10 Benefits of Walnut Vinegar, What Does It Do?

Walnut Vinegar

Walnut vinegar, which is among the foods that are effective for a healthy life, is a fermented product obtained from walnuts harvested in autumn. When it comes to natural methods, walnut vinegar, which comes to mind immediately, is recommended by many experts because it is a food rich in omega oils.

Benefits of Walnut Vinegar

  • Strengthens the Digestive System
  • Protects Heart Health
  • Increases Body Resistance
  • Balances the Level of Cholesterol in the Blood
  • Strengthens Bones
  • Opens the Mind
  • Clears Infection
  • Provides Skin Regeneration
  • Nourishes Hair
  • Contains Powerful Antioxidants

Thanks to the use of walnut vinegar, which has become widespread day by day, various diseases have become preventable. Walnut vinegar, which has helped many people in maintaining body resistance, has been a herbal treatment for diseases frequently seen in society. In particular, walnut vinegar draws attention as a fermented product recommended to be found in the homes of diabetes and heart patients.

We recommend that you read this article, which sheds light on the benefits of walnut vinegar, to the end. Walnut shell vinegar, which has been consumed for centuries in many regions of Anatolia, is in these lines with its curious details!

10 Benefits of Walnut Vinegar

1) Strengthens the Digestive System

  • Walnut vinegar, which is a food that has been used since ancient times, has been healing for many people with its benefits. The most important feature is digestion-friendly.
  • If your digestive system is affected after meals, menstrual days and stressful days; You can consume walnut vinegar to feel more comfortable.
  • It is used to prevent conditions such as swelling and cramping in the stomach.

2) Protects Heart Health

  • Thanks to the omega oils in walnut vinegar, the vessels going to the heart are relaxed.
  • This miraculous vinegar, which protects heart health and prevents vascular occlusion, will help you live a healthier life.
  • Walnut vinegar, which has the task of balancing the pulse, will make you feel good by establishing the heart and blood pressure balance.

3) Increases Body Resistance

  • Antioxidant substances and omega fatty acids in walnut vinegar will be your great help in maintaining body resistance.
  • If you have a sensitive nature that is very affected by the seasonal changes; You can regularly consume walnut vinegar.
  • Walnut vinegar, which has high nutritional value and protects body health, will guide you to a life free from diseases.

4) Balances Cholesterol Level in the Blood

  • Walnut vinegar is a recommended food for cholesterol patients to consume regularly.
  • It reduces the level of bad cholesterol in the blood and helps to clean the blood. Thus, your vascular and heart health is also taken under control.
  • If your cholesterol level is high as a result of blood tests; You can start consuming walnut vinegar regularly. You will see the change in a short time.

5) Strengthens Bones

  • Walnut vinegar, which has ideal levels of calcium, helps to protect the general skeletal structure.
  • It supports the strengthening of bones and prevents osteoporosis, which is seen as a risk as age progresses.
  • You can start consuming walnut vinegar to feel more vigorous and to protect yourself from bone diseases.

6) Opens the Mind

  • Walnut vinegar, which protects brain cells, is a substance that helps prevent problems such as distraction.
  • Walnut vinegar, which supports the strengthening of the mind, is recommended for students who have problems focusing on the lesson.
  • Thanks to walnut vinegar, which helps brain cells to work healthily, you can feel more dynamic and active.

7) Clears Infection

  • Thanks to the antibacterial property of walnut vinegar, the bacteria and infection spreading throughout the body are cleaned in a short time.
  • Walnut vinegar, which is strong enough to have an antibiotic effect, is recommended for those who have urinary tract and winter infections.
  • It prevents infection when consumed regularly and added to meals.

8) Provides Skin Regeneration

  • Walnut vinegar accelerates cell regeneration and prevents cell damage.
  • You can heal wounds, peeling and various ailments on your skin with walnut vinegar.
  • You should meet walnut vinegar to prevent skin problems such as aging marks, itching and redness.

9) Nourishes Hair

  • In order for the hair to grow and strengthen in a healthy way, you should take omega fatty acids in a certain amount.
  • By consuming walnut vinegar and adding it to the hair mask, you can meet the omega oils that the hair needs.
  • You should definitely start using walnut vinegar to revitalize pale hair, stop hair loss and strengthen weak hair.

10) Contains Powerful Antioxidants

  • From time to time, toxic substances accumulate in your body and it is recommended to use walnut vinegar to get rid of these toxins.
  • It activates the urinary tract and helps you get rid of toxins in a short time.
  • Thanks to walnut vinegar, which can fight free radicals, you can feel as light as a bird. In addition, walnut vinegar; It will facilitate the purification of your body.

How Is Walnut Vinegar Made?

To make walnut vinegar, you will need to bring together a few healing ingredients in your kitchen. Let us explain the materials and construction phase to you:


  • 2 cups finely ground walnuts
  • 4 liters of drinking water
  • 1 cup of natural vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon of flower honey
  • 1 tablespoon of salt
  • 10 chickpeas
  • 1 teaspoon of bulgur
  • large glass jar


  • To prepare the walnut vinegar, first boil the drinking water and let it cool. This step is important for the vinegar to ferment fully.
  • Grind the walnuts into very small pieces in the robot.
  • Add the walnuts and then the other ingredients one by one into the glass jar and add the rested drinking water at the last step.
  • In the first stage, bulgur and chickpeas will not be added. Let these items sit for a while.
  • Cover the lid of the glass jar with a clean cheesecloth.
  • Fix the cheesecloth with rubber for 15 days instead of the cover.
  • After 15 days, strain the mixture into a different glass jar and add the chickpeas and bulgur to the jar at this stage. Close the jar lid.
  • After an average of 50 days, walnut vinegar will take its full consistency. After this process, you can open the lid of the jar and take the amount you want to use.

What Is Walnut Vinegar, How Is It Used?

  • You can add walnut vinegar to salads just like any other type of vinegar.
  • When you wake up every morning, you can use walnut vinegar as you wish.
  • Let’s give an idea for those who think about how to drink walnut vinegar. When you wake up in the morning, add 1 tablespoon of walnut vinegar to 1 glass of drinking water and consume this water regularly.
  • While preparing a skin mask or hair mask, you can increase the effect of the mask by adding a few spoons of walnut vinegar.

Does Walnut Vinegar Make You Weak?

  • Walnut vinegar, which helps to lose weight, provides you convenience in this process.
  • Thanks to the walnut vinegar that you will add to your healthy diet list, you can increase your metabolic rate.
  • You can see the benefits of adding walnut vinegar, which accelerates fat burning, to drinking water and salads.

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