legume: Are you looking to lose weight? Find out which is the most fattening legume!


When a person seeks to lose some weight, they usually resort to counting the calories that each food has, thinking that this is how they will achieve it. But this is far from reality, and it is also important to know what nutritional contribution each thing gives us. Legumes are one of the healthiest food groups that exist, but you must know which legume is the most fattening to take it into account.

The key to success for a diet to work is eating varied , and using only foods that provide vitamins and nutrients. Of course, also eating in moderation, but never avoiding foods that are healthy and necessary for the body, such as legumes.

What is the most fattening legume?

Indeed, there are legumes that are more fattening than others, but you should not only measure this when deciding which ones you are going to eat throughout a week. Legumes are an incredible source of fiber , and also of important elements such as iron or potassium.

It is true that legumes also have carbohydrates , but much less than other foods such as pasta or rice. Therefore, you cannot stop eating even the most fattening legume, because it is going to give you many other things that your body, in fact, needs.

But if you want to know which legume is, based on its calories , what else can make you fat, here we are going to tell you:

  • The most fattening legume is the chickpea , which has 364 kilocalories. There are other legumes, less used, such as soybeans or peanuts that have more, but among the most common, it is the chickpea that wins the game. In return, it has a lot of dietary fiber and a low intake of carbohydrates.
  • Next come the lentils , which have 353 kilocalories. Lentils have almost no fat, and they are also an incredible source of iron and various vitamins.
  • There are also the beans or white beans , which have 333 kilocalories. They are very rich in potassium and phosphorus and also have 23 grams of dietary fiber.

How to eat legumes

Legumes are, therefore, one of the most essential elements of our kitchen due to the great contribution of nutrients and vitamins that they give us. Eliminating them is a complete mistake, and nutritionists recommend eating them at least once or twice a week.

If you really care about calories, what you can do is vary the type of legume you eat weekly, and perhaps limit the amount you eat of the most caloric ones, such as chickpeas.

Similarly, if you are concerned about losing weight, what you should do is stop eating other much more harmful foods, such as fried foods and fats , and add some exercise to your life. Only in this way, and following a balanced diet in which the most fattening legume is also included, will you achieve your goals.

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