The Chia Seed Diet

The Chia Seed Diet

Known for many years in Europe, chia seed is a newly recognized food item in our country and has become very popular in recent years. An herb originating from Argentina, Bolivia, and Mexico, chia means energy and strength in the Mayan language.

Drawing attention to its deep-rooted history dating back to the Aztecs, chia has been used as food since 3500 BC. Chia, the seed of the flower called Salvia Hispanica, an annual plant belonging to the mint family, has a black or brown color.

The seed, which formed the basis of medicines made for the treatment of diseases by the Maya and Aztecs, one of the oldest civilizations, was also used in food and dyes. The Aztecs even used chia seeds to provide energy and strength with them when they went to war or on long journeys, and Aztec soldiers regularly consumed chia seeds every day.

Chia Seeds Calories and Nutritional Value

  • Gluten-free chia seeds are a low-calorie food. There are approximately 486 calories in 100 grams of high calcium-containing food.
  • Chia seeds are rich in nutritional value. Chia seeds, which attract attention with their omega-3 content, have high fiber content.
  • The protein content of chia seeds is of vegetable origin.

So, what are chia seeds good for?

Despite its low-calorie content, chia seeds, which provide a high amount of energy due to the antioxidant components it contains, strengthen the immune system and protect the body against diseases. It contains approximately 40 grams of dietary fiber in 100 grams of chia seeds. Thanks to its high fiber content, which supports the digestive system, chia seeds help to reduce the level of cholesterol, eliminating intestinal problems such as constipation.

At the same time, chia seeds, which are digested late in the stomach and increase blood sugar gradually, can be easily consumed by diabetics. Apart from calcium and omega 3 fatty acids, chia seeds also contain sodium, potassium, iron, magnesium, vitamin A and vitamin C. In addition, the amino acid tryptophan in its content has a mentally relaxing effect and makes it easier to fall asleep and have a sound sleep.

Slimming Chia Detox Cure

1. Recipe


  • 1 tablespoon of chia seeds,
  • 1 lemon,
  • 1.5 glasses of drinking water,
  • 5-6 leaves of fresh mint,
  • 1 tablespoon of honey


  • The diet list made one day apart from the prepared mixture helps to lose weight.

2. Recipe


  • 1 tablespoon of chia seeds,
  • It is added to 1.5 glasses of warm drinking water and left for about 1 hour.
  • During this time, the fibers in the chia seeds swell and become gel-like.
  • then honey,
  • mint leaves,
  • A drink with detox properties is prepared by mixing lemon and swollen chia seeds.


  • The chia seed detox drink, which is prepared fresh daily, is drunk on an empty stomach before lunch.

Chia Seed Diet List and Application


  • 1 cup of green tea for breakfast for the chia seed diet,
  • 1 medium boiled potato,
  • 1 thin slice of toast and 4 green olives


  • 1 cup of plain Turkish coffee is consumed.
  • Chia seed detox drink prepared before lunch


  • 1 glass of buttermilk,
  • 1 slice of bread,
  • 2 boiled eggs,
  • 1 plate of greens
  • 1 tomato


  • 1 serving of seasonal fruit


  • Add 1 tablespoon of chia seeds to 1 bowl of yogurt.
  • 1 plate of vegetables
  • 1 thin slice of bread
  • There are 1-2 cucumbers.
  • In addition, at least 3 liters of water should be consumed per day and all beverages containing sugar should be avoided.

Are Chia Seeds Weakening?

  • The most distinctive feature of chia seeds is that they are satiating for a long time. Chia seeds, which leave the stomach late due to the soluble fiber in its content, are very helpful for those who have problems in losing weight because it prevents the feeling of hunger.
  • So, do chia seeds burn fat? The seed, which has vegetable protein content, accelerates metabolism and facilitates fat burning.
  • At the same time, the nutrient that supports muscle development increases muscle mass and allows the body to spend calories even while resting.
  • When combined with liquid, chia seeds swell to a gel-like consistency, when consumed before eating, it creates bloating in the stomach and fills the stomach, preventing the feeling of eating more.
  • Thanks to chia seeds, which suppress the appetite, the portions of the meals are reduced and weight loss can be achieved by taking fewer calories into the body.
  • In addition to the diet list for weight loss with chia seeds, physical activity should be increased.

Use of Chia Seeds: How to Eat Chia Seeds?

How should chia seeds, which stand out with their health benefits, be consumed?

  • With chia seeds, which are generally consumed raw, sprinkled on salads, yogurt, milk, oatmeal, smoothies, sandwiches, fruit, and pudding mixes, both the flavor of the food increases and it becomes healthier.
  • It can also be consumed by adding a tablespoon of chia seeds to a glass of warm milk. Cinnamon, dried fruit, cocoa powder, and honey can be added to sweeten this mixture.
  • Another use of chia seeds is powdered and added to bakery foods. More satisfying and delicious foods can be prepared by adding chia seeds, which are turned into flour, into many pastries such as bread, cake dough, pancakes, and muffins.

One of the most important questions about chia seeds is the question of whether chia seeds can be used during pregnancy. Although there is no definite evidence that consuming chia seeds during pregnancy is harmful, it is not recommended to consume chia seeds during pregnancy and lactation.

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