Where to Eat the Best Ice Cream in Turkey

Where to Eat the Best Ice Cream in Turkey

The Country’s 13 Most Famous Ice Cream Shops

The most beautiful and special taste of the summer months is undoubtedly ice cream. Everyone, big or small, loves this flavor, which offers a cooling break, especially on hot summer days. There is one thing that ice cream lovers know very well: not every place tastes the same.

Where to Eat the Best Ice Cream in Turkey?

  • Sim Ice Cream – Ankara
  • Nur Patisserie – Antalya
  • Sutcu Imam Patisserie – Antalya
  • Flower Patisserie – Canakkale
  • Bitez Ice Cream – Mugla
  • Balkaymak Ice Cream – Samsun
  • Yaşar Patisserie – Kahramanmaras
  • Famous Cretan Gum Ice Creams by Nazmi Usta – İzmir
  • Rumeli Patisserie – Izmir
  • Ali Usta – Istanbul
  • Rome Ice Cream – Istanbul
  • Girandola Ice Cream – Istanbul
  • Mini Ice Cream – Istanbul

Some places prepare their own brand new and delicious recipes, while others offer original tastes without changing them. The ice creams of some places are so delicious that; long queues form at the gates at any time of the day.

In our country, the answer to the question “where is ice cream famous” is Kahramanmaraş for most people. Yes, Kahramanmaraş comes across as the city where ice cream is common. Maraş is the homeland of ice cream. However, the number of places that make very delicious and extraordinary ice creams in our country is not small at all.

So where to eat the best ice cream? Today, we have listed the famous ice cream shops in various parts of Turkey for you. Here are the ice cream places that are famous for their taste…

Where to Eat the Best Ice Cream in Turkey? 13 Locations

1) Sim Ice Cream – Ankara

One of the oldest ice cream shops in Ankara, Sim Ice Cream has branches in different parts of this city. Those who are on a diet are not forgotten in this place; In Sim Ice Cream, you can find delicious, low-calorie, healthy and diet-friendly ice cream varieties. If you happen to go to Ankara and go to Sim Ice Cream, we recommend you to taste the famous creamy ice cream of the place.

Address: Ashkaabat Cad., 27/A Bahcelievler, Ankara

Contact: 0312 213 05 55

2) Nur Patisserie – Antalya

Nur Patisserie is the best place to eat the burnt (see image) ice cream unique to the Korkuteli district of Antalya. This ice cream is made from goat’s milk. During the production phase, milk is burned in a controlled manner while it is boiling. This gives the ice cream a burnt taste. Making this ice cream is not for every brave man, it takes mastery! Nur Patisserie has branches in various cities outside of Antalya. If you like different flavors, you should definitely taste the ice creams of Nur Patisserie.

Address: Kiremitli, Atatürk Cd. No:15, Korkuteli, Antalya

Contact: 0242 643 65 86

3) Sutcu Imam Patisserie – Antalya

Located on the Alanya road in Antalya, Sütçü İmam Patisserie is the most popular ice cream shop in the region. There are long queues at the door of this place, which serves more than 50 varieties, especially in the summer months. If you want to cool off on hot Antalya days, you can choose Sütçü İmam Patisserie, which conquers hearts with its natural recipes.

Address: Şekerhane, Bostancıpınarı Cd. No:34 D:C, Alanya, Antalya

Contact: 0242 512 00 46

4) Flower Patisserie – Çanakkale

Çiçek Patisserie operates in Bozcaada, Çanakkale’s most popular holiday destination. Ice creams are produced daily from fresh and natural fruits in this place, which is popular with its taste. All the ice cream varieties of Çiçek Patisserie are very good. However, if you ask us, we recommend you to taste the mastic or wild fig ice cream.

Address: Alaybey Cumhuriyet Square, No:17, Bozcaada, Çanakkale

Contact: 0286 697 82 26

5) Bitez Ice Cream – Muğla

Bitez Ice Cream, which was first opened in Bodrum, strengthened its position over time and opened branches in various parts of our country. Today, besides Muğla, it is possible to see Bitez Ice Cream branches in Istanbul, Ankara and Gaziantep. Bitez Ice Cream is the most famous ice cream shop in Bodrum, or rather Muğla. It has branches in different parts of the city. In summer, long queues form in front of these branches. In this place, which serves 12 months of the year, daily, fresh and natural fruits are used. If you are on holiday in Bodrum, you should definitely try the delicious flavors of Bitez Ice Cream.

Address: Ataturk Bulvari No:48 Bitez, Bodrum, Mugla

Contact: 0252 363 93 45

6) Balkaymak Ice Cream – Samsun

For those who say “Where to eat ice cream in Samsun”, we are explaining the most famous ice cream shop of the region: Balkaymak Ice Cream. This place is famous for its ice cream with a special recipe. This recipe, also known as Bafra ice cream, is prepared with buffalo milk and honey. In this place, ice creams are produced with daily and fresh fruits. It is possible to find flavored varieties as well as plain Bafra ice cream in the place.

Address: İsmetpaşa, İsmetpaşa Cd. 2/B, Bafra, Samsun

Contact: 0362 543 43 25

7) Yaşar Patisserie – Kahramanmaraş

Yaşar Patisserie is the first place to introduce the famous Maraş ice cream to the world. Here, you can try the famous flavors of the region as well as the famous ice cream varieties. If you happen to be in Kahramanmaraş, you can taste the famous tattoo ice cream of the region and visit Yaşar Patisserie, which is designed like a museum.

Address: İsmet Pasha, Center, Trabzon Blv. 2/E, Dulkadiroglu, Kahramanmaras

Contact: 0344 225 08 08

8) Famous Cretan Gum Ice Creams by Nazmi Usta – İzmir

Providing service in Eski Foça, Nazmi Usta is one of the ice cream shops where there are long queues, especially in the summer months. If you want to take a short break to cool off during your Izmir holiday or trip, you can stop by Nazmi Usta and taste the mastic gum ice cream.

Address: İsmetpaşa, Reha Midilli Cd. No:82, Foca, Izmir

Contact: 0544 580 05 80

9) Rumeli Patisserie – Izmir

Rumeli Patisserie, located in Çeşme, the most beautiful holiday town of İzmir, has been in operation since 1945. Opened by a family of immigrants from Thessaloniki, this patisserie also produced Turkey’s first mastic ice cream in 1945. Dessert varieties of Rumeli Patisserie, which attracts great attention from both domestic and foreign tourists, are also very popular. If you go to this place, we recommend that you choose gummy ice cream.

Address: İsmet İnönü, 3435. Sk. No:46, Cesme, Izmir

Contact: 0232 712 67 59

10) Ali Usta – Istanbul

Ali Usta Ice Cream, which has become one of the symbols of Kadıköy Moda, has been operating since 1969. Ali Usta, which is one of the first places that comes to mind when ice cream is mentioned, is made using daily and real fruit. More than 30 flavors of ice cream are offered at this place. Dieters are not forgotten at Ali Usta, and special ice cream varieties are prepared for them. The venue, which is open in summer and winter, serves until 02:00 at night. We should say from the beginning that there are long queues in front of the venue, especially in the summer months. Considering this, you should go to Ali Usta. If you happen to pass by Moda, especially if it is summer, we definitely recommend you to eat ice cream at Ali Usta. This may be the best ice cream you’ve ever eaten, let us tell you!

Address: Caferağa, Moda Cd., Kadıköy, Istanbul

Contact: 0216 414 18 80

11) Rome Ice Cream – Istanbul

Roma Ice Cream is the shop first encountered by those who land on the Büyükada Pier. As the name suggests, this place that makes Roman-style ice cream is the most famous ice cream shop in the region. If you happen to pass by Büyükada, you can taste any of the special flavors of Roma Ice Cream with peace of mind.

Address: Büyükada-nizam, twenty-three Nisan Cd., Adalar, Istanbul

Contact: 0216 382 86 80

12) Girandola Ice Cream – Istanbul

What makes Girandola Ice Cream, serving in Arnavutköy, special is that it is one of the first places in our country to make Italian-style ice cream. Therefore, thickening agents are strictly not used in this place. At Girandola, all ice creams are prepared daily from fresh fruit. There are more than 70 types of ice cream. If you happen to come across this place, we recommend you to taste tiramisu or cauliflower ice cream.

Address: Arnavutköy, Bebek Arnavutköy Cd No:109, Beşiktaş, İstanbul

Contact: 0212 265 26 29

13) Mini Ice Cream – Istanbul

Mini Ice Cream in Istanbul Bebek is one of the most famous places in the region. In this tiny shop, delicious ice creams have been produced for years. The place, which draws attention with its original and extraordinary recipes, is only open during the summer months. When the season turns to winter, the doors of the place are closed temporarily. If your path falls to Bebek, we recommend you to taste the rose or mint ice cream at Mini Ice Cream.

Address: Bebek, Cevdet Pasa Cd. 38/A, Besiktas, Istanbul

Contact: 0212 257 10 70

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