Shiitake Mushroom: The Emperor’s Secret to Longevity Miraculous Food

Shiitake Mushrooms

Shiitake mushroom, which makes a difference among cultivated mushrooms with its taste and nutritional value,is famous all over the world for its health benefits. The mushroom variety, which is mostly grown in far eastern countries, is seen as a branch of art, especially in Japan. The mushroom, which naturally grows among the fallen logs of the shii tree, has a distinctive smell and distinctive flavor.

Shiitake mushroom, which is very valuable in Far Eastern countries, is considered to be the food of the emperors and is thought to have the secret of longevity. The mushroom variety, believed to have an aphrodisiac effect, is used in traditional wedding meals. The aroma of the mushroom, which can be consumed fresh as well as dried, becomes more intense when dried. Dried mushrooms regain the water they lost during cooking and return to their fresh appearance.

Shiitake mushroom is a food that creates a question mark in the minds of even those who do not like mushrooms with its benefits! So, how to cook shiitake mushrooms, how much is the price, where to find, how to grow? Answers to all your questions, sub-titles have been compiled for you!


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