Foods and Drinks That Increase Breast Milk

Foods That Increase Breast Milk

Definitive Solution Suggestions to Increase Breast Milk

Breast milk, which is the most basic nutrient for newborns, provides the baby’s first 6-month development on its own, thanks to the nutrients, vitamins and minerals it contains. 100 grams of breast milk, which is always sterile and at the appropriate temperature, contains approximately 69 calories, 4.5 grams of fat, 7 grams of carbohydrates and 1 gram of protein. It also contains minerals such as sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium, and vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D and B12.

Breast milk should be sufficient for the baby’s organ development and the development of nerve cells . Mothers may need to supplement their nutrition programs with methods that increase breast milk and foods that increase breast milk.

In addition, breastfeeding mothers use supplements that increase breast milk, such as formula that increases breast milk, drops that increase breast milk, and medicine that increases breast milk.

Foods That Increase Breast Milk

  • The most important thing that increases breast milk is water consumption.
  • Dehydration of the body weakens the content of breast milk and reduces its production.
  • For this reason, the most important thing that increases breast milk is 2-2.5 liters of water consumed daily.
  • In addition to regulating blood pressure and cholesterol, oat, which stands out among the foods that increase breast milk, increases the secretion of hormones that increase milk production such as prolactin and oxytocin.
  • Prepared using tahini, chickpeas, lemon, olive oil and garlic, hummus takes the first place among the dishes that increase breast milk.
  • Salmon, which draws attention with its high omega 3 content, is included in the list of foods that increase breast milk thanks to the protein it contains.
  • Highland soup with high nutritional value, vegetable soup, soups prepared with broth are among the soups that increase breast milk to meet the mother’s fluid needs.
  • Desserts that increase breast milk, prepared using milk, walnuts, hazelnuts and tahini, also increase the quality of milk.
  • It is important for mothers to have breakfast for better breast milk production.
  • If breakfast is not given importance, a decrease in breast milk may occur.
  • Therefore, a practical breakfast supports the production of milk.
  • The mixture prepared with parsley, dill, curd cheese and walnuts should be included in the breakfast plate of mothers.
  • You can consume this cheese paste with other breakfast foods.
  • Dill and walnuts will help produce milk and make it even more nutritious.

Drinks That Increase Breast Milk

  • Drinks such as milk, ayran and kefir play an important role in increasing breast milk due to the high protein and vitamins they contain.
  • Especially milky drinks before going to bed provide milk release.
  • Compotes that increase breast milk, prepared using quince, apples and dried fruits, are much more beneficial, especially when prepared without sugar.
  • Detox drinks prepared using substances that increase breast milk such as rosemary, cumin, fennel, cinnamon, thyme, ginger and turmeric can also be consumed throughout the day.
  • In addition, vegetable drinks prepared using green leafy vegetables, avocado and pineapple also contain vitamins that increase breast milk.
  • The polysaccharides contained in barley increase the hormone prolactin, which increases the secretion of breast milk.
  • For this reason, malt beverages obtained as a result of the germination of barley also increase breast milk.
  • Mineral water is also an important drink for a mother. You can drink natural mineral water, which is a source of magnesium, with fruit slices and yogurt.
  • You can obtain ayran by using mineral water while making ayran.
  • You can also squeeze seasonal fruits and mix them with mineral water.
  • If you drink it this way, you will both eliminate the birth edema and support the production of milk.
  • Those who want to breastfeed their baby during the summer can drink refreshing and nourishing drinks. Smoothies can be prepared for this.
  • Seasonal fruits, kefir, milk and dried fruits can be added to smoothie ingredients. In this way, a cool flavor is prepared for the mother and the nutritional value of the milk needed by the baby increases.
  • You can add cold milk. Cold consumption of products such as milk or kefir does not harm breast milk.
  • On the contrary, it continues milk production as it provides liquid support to the mother.

Types of Tea that Increase Breast Milk

  • Fennel, which contains phytoestrogen components, is a plant that helps breast milk production.
  • Herbal tea, prepared using fennel, linden, anise, cumin and chamomile, increases breast milk.
  • These herbs are also good for the baby’s gas problem.
  • Tea prepared by using nettle seeds, fenugreek, anise, cinnamon and lemon is appreciated with its taste and different aroma among teas that increase breast milk.
  • Mothers who want to drink tea to increase breast milk can brew and consume dried fruits in hot water. Thanks to the dried apricots, dried figs and dried mulberries added to the hot water in line with the possibilities, a completely natural tea is obtained without sugar. While this tea relaxes the mother; It also increases the milk to be given to the baby.
  • Consuming these teas regularly throughout the day facilitates both the increase of breast milk and the loss of weight left over from pregnancy.
  • When preparing teas that increase breast milk, it is recommended to use the herbs by adding hot water without boiling them.

What Fruits Increase Breast Milk?

  • Dried fruits such as dried figs, raisins, dried apricots, dates are effective in increasing breast milk due to calcium and magnesium content.
  • Dried fruits consumed together with oil seeds such as walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds in snacks also help to meet the energy needs of nursing mothers.
  • Pumpkin, which has a high beta carotene content, is among the products that increase breast milk.
  • Fruits such as strawberries, oranges, tangerines, apples, apricots, fresh grapes, quince, cherries, watermelons, melons, peaches, avocados, which have rich vitamin C content, also increase breast milk.
  • It is recommended that breastfeeding mothers consume 3-4 servings of fruit a day and pay attention to the different types of fruits consumed.

What are Herbs That Increase Breast Milk?

  • Among the vegetables that increase breast milk, carrots take the first place due to the high beta carotene and phytoestrogen substances in its content.
  • Nursing mothers are recommended to add carrots to their salads, dishes and soups.
  • Dried legumes, which are rich in iron, increase both the quality and quantity of milk secreted.
  • Especially vegetarian mothers are recommended to consume foods such as dry beans, chickpeas, kidney beans 2-3 times a week.
  • Especially greens that increase breast milk such as kale, spinach, parsley, purslane, lettuce, which are rich in vitamins and minerals such as folic acid, calcium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, should be included in the nutrition program of nursing mothers.
  • In addition to these, herbal products such as garlic and onions that increase breast milk can be used raw or cooked in meals and salads.
  • Dill, known as the miracle that increases breast milk, should be consumed by adding it to salads at every meal.

Cures That Increase Breast Milk

  • Foods that increase breast milk were also discussed by İbrahim Saracoğlu.
  • Saraçoğlu claims that the quality and quantity of breast milk of breastfeeding mothers increase with the fig cure, which increases breast milk. Eight-nine dried figs boiled in half a liter of chlorine-free water and drinking the water increases breast milk.
  • The cure prepared using dried figs and carrots, on the other hand, provides a milk-increasing effect when drunk before noon and in the afternoon for 21 days.
  • The mulberry cure, which increases breast milk, is made fresh as snacks, and dry as boiled and drinking water.

In addition to herbal cures, adequate and balanced nutrition of the mother, daily walks and consuming plenty of water are among the factors that increase breast milk. There is no definitive solution to increase breast milk; however, a healthy diet and regular exercise and a stress-free life can help increase breast milk.

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