Spring diet for weight loss

To feel comfortable during the hot months of the year, we need to be fit. Winter predisposes us to steady eating, and because we always have a lot of clothes on us, when spring comes and we start to dress more lightly, we notice every now and then that has settled around the stomach and thighs and will happily spoil us the summer vacation.

There’s no way that’s going to happen, because in just a few days we can get into the shape of our dreams and feel great. Spring is coming and it brings us spring diets, with which we will not be hungry and at the same time we will lose weight.

What is the spring diet for weight loss?

To begin with, with the onset of spring, we should leave fatty meats and heavy foods aside. Spring offers us many vegetables and fruits that can supply our body with enough vitamins.

Another mandatory condition is drinking a lot of fluids, which does not include coffee. It would even be better to exclude it from your menu. Drink more water and green tea. Do not exclude dairy products from the spring menu – they are important for the body.

Here is a spring weight loss regimen that you can follow for 2 to 4 weeks and which will help you lose the desired pounds, although it is better to make an individual regimen according to your body and your needs with the help of a nutritionist:

Morning: Toasted slice (type or rye bread), a cup of green tea (no sweetener), a piece of cheese (120-130 g)

Late breakfast (around 10 o’clock): some fruit, an apple is a good choice, if you prefer you can also have a vegetable

Lunch: Vegetable soup , grilled chicken steak and, as a side dish, boiled rice without spices or fresh vegetables.

Afternoon snack: 1-2 plain tea biscuits, a cup of green tea, maybe some fruit

Dinner: Yogurt with a small percentage of fat and fruit 1-2 pieces.

Before starting to eat, drink a glass of water each time. If you exercise along with the spring diet for weight loss , the result will be available very soon.


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