Lettuce: Eat lettuce at night. What happens to you if you do?

Is lettuce a vegetable or a fruit?

Lettuce is one of the most popular green leafy vegetables in the world and there are about 200 varieties of it. This vegetable has very few calories, but beyond being considered the perfect companion when dieting to lose weight, it is a healthy food , capable of providing numerous vitamins and minerals to our body.

Thus, it can help us prevent osteoporosis due to its content of important minerals for bones such as calcium, magnesium and phosphorus and even its small amounts of vitamin A can reduce the chances of heart attacks and increase the efficiency of the immune system.

However, despite having all these and other benefits, many people claim that if you consume it during dinner time it can cause certain negative effects, but some of them are myths and here we will answer your questions.

Myths about eating lettuce at night

There is a rumor that if we eat salads at dinner time this can cause us to gain weight and generate fluid retention in our body. The latter is an unbalanced accumulation of fluid in the cells both externally and internally.

When such excess fluid occurs in the tissues and in the circulatory system, it is common for people to feel swelling in their legs, abdomen, and ankles. In addition, they may experience weight gain. These effects usually occur in people who are overweight and have unhealthy eating habits and do not exercise.

However, nothing could be further from the truth than stating that the consumption of lettuce at night can be one of the triggers for fluid retention. Well, it is quite the opposite, since this vegetable has a diuretic effect. This is a consequence of its high potassium content, which helps reduce the accumulation of sodium in the body, one of the causes that does generate fluid retention. Therefore, you must be careful with the amount of salt you add to your salad.

True Negative Effects of Eating Lettuce

As we have already mentioned, eating this vegetable does not cause fluid retention . It is quite the opposite, including it in your diet can bring great benefits to your health, as it stands out for its significant contribution of antioxidants, essentially vitamin C and flavonoids.

Despite this, lettuce, being rich in fiber, can be a bit indigestible when it ferments in the stomach. This can generate many gases and therefore a sensation of greater volume. For this reason, in the case of slow digestion of food, it is advisable to eat salads better at midday than at night.

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