What Are the Benefits of Cinnamon?

What Are the Benefits of Cinnamon?

Cinnamon is one of the sweetest spices, which we do not miss from the kitchen without saying summer or winter with its pleasant smell and benefits. Cinnamon, which decorates rice pudding, creates the aromatic taste on salep or boza, and which we are accustomed to seeing in its shell form, adds flavor to every recipe with its sweet, sharp taste.

Cinnamon, which has become a symbol of wealth with its high economic value, especially in Europe in the 18th century, is sold at affordable prices today. The price of cinnamon, which varies between 6 and 8 TL per hundred grams, is also in the same price range in powder form.

What Is Cinnamon?

Cinnamon bark, which is obtained from the tree from the laurel family, is of South Asian origin, like many spices. As can be understood from its smell, cinnamon is obtained from the inner bark of the cinnamon tree trunk, which is a fragrant tree.

Cinnamon, which is peeled first and then nested together, takes the form of sticks, and the bark in stick form is ground into powder. In powder form, it gives a stronger sense of aromatic flavor than in shell form.

With its dark copper-like color, it is not only a fragrant flavor but also the first spice that comes to mind to decorate desserts with its cinnamon color. Although it has many different uses in the kitchen, cinnamon, which is traditionally associated with milk desserts, is one of the oldest and most famous spices in human history, which has been used since ancient times thanks to its smell and taste.

Nutritional Value and Calories of Cinnamon

Cinnamon, which is one of the valuable spices of the kitchen not only with its pleasant smell but also with its nutritional values, is one of the foods with a low glycemic index. Thanks to this feature, the food, which is suitable for diabetics, contains vitamins A, C, K, E and B6. It is beneficial to bones and the heart as a rich source of vitamin K, especially among spices. In addition to vitamins, it contains the minerals zinc, manganese, calcium, iron, copper, magnesium and potassium. The calorie content of cinnamon is 272 calories per 100 grams, and a 5-gram stick of cinnamon contains approximately 13 calories.

What Are the Benefits of Cinnamon?

  • Cinnamon, which is beneficial to blood circulation, increases insulin resistance. Especially when cinnamon tea is consumed regularly, it helps to melt fat and lowers cholesterol. With this feature, it is the biggest helper of dieters.
  • With the cooling of the weather, it is beneficial against diseases such as cold, flu, cough or respiratory tract infection that everyone encounters, and besides its healing feature, it increases body resistance and supports protection from diseases.
  • The relaxing effect of the cinnamon scent is good for depression and nerves. It is especially effective against stress-induced depression and is a mind-opening natural resource with its sharp smell. It has also been proven to repair damaged brain cells against Alzheimer’s disease, one of the most serious diseases of the age.
  • The food, which slows down tooth decay with its antibacterial feature, cleans the bacteria formed on the gums and teeth. It helps to restore dental and oral health, especially when used as a mouthwash.
  • Cinnamon, one of the most effective foods used against intestinal problems in traditional medicine, is a natural solution used against bloating and gas problems in the intestines and stomach. It is known that when mixed with water and consumed as a tea, it not only relieves intestinal disorders but also regulates the digestive system.

What Is Cinnamon Good For?

Cinnamon, which is a rich source with its nutritional values, is the first of the foods used to lower blood sugar. Although it is not a very light spice with cinnamon calories, which accelerates metabolism by lowering blood sugar, it regulates blood sugar, prevents excessive hunger and supports fat burning. The food, which has a unique cinnamon diet with its weakening effect, also reduces the desire to consume sugary foods, not only for those who want to lose weight but also for diabetics, since it lowers blood sugar. With only half a teaspoon, you can include the food that maintains the blood sugar balance in daily life by adding it to tea or coffee.

Cinnamon is one of the unique spices that women will use, as it is good for skin blemishes as well as slimming. A cinnamon mask, specially prepared with honey, refreshes the skin and makes a natural touch to the beauty of the skin. At the same time, thanks to the stimulating effect of cinnamon on the skin, the skin gets a more lively appearance. When it comes to beauty, we should not forget cinnamon oil. Cinnamon oil, which is said to have a plumping feature on the lips, is used in the treatment of wounds by carrying an antibacterial effect and is a massage oil that is good for pain. Cinnamon, which has many benefits for women, regulates the menstrual cycle and is a natural source that reduces premenstrual pain.

Among its general properties, it supports the prevention of stomach cancer and has a relaxing effect against stomach disorders.

It also makes a great pairing with sage and gives you pearly teeth.

Where Is Cinnamon Used?

Cinnamon, which is the sweet taste of cuisines with its heart-warming taste and pungent smell, often finds its place as a spice in recipes. It becomes a part of both sweet and savory dishes in world cuisines.

In South Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines, it is added to meat and chicken dishes, rice, and even seafood such as mussels, giving the dish a slight sweetness. Spices, which are indispensable for chicken dishes, are mostly preferred in desserts and pastries in Turkish cuisine. Spices, which are missing from traditional desserts such as Kazandibi, are a unique food with its benefits as well as its skill in the kitchen.

What Are Cinnamon Cures?

Cinnamon, with its countless benefits, is usually presented as a cinnamon cure. Cinnamon water, which is used to lose weight, is the savior of those who loses weight. Cinnamon and honey cures with cinnamon milk and cinnamon ginger surprise those who try them with their high nutritional values, providing many benefits from respiratory tract infections to strengthening the immune system. Especially cinnamon milk supports bone development and not only being one of the most delicious cures to eat, but also supporting weight loss when consumed correctly, it becomes the sweetest accompaniment to diet menus. Speaking of slimming, green tea with lemon and cinnamonI must not forget. Cinnamon adds an exquisite taste to green tea, which is a complete source of health, and it becomes one of the healthy teas you will enjoy.

Fragrant Recipes You Can Prepare With Cinnamon Spices

Enchanting even with its smell alone, cinnamon is usually associated with pastries in Turkish cuisine with its uniquely sweet taste. Cinnamon, which reduces the use of sugar when added to cakes, cookies, and cakes, becomes the main protagonist of fragrant desserts thanks to its sharp and inviting aroma.

1) The Secret of the Lonely Man Cake is Here for the Carrot Walnut Cinnamon Cake:

Carrot-cinnamon cake comes first among the recipes where you will host cinnamon on your tables. Cinnamon and carrot, a very popular duo in the kitchen because they have a very harmonious taste with carrots, meet with a delicious cake. The recipe, which carries the naturally sweet taste of carrot and cinnamon, is one of the delicious presentations that are easy to prepare.

2) For Cinnamon Cookies that Smells the Kitchen Before It Comes Out of the Oven:

The second recipe made with cinnamon, which enhances the taste of every recipe it is added to, is cinnamon cookies. Cinnamon cookies, which must be tried, are one of the most elegant presentations with the aroma and taste of cinnamon. Cookies, which not only fascinate those who eat them with their taste but also add elegance to the tables by being decorated with cocoa, is a taste that you will love to consume as a snack.

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