Home remedies to reduce gray hair

Home remedies to reduce gray hair

Gray hair can appear at an early age, thanks to a genetic factor

As a result of aging, the body begins to experience certain changes ; among them, is the appearance of wrinkles or lines of expression, the reduction of muscle mass and the appearance of gray hair. Although this is a natural process, there are ways to prevent it from arising prematurely, especially when it comes to skin, taking care of it daily will prevent premature aging of it.

However, this article will focus on talking about gray hair and the reasons why it appears . Just as over the years, collagen begins to reduce its production, the same happens with a substance known as melanin, this was in charge of giving hair tone; This is the main reason why the hair begins to take on a whitish color.

It is worth mentioning that aging is the main, but not the only cause of the appearance of gray hair. Genetic factors also influence this issue; This is why young people who have this appearance in their hair should check with their parents and grandparents to find out if the same thing happened to them. However, it is always better to go to a health professional to validate whether the appearance of gray hair is due to a genetic factor or for another reason.

When young people begin to have gray hair, it can also indicate that they have been exposed to strong tensions or episodes of stress. Various scientific investigations have shown that when a person is exposed to constant stress , their melanin levels are reduced, which will make some hair look white.

Home remedies to reduce gray hair

The OneHowTo health, beauty and personal care portal provides a list of some options that can be used to cover gray hair. Before its application it is important to have the approval of a health professional in order to avoid allergies or adverse reactions to certain components or products.

  • Stains or reflections:there are people who have no problem starting to show off their hair in white; however, others do not like it or it is also annoying when these hairs do not appear uniformly and are constantly located in certain areas; Therefore, for those people who do not wish to dye their hair, they can use the following option: carry out oxygenated wicks in an orderly manner throughout the hair, this will lighten the color of the hair and hide the presence of white hair.
  • Corrective spray:this is used to cover gray hair for specific occasions or moments. These products are usually found in chain stores, hairdressers or drugstores. Correcting sprays are easy to use, just shake the bottle and apply the spray to the root zone and gray strands. The good thing about this product is that it will stay in the hair until the next wash; In addition, it comes in multiple shades.
  • Non-permanent concealer:when the person has frizzy hair, the spray may not be their best option, since this will make the hair more dry, which can also harm people who tend to have more damaged hair. For those people who don’t want to use dyes and sprays are not the best solution, there is something called a non-permanent concealer. This comes in brush or stick form, so applying it will be more precise and easier than the spray, and it can also be carried with you for any touch-up.

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