Benefits of Artichoke Juice You Must Know

Artichoke Juice

In this article about the benefits of artichoke juice, we will take you to the Aegean and the Mediterranean cuisine. In these regions, where artichokes are frequently consumed and salads are made, the juice of artichokes is also used. You can bring innovation to the hair and skin with artichoke leaf juice, which is one of the secrets of healthy life.

Artichoke is a vegetable that has survived from ancient times and is known as a health store. In ancient times, it was consumed abundantly to support fertility. Nowadays, it continues to attract attention with its many benefits. Artichoke, which is a very powerful antioxidant vegetable, is also recommended for the treatment of various diseases. Recently, artichoke juice has gained value as a food recommended to be consumed by İbrahim Saracoğlu and many experts. Now on this page, we will talk about the benefits of artichoke juice.

If you are asking why you should consume artichoke juice, here is the answer!

What are the Benefits of Artichoke Juice?

We would like to emphasize the importance of artichoke consumption when you want to protect your liver health. Artichoke juice is also effective enough to protect your liver. The juice of this healthy vegetable, which is metabolism-friendly, has many effects.

We will explain the benefits of artichoke juice better with the following list:

  • Artichoke, which is very rich in vitamin C, makes you stronger against winter cold. You can strengthen your immunity by consuming plenty of artichoke juice in May and June to keep winter infections away from your body.
  • You can also balance cholesterol with vitamin C in artichoke juice. It has the feature of keeping good cholesterol in balance and lowering bad cholesterol.
  • Artichoke is a food with plenty of minerals. One of these minerals will also help you balance blood sugar. It will enable the sugar entering the body to be converted into energy and prevent it from becoming fat. You can maintain the sugar balance with artichoke juice.
  • Artichoke juice accelerates blood circulation. It will accelerate your blood circulation as well as activate your metabolism. In this way, it ensures that the uric acids in your body are expelled as soon as possible. With this aspect, artichoke juice draws attention as a diuretic. With its diuretic feature, you will both get rid of edema and remove harmful substances in the tissues from your body.
  • The juice of the artichoke as well as its vegetable form facilitates digestion. Artichoke contains plenty of fiber. When you consume water, you will benefit from fiber. Thanks to the fibers, you can eliminate stomach problems and have a more comfortable digestive system.
  • Artichoke juice prevents many liver diseases such as fatty liver. Due to its effect on the intestines, it creates a wall against fat in the liver. Artichoke juice, which supports the more active functioning of the liver, is a healing for liver patients.
  • You can also add artichoke juice to the knowledge that artichoke was used to increase fertility in ancient times. It has the effect of activating sexual feelings in men and women.
    It will give energy to the person by maintaining the body resistance.
  • It will support the amount of milk of breastfeeding mothers.
  • Artichoke juice is heart, skin, hair and gut friendly.

What are the Benefits of Artichoke Juice for Skin?

Exposure to polluted air, working in dusty environments, sweating frequently and staying in a crowded environment are unfortunately one of the factors that damage your skin. You should also pay attention to skin health in order to protect your skin and always look younger. Artichoke juice helps you in this regard. Artichoke will not only protect the health of your internal organs, but will also add health to your skin. The benefits of artichoke juice for the skin are as follows:

  • Artichoke, which is rich in B vitamins, vitamins C and A, also reflects these vitamins in its water. Since artichoke juice consists of plenty of vitamins, it first provides the moisture balance that your skin needs. It is recommended that people living in dry and cold regions keep their skin more moist. You can use artichoke juice for this purpose.
  • With its antioxidant components, artichoke juice does not allow the formation of acne and skin blemishes. It destroys the inflammations that start to form under the skin in a short time.
  • The cause of many acne formations is fatty liver. With artichoke juice, you can both improve fatty liver and get rid of intense acne.

Does Artichoke Juice Make You Weak?

The favorite foods of those who want to lose weight are undoubtedly vegetables. Artichoke juice, whose benefits we have just mentioned, will be one of these favorite foods. The fact that it contains high fiber, is antioxidant, and relieves edema, will solve the weight loss questions in mind. The effect of artichoke juice in the weight loss process will be positive. The relief of the digestive system will first of all make everyone feel comfortable. Because many people have difficulty losing weight due to intestinal problems. Consumption of artichoke juice will be a gift to the intestines and stimulate the metabolism.

After reviving the stagnant metabolism with artichoke juice, you will have a period of edema for a few days. If you regularly consume artichoke juice, you will get rid of edema in a very short time. Since it is the juice of a fibrous vegetable, you can both lose weight by protecting intestinal health and minimize the risk of colon cancer. When the juice of the artichoke, which has only 64 calories in medium size, is prepared and consumed during the day, you will have completed your task for fat burning. If you stay away from fatty meals and getaways during this period; With artichoke juice, your dream of losing weight can come true.

Is Artichoke Juice to Drink Hungry or Full?

To consume artichoke juice, you can choose 10 minutes before meals. There was no harm in drinking hungry or full. However, there are also experts who recommend drinking artichoke juice on an empty stomach to prevent indigestion during meals. You can consume the artichoke juice you prepare at any time during the day by taking care that it is fresh.

How to Prepare Artichoke Juice?

You can go to the kitchen to prepare artichoke juice with artichoke, which is a panacea. The list of materials required to prepare the health elixir artichoke juice in a very short time and with very easy steps will be as follows:


  • 3 medium artichokes, fresh and clean
  • About 1 liter of drinking water
  • medium saucepan

Preparation of:

If you take care that the artichokes are fresh, the artichoke juice will not lose its nutritional value. Separate the stems of the washed artichoke and clean the ends. Wash well by checking between the leaves. Place the cleaned artichokes in a medium pot and add about 1 liter of drinking water to the pot. Boil the artichokes for about 20 minutes on low heat. Move the boiling artichokes to the brewing stage by closing the lid of the pot. After brewing for a while, you can drain this water and consume it. You can also drink it warm if you want.

You can keep the excess artichoke juice in the refrigerator for a few days. We will not recommend consuming the same artichoke juice for a long time. Such healthy foods should be consumed fresh.

If you have any doubts about the side effects of artichoke juice, you can relax. It is not a beverage that will cause serious health problems. Only in very intense consumption can it overwork your intestines and cause diarrhea.


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