Cleanse your body with a diet rich in cellulose

The current diet is rich in cellulose and, in addition to getting rid of extra pounds, it also aims to completely cleanse the body of harmful substances accumulated in it after the inevitable consumption of harmful foods .

The diet consists of products with a high cellulose content and extremely low fat content. World experts are adamant that cellulose is yet to begin to play an important role in diets on a larger scale. Studies have shown that the minimum daily intake of the substance should be at least thirty grams.

Cellulose belongs to the fiber group, which also includes pectin , lignin, gelatin and mucous substances. The main part of plant cells is made of it. Plant mass generally consists of about 50 to 80 percent cellulose, which accounts for more than half of the carbon in the biosphere.

The main source of cellulose in this type of diet should be pasta, typical bread, beans, baked potatoes , lentils , corn, fresh and dried fruits and fresh vegetables. The daily portion for women should not exceed 1200 kilocalories, and for men it should not exceed 1500 kilocalories.

Cornflakes, walnuts and dried fruits should become a daily part of the menu, which will supply the body with 200 kilocalories and 15 g of cellulose.

For breakfast, eat cornflakes, walnuts and dried fruit mixed with 140 grams of low-fat milk, as well as an orange. Your lunch should consist of watercress and fresh herb omelet, 120 grams of peas, 250 grams of low sugar peach compote. For dinner, eat 300 grams of lentil soup, two toasted slices of bread, an apple or a pear.

The diet lasts two weeks. The expected result of it is to lose between 6 and 11 kilograms. In addition, your body is guaranteed to be cleansed after its end.

Do not forget to drink more water during this time so that the detoxification process is complete. The recommended intake is at least two liters per day.


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