What is Artisan Bread? How is it done?

Artisan Bread

Bread is one of the basic foods frequently consumed not only in Turkish cuisine but also in many food cultures. Bread flavored with the type of flour and yeast used is enjoyed at every meal of the day.

One of the breads that attract attention with its shape and smell in bakeries is artisan bread. If you consume bread in your meals and you have not met artisan bread yet; We will introduce you to artisan bread through this article.

You can see the artisanal bread, which is handcrafted at every stage and smells delicious, with different features in these lines. We didn’t forget to add special flavor stops for those who want to taste it!

What is Artisan Bread?

  • Have you ever wondered why the expression artisan is used for this bread? Because “artisan” means the product of mastery made by an artist.
  • Artisan bread is also not a result of mass production; It is bread prepared by people who are devoted to bread making.
  • Artisanal bread is a type of bread that requires care in all respects and is free of additives.
  • It is sent to the bakery by masters who take pleasure in making bread and reflect their dexterity on bread.
  • Artisan bread, which is prepared with completely natural and organic products from yeast to flour, is an indispensable product especially for breakfast tables.
  • Artisanal breads, which are fermented and baked with traditional methods, complete their taste in a stone oven.
  • The fermentation stage of this bread is also very careful. Instead of fermentation devices; it goes through a long process of fermentation in its natural state.
  • Since it is not a mass production bread, the prices of artisan bread reflect slightly higher figures than other breads.
  • The average price of 1 piece of artisan bread is 25 TL. This figure varies according to the flour and ingredients it contains.
  • Artisan breads flavored with sourdough and hot from the stone oven are a delicious snack, especially when combined with olive oil and thyme.
  • The outer shell is hard and crispy, the inside is soft and has an appetizing aroma.
  • There are no shape rules for artisanal bread. This bread is shaped completely depending on the imagination of the master who bakes it.
  • Sometimes it comes out of the oven in the form of baton bread and sometimes loaf of bread. Artisanal breads, which are fermented according to your wishes, are also guests of your table in small sizes.

How is Artisan Bread Made?

  • We have just mentioned that the production phase of artisanal bread is longer than other breads. Do you wonder what processes this bread goes through before it reaches your table?
  • The path followed by a bread master while preparing artisanal bread is expressed as follows:


  • sourdough
  • Whole wheat flour
  • That
  • Salt

Tip: Those with gluten allergies can prepare artisanal breads with gluten-free flours. Rice flour, starch and baking powder can be used to prepare gluten-free sourdough.

Preparation of:

  • The flavor of artisanal bread comes from kneading by hand. If the kneading process will tire you; You can use dough kneading devices.
  • Pre-fermentation is recommended for the preparation of this bread.
  • Yeast preference should be sourdough. One of the flavor secrets of artisanal bread is sourdough.
  • Instant or fresh yeast is the last choice for this bread.
  • One of the necessary ingredients is whole wheat flour. The dough is thickened by blending white flour and whole wheat flour.
  • The process begins by first preparing a yeasty fluid in a deep bowl. This process is done for the yeast to flavor the whole dough.
  • After an average of 6 hours of pre-fermentation, the sleeves are rolled up to prepare the actual bread dough.
  • The long fermentation of this bread is its unique feature.
  • After the fermentation process for 6 hours, the whole mortar is mixed and left for 2 hours.
  • After the artisan bread is shaped, its leavening continues.
  • The dough that takes shape is left for 45 minutes. It is very important that this process is done in a warm environment.
  • The dough is now ready to go into the oven. Bread makers scratch the dough they shape with a knife and sprinkle white flour on it.
  • It should be cooked for 50 minutes in ovens at an average of 200 degrees. Having the oven at a high temperature ensures that this bread is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.
  • Artisanal breads can be prepared with a variety of flavors.
  • It can double its flavor with different ingredients such as walnuts, thyme, various herbs, black cumin.

Where to Eat Artisanal Bread?

1) Grandma – Istanbul

Artisanal bread is a bread that is frequently consumed at breakfast tables of the people of Istanbul. One of the addresses of these breads in Istanbul is the fragrant place called Grandma. Grandma, a boutique bakery, is considered the center of sourdough breads and appetizing baked goods. You can find artisanal bread in its perfect consistency in Grandma, where the dough that is carefully fermented every morning is flavored in different ways.

2) 240 Degrees – Istanbul

Another address where artisan breads fermented with walnuts, buckwheat, herbs and many more are delicious is the boutique bakery named 240 Degree. Delicious bakery products that whet your appetite when you come here are candidates to accompany your hot tea. You can buy artisanal bread early in the morning and consume it in one bite during your meals throughout the day. When you think of artisan bread, 240 degrees will come to your mind in Istanbul!

3) Sourdough – Ankara

One of the bakeries frequented by those looking for artisan bread in Ankara is Sour Maya! The smell of warm artisanal bread that comes to your nose as soon as you enter will make even the full ones hungry. You can find the soft breads you are looking for for weekend breakfasts and artisan breads that do not look like works of art at Sour Maya. Artisan bread is your Ankara stop sour Maya!

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