How long do pickles last?

How long do pickles last

How long do pickles last? In this time of fondues and raclettes, many of us have an open jar of pickles lying around in the fridge door. Quickly find out how long to keep it and our anti-waste tips so you don’t throw it away.

The gherkin is the super condiment to accompany our winter recipes based on melted cheese and charcuterie. Crunchy and acidic, it brings lightness to the meal and stimulates gastric and digestive secretions. But after the raclette, the pot always remains half empty and hangs around in the fridge for months.

How long do pickles last?

Pickles are preserved by candying. This technique consists of replacing the water contained in the food with sugar (fruit), fat (goose or duck), alcohol or vinegar in this case to keep it longer. This is also the case with capers and other pickles . Vinegar has, like alcohol, an antiseptic power. When the jar is not yet open and hermetically sealed, it can be kept for several years outside the fridge. The pickles can even be enjoyed several months after the expiry date . However, they will be a little less firm.
After opening, industrial pickles can be eaten within six months provided they are kept in a cool place and care is taken not to cause cross-contamination. Avoid immersing your fingers or a dirty utensil in it. A film of mold could then quickly appear on the surface.

How to cook pickles?

The pickle is most commonly enjoyed as a condiment . Of course, it slips into sandwiches and adds crunch to our potato salads . It is also the star ingredient of the gribiche sauce . A preparation, traditionally served with pot-au-feu , and made from hard- boiled eggs and mustard whipped with peanut oil.

But pickles can also be cooked. Use them to make a savory sauce to accompany beef tongue . To do this, make a roux in a saucepan, add beef broth and a glass of Madeira little by little, then dip your sliced ​​gherkins in it so that they flavor the whole thing. Finely chopped, pickles are also wonderful in fish cakes .

Why you shouldn’t throw away pickle water

No question of throwing away the pickle juice ! This mixture of water, vinegar, salt, mustard seeds and aromatic herbs can be a great help in the kitchen. You can use this brine to make original vinaigrettes. Simply mix it with a little olive oil or lemon juice. To season a Piedmontese salad , mix three tbsp. tablespoons of this liquid with as much mayonnaise. Success guaranteed. You can also use this brine at the end of cooking meat to deglaze the juices that have stuck to the bottom of the pan. You will then obtain a very tasty juice.


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