Great way to boil golden chicken, plump skin

Great way to boil golden chicken, plump skin

In the tray to welcome the Lunar New Year according to Vietnamese tradition, boiled chicken is definitely indispensable. In order to have a golden chicken, stretchy and thin skin that looks attractive, it is thanks to the secrets of the family’s dedicated housewives.

Boiled chicken is an indispensable dish in the Tet holiday of Vietnamese people.

Where to boil chicken

When boiling chicken, the first step is extremely important. If the chicken is boiled when the water is boiling, the chicken skin will be suddenly peeled and crushed. This will not be beautiful, especially for the chickens that need to be displayed on the ancestral altar. Therefore, it is necessary to put the chicken in the pot as soon as the water is cold so that the water covers the whole chicken (remember to keep the belly facing down). By doing so, the chicken will be cooked from the inside and not blackened during the boiling process.

– Depending on the size of each large or small chicken, the time to boil the chicken can be fast or slow. Normally, it takes at least 20-30 minutes to cook chicken. However, if you want to boil chicken really well, it takes about 45-60 minutes.

Pour water over the chicken and simmer the soup while it boils.

– While boiling the chicken, always remember to keep the soup low. If the temperature is too high, the chicken will cook unevenly and lose its juiciness, and the thigh meat will also shrink to reveal the bone, which looks very bad. This is very taboo for chickens that are used to worship ancestors. As soon as the water boils for about 5 minutes, turn the heat down to low and close the lid, continue to cook for another 15-20 minutes. To see if the chicken is done, you can poke the chicken thigh with a long toothpick. If the red juice no longer secretes, the chicken is cooked. When turning off the heat, continue to leave the lid on for about 20 minutes before taking out the chicken.

Stitching “dyeing” chicken

It’s called dying chicken, but it’s actually just a small trick to make the skin look beautiful.

Accordingly, you must prepare a bowl of water in advance. When taking out the chicken, you put the chicken right into this bowl of water to soak it to make the skin more crispy and not darken. To make sure it’s time to take the chicken out, you should touch the chicken body to see if it’s cooled down completely. If the chicken hasn’t cooled down yet, you should wait. After about 5 minutes, you continue to take the chicken out of the cold water and let it dry.

Fresh turmeric juice, a secret to creating a golden color for boiled chicken.

While giving the chickens a “bath” of cold water, prepare a mixture to use on the chicken body to create an eye-catching yellow color. This mixture requires a few teaspoons of fresh turmeric juice and chicken fat won. Both mix well and use it to apply an even layer on the surface of the skin. So you’ve got a juicy, golden, and shiny boiled chicken that’s just right to serve.

For more demanding requirements on the style of the chicken when presenting the offering tray, you should use peanuts and bamboo sticks to pose. Before boiling, it is necessary to dip the chicken in boiling water so that the designs are fixed. Remember, the pot to boil the chicken should be wide enough and high enough to put the whole chicken under enough water.

Beautiful chicken chopping

When you want to chop the chicken, to keep the texture of the meat neatly along each knife line, you should wait until the chicken has cooled down completely.

Boiling delicious chicken is not too difficult, right? To prove you are also a skillful woman with boiled chicken on special family occasions like this upcoming Lunar New Year!

Wish success!

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