Benefits of Banana: Why You Should Consume Regularly?

Benefits of Banana

Banana, which is the most consumed food item in the world after wheat, rice and corn, is one of the most popular fruit varieties with its unique smell and aroma. Banana, a fruit that is consumed by peeling its skin, has a soft structure and high nutritional value.

It is the fruit of the banana plant, which has purple flowers and broad leaves. The banana plant, which loves tropical climates, grows in cool, shady and humid areas. Bananas that need to be picked while they are green before they are ripe can be stored for a long time in this state. Banana, a plant dating back to BC, has spread from India to Europe and then to other countries, especially to Australia and America.

In our country, bananas are grown in the southern regions, on the Mediterranean coast. Especially in Mersin, Antalya and Alanya, the annual production of bananas is over a thousand tons. Banana varieties are divided into 3 groups: short, medium and tall. In addition to these, there are varieties of pink banana, seed banana, hairy banana and fuzzy banana.

Benefits of Banana – If You Eat Bananas Every Day…

  • Banana, which has a very high energy value, is useful for people who have problems with weight gain and who have no appetite.
  • When the banana, which attracts attention with its tryptophan content, is consumed, tryptophan turns into serotonin. Seratonin is effective in the treatment of depression and mood disorders, and its stress-reducing effect is among the benefits of bananas.
  • Bananas, which contain high levels of potassium and magnesium, reduce the risk of heart diseases and heart attacks.
  • It is a recommended food for ulcer patients, which helps to treat lesions on the stomach wall and prevents the formation of harmful bacteria in the stomach.
  • Banana with high iron content helps in the treatment of anemia patients.
  • Thanks to the potassium and fatty acids in its content, the mask made with banana and honey, which makes the hair softer and livelier, allows the hair to grow faster.
  • The antioxidant components in its content strengthen the immune system and help the body’s defense mechanism against diseases. It prevents the formation of cancer cells and supports the destruction of the formed cells.

Banana Calories and Nutritional Value

Banana attracts attention with its protein content and is a fruit rich in fiber and carbohydrates. Banana, which is high in starch, is also a high-calorie food.

A medium-sized banana (170 gr) is 131 kcal, and large size (190 gr) is 146 kcal. 1 large banana is equivalent to 3 servings of fruit in terms of calories and nutritional value.

Containing B12, folk acid, niacin, thiamine, vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin A and riboflavin, bananas are also a good source of the minerals fluoride, zinc, copper, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, calcium and iron. Banana is a fruit with high nutritional value, which also contains amino acids such as arginine, threonine, leucine, lysine, tryptophan, and glycine.

How to Make a Banana Diet?

The banana diet, a diet developed by a Japanese pharmacist, is an easy diet to follow due to its high fiber content and satiating feature. With this diet, which prevents loss of energy, it is possible to accelerate metabolism and ensure regular functioning of the digestive system. The important thing in this diet is to increase physical activity and water consumption.

Alcohol and carbonated drinks, milk, and dairy products should also be discontinued in the banana detox process, which is based on cessation of food consumption after eight in the evening. Banana is a food with high sugar content and this diet should not be followed by diabetics and those with other chronic diseases.

Banana diet list:

  • Breakfast: You should consume 2 glasses of warm water before breakfast. You can consume as many bananas as you want for breakfast.
  • Lunch: Low-fat vegetable meal 7-8 tablespoons is sufficient and it is recommended to be consumed without water.
  • Snack: A few walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds
  • Dinner: Dinner must be consumed before eight in the evening. 1 portion of vegetable food is consumed.

It is sufficient not to follow this diet for more than four days. Excessive use can cause serious health problems. Pregnant and nursing mothers are not recommended to follow this diet. Especially those who are allergic to bananas should definitely not follow this diet.

How to Make a Banana Mask? What are the Benefits to the Skin?

A banana mask is usually applied by mashing the banana and rubbing it on the skin. 1 medium-size banana is peeled and mashed, mixed with a teaspoon of honey, and applied to the skin if desired. After keeping it on the skin for 20 minutes, it is washed with warm water and purified from the skin and the skin is dried with a soft towel.

Banana, which contains a high amount of potassium, supports the nutrition of the subcutaneous tissues and increases the collagen structure. A banana mask, which helps to reduce the spots on the skin, also prevents wrinkles. Banana honey mixture applied under the eyes helps to treat under-eye bruises and puffiness.

How to Use Banana Peel

  • The peel of the banana itself is very beneficial for the skin. Banana peel, which is used in insect and fly bites, prevents itching and allergies caused by these bites.
  • Massaging the skin with banana peel moisturizes the skin and makes the skin softer.
  • Banana peel, which has wound healing properties, can be put on the wart regularly and left for 15 minutes, and it can help to destroy the wart.
  • Banana peel can also prevent acne formation. When used regularly every night, the banana peel placed on the pimples both prevents the formation of acne and ensures that the resulting acne is eliminated without a trace.

10 Different Recipes with Delicious Bananas

1) Both Practical and Delicious: Banana Biscuit 10 Minute Cake

Banana Biscuit Cake, prepared using Petibör biscuits, milk, banana pudding, white chocolate, hazelnuts, and coconut, is among the most popular dairy desserts with its easy preparation and wonderful taste. You can prepare the cake type, which is indispensable for your tea hours, in 10 minutes and keep it in your freezer to take it out whenever you want.

2) A Stylish and Different Taste: The Easiest Banana Pudding Cookie

Prepared using banana pudding, oil, flour, chocolate, powdered sugar, and hazelnut, banana pudding cookies will spice up your tea hours with its splendid taste and elegant presentation. This delicious flavor, which is very easy to prepare, is also loved by children. You can make your tea hours more enjoyable for both your family and your guests.

3) Balls Fascinating With Their Flavor: Banana Truff

Banana truffle, prepared using biscuits, bananas, milk, cocoa, walnuts and coconut, is a delicious and very practical type of cookie. You can prepare the banana truffle, which leaves a lasting taste on the palate with its magnificent structure that dissolves in the mouth, in a short time and you can turn your guests’ tea pleasure into a feast.

4) Homemade Alternative for Summer Days: How to Make Banana Ice Cream?

Banana ice cream, prepared using bananas, chocolate and hazelnuts, can be safely consumed by your children as it does not contain any additives. Banana ice cream, which turns into a delicious taste with the unique aroma of banana, is a healthy dessert alternative that can be consumed between meals and after meals.

5) How to Make a Banana Cake with Labneh Cheese Filling?

The cake is prepared with butter, sugar, egg, banana, yogurt, flour and salt and the filling is prepared with labne cheese, sugar, egg and flour, and the labne cheese-filled banana cake, which creates a magnificent taste, is quite nutritious. The cake, which can be easily consumed by those who want to gain weight, is also an excellent snack option for children.

6) Kids Will Love: Banana Turkish Delight

Banana pudding, prepared using milk, semolina, sugar, vanilla, coconut, pistachio and granulated sugar, takes its place among the most popular desserts with its lightness and taste. Banana Turkish delight, which is prepared in a practical way, is also consumed with admiration by children due to its unique taste and soft structure that disperses in the mouth.

7) Ready-to-Taste, Perfect Appearance: Banana Roll Cake

Banana roll cake, which hosts an exquisite taste with its soft sponge cake and the banana filling inside, is an excellent treat that you can prepare for your guests with its lightness and appearance. The cake variety, which is also nutritious for children, is a candidate to be indispensable for tea times.

8) The Pyramid Has Never Been So Banana: Biscuit Banana Pyramid Pie

Biscuit banana pyramid cake, which is a favorite type of cake with its chocolate-covered surface and permanent flavor on the palate, attracts the attention of children, especially with its unique shape. The highly nutritious pastry variety contains high protein, calcium, potassium and energy. You can easily prepare the pyramid patient, which is a healthy snack for children in the growth and development period, and serve it to both your family and your guests.

9) The Perfect Combination of Chicken Breast and Banana: Chicken Breast Wrap with Banana

Chicken breast prepared using milk, flour, starch, sugar, butter and vanilla is decorated with biscuit pieces of rolls prepared by putting bananas in it, and a wrap that seduces both with its appearance and taste is formed. Chicken breast wrap with banana, which leaves a lasting delicious aroma on the palate with its soft taste, makes your tea hours more enjoyable.

10) Very Practical Banana Cold Pie/Parfait in 5 Minutes

Banana parfum, which is one of the indispensable tastes of hot summer days; It is prepared using wafers, milk, whipped cream, bananas and chocolate chips. Banana parfait, which has a mild flavor, both cools and cheers up your tea hours with its delicious aroma.

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