Egg Protein and Nutritional Value: How Many Calories in Egg?

How Many Calories in Egg

For those who wonder how many calories in eggs, we are entering with an interesting information! Egg calories, which is the second most beneficial food source for the human body after breast milk, become an indispensable part of diet lists that require being full for a long time with small portions, with its satiety feature and rich nutritional values.

Eggs, which are recommended to be eaten at least once a day, are one of the most beneficial sources that provide the energy needed during the day, thanks to its calorie and high nutritional value. It has been observed that the ‘ghrelin’ hormone, which rises before meals and increases the sense of appetite, decreases significantly when eggs are consumed. In this way, it can be said that people who start the day with eggs have less appetite at other meals and accordingly consume less food.

Well, how many calories are in eggs, one of the main sources of diet lists and healthy lifestyles? In this article, we give place to the calorie values ​​of eggs cooked and consumed in different ways.

How Many Calories in Egg?

For those who wonder how many calories are in 1 egg, which can be used in breakfast menus and many other dishes, the calorie values ​​are as follows:

  • 1 small (S) egg (40 gr) 62 kcal
  • 1 medium (M) egg (50 gr) 77 kcal
  • 1 large (L) egg (60 gr) 92 kcal

The egg consists of two layers, the yolk and the white:

How many calories in egg yolk?

The yolk of the egg, which contains fat and cholesterol, contains more calories than the white. For this reason, it is recommended to be consumed with the white part. The amount of calories in the yolk is 70 kcal for 1 medium egg.

How many calories in egg white?

Egg white, which contains high protein compared to the yolk, has a lower caloric value. The white of 1 medium egg is 15 calories. Egg white does not contain cholesterol and its fat content is very low at 0.06. If you follow a very strict diet program or have a cholesterol disease problem, you can use egg white.

How Many Calories in Boiled Egg?

If you are wondering how many calories in 1 boiled egg, here is the answer to your question:

  • 60 kcal for 1 small egg
  • 75 kcal for 1 medium egg

You can safely consume boiled eggs in your breakfast menus, so you can take beneficial steps for your health in the direction of balanced and correct nutrition by preventing hunger quickly and often during the day.

As a unique opportunity for those who are wondering how to boil eggs and those who love to consume boiled eggs, egg boiling times are explained in our recipe below with tricks, bon appetit!

Egg Nutrition Value Chart

  • Egg, which is literally a protein source, is a food source recommended by nutritionists to be consumed at least once a day, and is also rich in folic acid, zinc, vitamin A, iron and phosphorus.
  • If you are not allergic to eggs and do not suffer from cholesterol, you can consume it during the day as an alternative protein source instead of meat or cheese.
  • Experts recommend that cholesterol patients use the egg white or the whole 2 or 3 times a week if possible.
  • As with other nutrients, it is possible to encounter some side effects in excessive consumption of eggs. You can safely consume it as long as you do not exceed the healthy limits.
  • Walking chicken or organic chicken eggs will of course be much more beneficial than hormone cage eggs.

1 medium egg nutritional value chart

Carbohydrate 0.35
Protein 6.45
Oil 5.6
Fiber 0
Cholesterol 198
Sodium 72
Potassium 73.5
Calcium 28
iron 1.05
Vitamin A 139
C vitamin 0

How Many Calories in an Egg with Sausage?

How many calories are in eggs with sausage, which is the pride of traditional Turkish breakfasts? The calorie value of the sausage egg, which is mouth-watering with its smell and delicious taste, but also contains so much fat, contains 242 kcal for an average serving.

We have a different sausage egg suggestion that you can cook and eat with pleasure for your Sunday breakfasts, long breakfast pleasures and any time you want to pamper yourself during the day and even at night! We highly recommend it 😉

How Many Calories in Omelet?

As an enjoyable and diversified alternative to boiled eggs, the calorie values ​​of the omelette may vary depending on the ingredients you add to it. If you follow a strict diet, you can prepare a protein-rich omelet with only egg white, without using oil and salt.

Calorie values ​​are calculated based on 1 medium serving:

  • Plain omelet 101 kcal
  • Mushroom omelet 135 kcal
  • Potato omelet 390 kcal
  • Cheddar cheese omelet 240 kcal
  • White cheese omelet 205 kcal
  • Onion omelet 197 kcal
  • Omelet with mushrooms and roasted red pepper 148 kcal
  • Omelet with parsley is worth 93 kcal.

If you are looking for a different and practical omelet that will cheer up your breakfast, our delicious recipe below is for you, don’t miss it!

Does Egg Make You Gain Weight? Can You Eat Eggs While Dieting?

  • It is not a clear judgment that the egg makes you gain weight. If you overdo it and consume it more than once and frequently during the day, you may have increased your weight gain rate due to the high calories in its content, and you may also be exposed to some side effects.
  • However, egg is a food that is frequently included in diet lists, as it is a source of high nutrition and has the feature of keeping you full for a long time even in small portions.
  • If you want to feel full for a long time by eating less, and if you want to eat rich in protein and vitamins, eggs will be the ideal food for you.
  • Those in weight control can prepare oil-free and salt-free omelets with only the white of the egg, without using the yolk.

How is the Egg Diet Made?

  • Zero size clothes, weak lines, returning to an energetic and active life have increased the demand for fit recipes and especially shock diet lists that are changing day by day.
  • One of these diets that are effective in losing weight in a short time is the boiled egg diet of Ender Saraç, an expert in the field, which is applied by many people.
  • The list of egg diet, which is claimed to have a positive effect on physical activities during the day and food consumption at other meals, is as follows:

Boiled Egg Diet List to Lose 7 Weight in 1 Week

  • Morning: 1 thin slice of wholemeal bread, low-fat and low-salt matchbox size cheese, 1 cup of unsweetened herbal tea (preferably green or white tea)

Breakfast is like this for 1 week.

1 day:

  • Lunch: Fat-free cold cuts consisting of 2 boiled eggs, tomato and cucumber
  • Dinner: 1 portion of low-fat meatballs, lean green salad with plenty of lemon

2 days:

  • Lunch: 1 bagel, 1 glass of homemade buttermilk made from unsalted low-fat yogurt
  • Dinner: Half a portion of boiled chicken (breast meat), lean green salad with plenty of lemon

3 days:

  • Lunch: 1 thin slice of wholemeal bread, a small bowl of nonfat yogurt, a lean green salad with plenty of lemon
  • Dinner: 2 large slices of low-fat grilled meat, lean green salad with plenty of lemon

4 days:

  • Lunch: Fat-free, low-salt potato salad prepared with 200 grams of boiled potatoes
  • Dinner: 5 lamb chops and a lean green salad with lemon

5 days:

  • Lunch: Low-fat, low-salt menemen prepared with 2 eggs, lean green salad with plenty of lemon
  • Dinner: 1.5 servings of nonfat plain pasta, 1 small bowl of nonfat yogurt

6 days:

  • Lunch: 2 boiled sausages, lean green salad with plenty of lemon
  • Dinner: 2 low-fat, low-salt stuffed peppers (with rice), 2 spoons of fat-free yogurt

7 days:

  • Lunch: 1 thin slice of wholemeal bread, 100 grams of unsalted and fat-free feta cheese and lean cold cuts
  • Dinner: Grilled low-fat skewers, lean green salad with plenty of lemon

It will be the most beneficial choice for your health if you do not follow the diet program without the advice of a nutritionist or doctor’s approval.

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