Cooking super fast, super with only 6 simple tips

Cooking super fast, super with only 6 simple tips

You are afraid to go to the kitchen because there is a mountain of work to do. Why don’t you try to learn how to cook super fast that home chefs often whisper to each other?

1. Prepare ingredients before cooking

Prepare food before processing time to save time.

If you have a menu with sophisticated dishes but do not have much time to go to the kitchen, it is best to prepare all the ingredients before starting to cook. Instead of having to spend a while preparing, you can take advantage of the free hours of the day to work. That way, you will save more time.

2. Use specialized cutting tools

If you need to prepare vegetables and fruits, multi-function or specialized cutting tools will help you do this job quickly. Instead of having to spend time rearranging vegetables to shred or dice, the cutting tools only require you a few steps to get the perfect range of prepared foods in all shapes and sizes.

3. Choose braised or stewed dishes

Stew or stock dishes save you time in the kitchen.

You will be surprised to think that stews or stews will be extremely time-consuming. If so, you are mistaken. In fact, when choosing these dishes, it will be too convenient for you to take advantage of doing something more while waiting for the food to be fully cooked. Simply, you just need to marinate the spices first and stir-fry the ingredients, then pour the water into the pot, cover the lid and wait. They don’t require you to spend too much time in the kitchen, right!

3. Freezing food

If you don’t have time, you can pre-cook food and freeze it. That way, each time you use it, you only need to take it out and heat it up for a few minutes to have a delicious dish like it was just cooked.

4. Stock up on frozen vegetables

Frozen vegetables save prep time.

Currently, for the convenience of many people’s limited time, frozen vegetable products are sold in supermarkets a lot. You can take advantage of this food source to prepare delicious dishes cooked by yourself without worrying about taking too much time to prepare.

5. Use the microwave

The microwave oven can be called a good assistant of the home chef. It can save you maximum cooking time. For example, it takes more than 30 minutes to cook a potato. But when using the microwave, you save only 10 minutes. In addition, the microwave oven also helps you to make a lot of different dishes to change the taste.

6. Use the grill

The grill saves cooking time.

The oven must wait a while to heat up. Meanwhile, if you use a blister pack, you can cut the time-consuming up to half. Moreover, the food from the grill will also taste better than when you use the oven.

7. Select the final processing stage

If you know how to use ready-made dishes such as fish cakes, steamed fish, spring rolls… you can save a lot of time. Just buy them home and use them to make soy sauce or ketchup can turn into attractive dishes on the table with all the necessary nutrients for a meal. However, you also need to choose carefully where to provide these foods to ensure safety.

With the tips above, you can freely cook dishes according to your preferences without fear of wasting your precious time.

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