Coffee Fortune Telling: How To Read Fortune Telling?

Coffee Fortune Telling

Coffee fortune and coffee culture is a culture that continues from ancient times to the present day. Coffees accompanying pleasant conversations are enjoyed with pleasure. “Come on, close your cup and have a fortune-telling.” After saying that, it goes to deep details. The situation of extracting messages from coffee grounds, which is common in Turkish society, is known as coffee fortune telling.

Discovered in Yemen in the 8th century, coffee has managed to influence every society over time. Grinding coffee beans and preparing them with hot water have created different types of coffee. Coffee fortune is recorded as a culture from the Ancient Chinese Civilization. Resembling the rust spots on iron tools to shapes continued on coffee grounds after the discovery of coffee.

  • In the Ottoman period, women used to drink coffee in order to chat during coffee hours in the palace. During these coffee hours, he interpreted the objects or living things resembling the grounds left at the bottom of the cup, according to their lives.
  • The issues that were not discussed in the palace were revealed in the coffee cup. Coffee fortunes were used from time to time as a kind of relief and relief.
  • It is also known that in the Ottoman drawings, women are depicted looking at coffee fortunes. It is stated that some of these drawings are in museums.
  • Coffee fortune telling continues to be used to add even more joy to pleasant conversations. We have prepared this article so that coffee fortune-telling, where the horse is a wish and the pigeon is news, will also add joy to your joy.
  • If you’re wondering what you see in your coffee fortune means, here’s everything you’re wondering about.

What did they say? Don’t believe in fortune telling, don’t stay without fortune telling!

How is Coffee Fortune Looked? Techniques

1) Ground is Important!

  • In order to observe and interpret the coffee fortune efficiently, the coffee must first be cooked well.
  • The fact that the grounds are less will also affect the shapes that will form. For this reason, some more coffee should be added to the coffees used for fortune telling.

2) Consistency Condition

  • The coffee, which is drunk with pleasure, is left with a very small amount of water. If it is too fluid or solid, shapes will not form in the cup.

3) The Cup Is Closed

  • The detail that those who watch coffee fortunes pay the most attention to is the way the cup is closed. While closing the cup, you will have to close it towards yourself and make a wish while closing it.

4) Let Your Cup Cool

  • You should open the cup after it has cooled for a while. You can put a ring or a coin in the bottom of the cup to speed up its cooling.

5) Open the Cup

  • Now it’s time to open the cooled cup and interpret it. If the cup and plate are difficult to separate at the first purchase, your fortune has been a sultan’s fortune and the wish is closer to come true.

6) Direction Matters

  • Hold the cup by the handle and start examining it in a bright environment. Do not forget to follow the images in the cup clockwise.

7) Focus

  • Forget all your stress and what’s on your mind while you focus on the cup. Because it is more acceptable for fortune tellers to look with a relaxed mind. The feelings of the fortune-teller may be reflected in their comments.

8) Observe

  • The good and bad interpretations known in coffee fortunes are noticed as follows: Hold the cup upright by the handle.
  • So the cup handle should stay at the bottom. Figures on the right will be good thoughts, and figures on the left will be negative comments.
  • If there is a lot of grounds left at the bottom of the cup, it is said that the person drinking the coffee is under some stress.
  • If the bottom of the cup is clean, it is said that the fortune-teller is very peaceful.
  • If the shapes seen by the person looking at the coffee fortune are close to the mouth of the cup, it will be easier to reflect these shapes in life. The bottom of the cup tells the distant time, and the rim of the cup tells the very recent time.
  • In addition, since women’s 6th senses are more dominant due to hormones, it is usually women who tell fortunes.
  • It is said that women are more effective at interpreting shapes. Coffee fortunes, which are viewed with maternal feelings and the 6th sense, provide a better interpretation of the figures.

Coffee Horoscope Dictionary

Turkish coffee was drunk, stress was relieved, now the shapes formed in the coffee fortune will be interpreted. Based on the coffee fortune-telling dictionary prepared for you, you can easily interpret what your coffee wants to tell you:


  • The interpretation of the elephant in the coffee fortune indicates that the employees will rise in their work. Elephant means innovation and progress.


  • It is known that those who see a camel in their coffee fortune will soon have a much better financial situation.
  • According to the size of the camel, it is stated that the materiality also improves.
  • The camel represents financial regeneration and recovery.


  • Rabbits are seen in the coffee fortunes of very emotional people. Rabbit, on the other hand, reports that there will be stressful times for a while. In a period of intense emotional transitions, it is recommended to pay attention to one’s environment.


  • If there is a deer in the coffee fortune, it should be said that the person’s life will improve and he will spend very peaceful days. It is a sign that joyful days have begun in the family. The deer represents good progress.


  • If you have seen the shape of a turtle in your coffee fortune, it means that the missing parts in your life are being completed. It means that you will collect material and moral collapses in a short time. It is a sign of good days and news.


  • It should be noted that a person with a duck in a coffee fortune is in a lucky period these days.
  • It can be said that his plans will come true. The duck represents luck and money. It tells the person to do what they want at the end of a patient wait.


  • To see a rooster in a coffee fortune signifies that you will receive good news. Maybe news of a grandchild, maybe news of fortune. The rooster wakes you up to the new day. A new day means a new beginning. Good news is very close in horoscopes with roosters.


  • Having an owl in a coffee fortune signifies negative news.
  • The person will need to pay attention to their surroundings and steps. It should not be alarming for the fortune teller to explain this situation.
  • The owl, which is not interpreted well, indicates that bad days will come and precautions should be taken.


  • It should be said that the person who has a coffee fortune mermaid should pay attention to his surroundings these days.
  • Because the mermaid represents the double character. There may be someone around the person who looks good and maintains mischief.
  • For this reason, it is not recommended to be sincere with people who are not very trustworthy.


  • Seeing a giraffe in a coffee fortune represents being headstrong, just like a giraffe. It is understood that the coffee owner is a little stubborn and arrogant. Because emotions are also reflected in coffee.


  • Cats are popularly known as ungrateful. The fact that the cat, which is a docile animal, is ungrateful is also reflected in the fortunes.
  • The formation of the cat shape in the coffee fortune can be interpreted in two ways. Either there will be an injustice done to the person or a favor will be done for the person.


  • Seeing a horse in a coffee fortune indicates that good deeds will happen soon and wishes will be accepted. If there is a small horse in the cup, you can relax.
  • Because you can get very good news in a short time. Horse means murat. Murat, on the other hand, is a sign of good beginnings in a person’s life.


  • It is very easy to see an eye in a coffee fortune. It is the easiest form. The eye usually expresses a feeling of jealousy and greed. If this eye is in the form of a crying eye, it is informed that the person will be sad for a while.


  • If you see a ring symbol in the cup after drinking your coffee; This indicates that your future is bright. People who believe in coffee fortune-telling expect to see a ring in the cup. The ring is the harbinger of bright days.

Fishing rod

  • If you see a fishing line-like grounds while looking at your coffee fortune; this heralds the changes that you will experience in the near future.
  • It represents that you will see good days with an outside intervention in unexpected moments of your life.


  • Anyone who sees a small head or baby icon may receive news of the baby if they are married. Seeing a baby is always a good sign in coffee fortune and represents new developments.


  • When you see an olive-like round mark on the coffee cup, you may think that things will work out and the moment of reconciliation is near. Olive is the symbol of peace and cleanliness.

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