vermicelli, some tomato paste and oil, and some hot water can create great flavors for you.

The ingredient added to the noodle soup will change the calorie amount of the noodle soup. When it is made with chicken, it draws attention as an infection-repellent food. When it is prepared with fresh tomatoes in summer, there is no need to use tomato paste. You can prepare a delicious soup with noodle available in different parts of the market. If it is your hand taste, noodle soup will have an unforgettable taste. We have prepared an article on the calorie information of noodle soup, which draws attention with its benefits. For those who are wondering, here are the calories and unknown benefits of noodle soup!

How Many Calories in Noodle Soup?

When you go to the market, you can find noodle from the pasta and dry foods section. Star, barley, string, triangle, and noodle cut noodle will take place in this aisle. When you want to add some mobility to the visuals in each different soup making, you can use vermicelli from different cuts. The flavor of all of them cannot be described. If there is a delicious noodle soup plan for dinner, let’s list the calorie values ​​of noodle soup for you:

  • How many calories in a scoop of barley noodle soup: 136 calories
  • One tablespoon of noodle soup: 9 calories
  • How many calories in 1 bowl of noodle soup: 181 calories
  • How many calories in a large bowl of noodle soup: 272 calories
  • 100 grams of noodle soup: 91 calories

How Many Calories in Vermicelli Soup?

Vermicelli is a delicious food just like barley vermicelli. If you keep the salt rate low while making noodle soup, the calories you will get will be low. If you add a small amount while using tomato paste, your soup can be healthier and less calorie.

  • How many calories in a scoop of vermicelli soup: 95 calories
  • Medium bowl of vermicelli soup: 142 calories
  • Large bowl of vermicelli soup: 190 calories
  • Vermicelli soup per 100 gram serving: 95 calories

How Many Calories in Chicken Noodle Soup?

Chicken is a type of white meat that is high in protein and useful. Consumption of meals prepared with chicken broth on sick days facilitates the elimination of bacteria in the body. For this reason, many people consume soups made with chicken broth while they are sick. The calorie amount of chicken noodle soup with a mother-made flavor will be different than plain soup. Now we can examine the calorie count of chicken noodle soup:

  • How many calories in noodle soup with chicken pieces and chicken broth: 82 calories
  • Medium bowl of chicken noodle soup: 124 calories
  • 100 grams of chicken noodle soup: 82 calories

How Many Calories in Tomato Noodle Soup?

In terms of healthy nutrition, it is recommended to use tomatoes or tomato paste instead of tomato paste. Since there are preservatives and sweeteners in ready-made tomato paste, it is stated that it gives an artificial taste to the food and threatens health. While preparing the noodle soup, you can use either tomato paste or tomato paste to give it color. Noodle soup prepared with tomato is more healing and healthier. So, how many calories are in the delicious tomato noodle soup you have prepared? Here is the answer:

  • One ladle of tomato noodle soup: 69 calories
  • Tomato noodle soup in a medium bowl: 137 calories
  • Large serving of tomato noodle soup: 172 calories

What Are the Benefits of Noodle Soup?

Noodle soup is a very strong food in terms of folic acid and vitamin C. If it is consumed from the transition period to solid food, its effect on immunity is numerous. Now, by reading the information in this list, you can examine the health benefits of noodle soup.

  • Noodle soup is one of the hot dishes that should be consumed to keep the immune system strong. Consuming it on cold days accelerates blood circulation and the problem of cold disappears for a while.
  • While preparing noodle soup, many ingredients are added in the pot. Prepared with chicken pieces, chicken broth, various spices and vermicelli, this soup supports the healthier functioning of your intestines.
  • Chicken broth noodle soup, which is consumed on days such as colds, destroys the bacteria in your body that are trying to spread.
  • Noodle soup prepared with barley vermicelli is digested very easily from the intestines. Thus, when you drink noodle soup, you will not deal with stomach problems.
  • If you squeeze lemon into the noodle soup, you will have a complete winter medicine. Noodle soup consumed with lemon will make your body resistance stronger.
  • B vitamins are abundant in noodle soup, which has a high nutritional value. Thanks to B vitamins, it attracts attention as a satisfying and healthy food.
  • Another benefit of noodle soup, which strengthens body resistance, is that it gives energy to the person. You can feel better with a bowl of noodle soup on days when you are tired and sluggish.
  • One ladle of noodle soup contains about 3 grams of fiber. This feature will be important for the protection of your intestinal health.
  • Noodle soup helps growing children to have stronger and healthier bone structure. A ladle of noodle soup contains an average of 35 mg of calcium. This value is quite good for bone health.

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