World Nutella Day: Chocolate and Hazelnut Cream Duet!

World Nutella Day

Nutella is a specially blended chocolate cream that is consumed with pleasure in many countries around the world. This special chocolate sauce has a creamy form and is included in many recipes. A special celebration day has been declared for Nutella, which consists of ingredients such as hazelnut paste, sugar, milk powder and cocoa. We are here with a special article for Nutella lovers who are wondering about the details of this celebration day and how it came to be!

As Yummy Food Recipes, which includes recipes containing Nutella, we explain to you the curious information about February 5th World Nutella Day in this content. Happy February 5th World Nutella Day!

How Did February 5 World Nutella Day Come About?

Ferrero’s popular chocolate hazelnut spread, Nutella, is consumed very often at breakfast and snack times. Nutella has recently been celebrated with a special day. The creator of this celebration day was Italian-American blogger and Nutella lover Sara Rosso .

Sara Rosso announced a reunion for February 5 in 2007. Sara Rosso, which was instrumental in declaring a special day for Nutella lovers, has enabled celebrations for Nutella Day every year since 2007. This special day was an opportunity to further promote the taste of the much-loved Nutella. The interest and attention on social media made the day quickly known.

What Does World Nutella Day Mean on February 5?

The birthday of Michele Ferrero , the creator of Nutella , is recorded as February 5. This designated day has been chosen as Nutella Celebration Day. The meaning of the celebration day was primarily to honor the creator of Nutella. In addition, making Nutella fans around the world happy and promoting Nutella flavors are among the aims of the celebration.

In which countries is February 5 World Nutella Day celebrated?

Nutella is a chocolate cream that is known and consumed fondly in many countries. Nutella, which is loved and popular, is remembered again with its celebration day around the world.

  • Italy, the birthplace of Nutella , celebrates this day with events and entertainment every year on February 5th.
  • World Nutella Day is important in France, as Nutella is a frequently used ingredient in French cuisine.
  • Germanyalso accompanies this exciting day by hosting Nutella-themed events.
  • In America,where there are many Nutella lovers, Nutella Day is celebrated with exciting events.
  • Nutella, a popular hazelnut paste in England , is among the special occasions celebrated in England.
  • Since Nutella is an international brand and is loved, Turkeyis among the countries that celebrate this day.

What to do on February 5, World Nutella Day?

There are many alternative activities that Nutella lovers can do for World Nutella Day on February 5th. If you are wondering what to do on this special and exciting day, we can offer you many options.

  • Since World Nutella Day will be a great opportunity to try various recipes made with Nutella, you can prepare the Nutella recipes in Yummy Recipes at home.
  • As you start this fun and special day, you can try preparing a breakfast table with Nutella.
  • You can participate in Nutella promotional events held in your region.
  • World Nutella Day, in which markets also participate, can offer special campaigns and discounts, so you can go on a market tour.
  • To participate in February 5th World Nutella Day via social media, you can accompany the theme of the day by preparing photos and videos.
  • You can go to social venues such as patisseries and cafes and taste Nutella food and drinks specially prepared for the day.
  • To participate in events in Turkey, you can follow the programs to be held in shopping malls or social areas.
  • If you want to try brand new flavors with Nutella, you can also participate in the workshop events.

Which country produces Nutella?

Nutella, produced by Ferrero Spa, known as an Italian chocolate company, reaches many parts of the world. Production facilities are available in various countries.

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