10 Foods That Boost Testosterone

foods that boost testosterone
Testosterone is a male hormone secreted by the adrenal glands in both men and women, but in greater amounts in men. Good testosterone levels are associated with sexual performance, reproductive function, maintenance of muscle mass and hair growth. Here are 10 foods that boost testosterone.

10 Foods That Boost Testosterone


The egg is a testosterone booster!

Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, cholesterol and the proteins they contain are all essential for the production of testosterone.

Egg yolk also contains zinc, a nutrient that participates in the synthesis of testosterone.


10 foods that boost testosterone

A study in 58 volunteers between the ages of 21 and 64 showed that consuming one glass of pomegranate juice a day is associated with a 16-30% increase in testosterone levels!

Although this is only a small study, it is worth testing!


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Avocado contains vitamin B6, potassium and zinc, three of the substances known for their testosterone-boosting effect.

On the other hand, the oleic acid present in the avocado acts favorably on the reduction of “bad cholesterol” (LDL) and the increase of “good cholesterol” (HDL), a factor conducive to the increase in testosterone levels.


10 foods that boost testosterone

Consumption of beef has positive effects on testosterone levels.

Very rich in protein, zinc and saturated fatty acids, it optimizes testosterone levels in the body.

Conversely, a meatless diet can lower testosterone levels.


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Consumed raw, garlic contributes to a good level of testosterone.

Its allicin content could be responsible for stimulating the release of LH hormone, which increases the circulation of testosterone.

So much for the breath!


10 foods that boost testosterone

The testosterone-boosting effect of oysters lies in their very high zinc content.

Indeed, zinc, involved in more than 300 chemical reactions in the body and promotes the elevation of testosterone levels.

The oyster is also an excellent source of vitamin B12 and omega 3, the low levels of which are associated with low testosterone levels.


10 foods that boost testosterone

Ginger holds its aphrodisiac reputation from the impact it has on testosterone levels.

On the other hand, it would be necessary to consume it regularly to know the effects. So don’t be put off by its particular taste!


10 foods that boost testosterone

It is thanks to its richness in selenium that tuna has positive effects on our testosterone.

Tuna is also very rich in vitamin D and omega-3, two elements that stimulate the production of testosterone.


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Like tuna, rolled oats are rich in vitamin D, a vitamin good for testosterone levels.

On the other hand, this cereal contains a compound called avenacoside, which would allow testosterone to circulate more freely through our body (by reducing the levels of another hormone).


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Cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, broccoli… Cruciferous vegetables  stimulate the production of testosterone.

This is because they contain a phytonutrient called indole -3-carbinol (IC3), which has a positive effect on testosterone by reducing the activity of an enzyme that converts free testosterone into estrogen (the female hormone).

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